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  1. Cargo shorts with one zipper pocket, safe to hold a phone, card, and cash.
  2. Will be driving by in a couple weeks, is Hades 360 or any coaster even worth stopping off to get a couple rides in? I am also not interested in getting beat to crap while riding either. Thanks
  3. Vortex, hands down this is the worst I have been on.
  4. The older I get the more I am enjoying floater air, but a little harsh ejector air is a good thing now and than.
  5. Hadn't seen this video before, interesting look at the park.
  6. I am taking my two girls to Cedar for the first time in a couple weeks, they are jacked up beyond belief. We have had season passes to VF for the last 5 years but lets be honest VF can't compare to CP in any way.
  7. I ride for fun, credits are something you will look back on and think........man that was dumb. Just ride the coasters you enjoy because that is what really matters.
  8. Wait time with FL+ on Valravn? Just curious how fast that line is moving compared to the normal line.
  9. This one on the CP facebook page about Valravn, from someone who has ridden it. It's wasn't that bad I wanted to hang there longer. Just like the gatekeeper I think I asked her this question. Can you explain to me how this is just like Gatekeeper? That's just my opinion. It's just felt like I was on gatekeeper. Same hills and loops and kinda the same cars Kind of the same loops and same cars.........really???
  10. Early entry as others have mentioned just hit one of these coasters and ride it the entire hour. We normally go straight to MF and ride it the entire hour and not worrying about coming back to MF for the rest of the day. The walk between all the coasters will eat up a ton of time that would better be served getting in as many rides as possible on one of the coasters.
  11. The comments are out in force on the Cedar FB page in regards to the POV they released yesterday.
  12. Seriously??? This is making FL plus an even better thing for the day at the park!!
  13. Where does the Fast Lane Line come into the regular line? Does it actually make it into the station before merging?
  14. Or as they say The Valravn. Adding The to the front of coaster names really is one of my park pet peeves. What about The Beast or The Voyage ? Rides that officially have "The" in the name. Yes but those actually do have The in the name, not added to the front of the name just because.
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