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  1. Cargo shorts with one zipper pocket, safe to hold a phone, card, and cash.
  2. Will be driving by in a couple weeks, is Hades 360 or any coaster even worth stopping off to get a couple rides in? I am also not interested in getting beat to crap while riding either. Thanks
  3. Vortex, hands down this is the worst I have been on.
  4. The older I get the more I am enjoying floater air, but a little harsh ejector air is a good thing now and than.
  5. Hadn't seen this video before, interesting look at the park.
  6. I am taking my two girls to Cedar for the first time in a couple weeks, they are jacked up beyond belief. We have had season passes to VF for the last 5 years but lets be honest VF can't compare to CP in any way.
  7. I ride for fun, credits are something you will look back on and think........man that was dumb. Just ride the coasters you enjoy because that is what really matters.
  8. Wait time with FL+ on Valravn? Just curious how fast that line is moving compared to the normal line.
  9. This one on the CP facebook page about Valravn, from someone who has ridden it. It's wasn't that bad I wanted to hang there longer. Just like the gatekeeper I think I asked her this question. Can you explain to me how this is just like Gatekeeper? That's just my opinion. It's just felt like I was on gatekeeper. Same hills and loops and kinda the same cars Kind of the same loops and same cars.........really???
  10. Early entry as others have mentioned just hit one of these coasters and ride it the entire hour. We normally go straight to MF and ride it the entire hour and not worrying about coming back to MF for the rest of the day. The walk between all the coasters will eat up a ton of time that would better be served getting in as many rides as possible on one of the coasters.
  11. The comments are out in force on the Cedar FB page in regards to the POV they released yesterday.
  12. Seriously??? This is making FL plus an even better thing for the day at the park!!
  13. Where does the Fast Lane Line come into the regular line? Does it actually make it into the station before merging?
  14. Or as they say The Valravn. Adding The to the front of coaster names really is one of my park pet peeves. What about The Beast or The Voyage ? Rides that officially have "The" in the name. Yes but those actually do have The in the name, not added to the front of the name just because.
  15. Or as they say The Valravn. Adding The to the front of coaster names really is one of my park pet peeves.
  16. I believe Kings Island and Kings Dominion both have taller drop towers. I believe you are correct. VF might have the tallest Power Tower but not the tallest drop towers.
  17. Honestly any new coaster for me has to be something really fun and not a rehash of a lame coaster to bring us back to VF. Wild Thing is a fairly mediocre ride now, the drop is nothing special, nice floater air on a couple hills but the bunny hills on the back side are lackluster. The trains are big bathtubs that make WT even worse. Riding in the back of the trains is an ear shattering experience going up the lift hill. The break run slows you down so bad that it makes the bunny hills boring. It is really sad that there has been 35 years (and counting) between the first and only looping coaster in the park and the next one.
  18. New coaster in 5 years give or take........well I am waiting on pins and needles I like that they are doing the review thing in July, but honestly if the berm doesn't get approved to move and the road doesn't move what could the park do? Is it than going to move the parking lot more towards the dorms and expand the park into what is now the parking lot?
  19. 2017, looks like another year to not renew the season passes with the addition of nothing once again. I don't count the Eagles and a bike show something that is a decent addition. Do they actually think people will continue to go to the park year after year with nothing big added? It seems the longer it goes the more people will put the park in the back of their minds and not consider season passes even if a coaster shows up in the next decade. I am really curious what people think on this subject, thanks.
  20. Breakers is closer, a little nicer. Sandcastle is a bit of a walk out to the end of the point, when staying at the little cabins of the point it was a decent walk to a gate or the shuttle, since the first year we did that we have stayed at the Breakers.
  21. I have to disagree with this only if someone has FL+ passes for the day, in that case I would. Go to the gate by Gatekeeper, as soon as it opens head straight to Millennium and ride that till the park opens, than head to the back of the park. The reason for this is the lines come together at the bottom of the ramp for Millennium while the line on Maverick for FL+ is right in the station. Ride Millennium 5-7 times in the first hour and not worry about coming back to it till you see a line that is short.
  22. My phone says it is 11 1/2 hours to Cedar, do that trip once a year to enjoy some epic coasters. True VF is only 20 minutes from my house but didn't get season passes this year because to be honest the kids are pretty tired of the line up right now.
  23. I'll begin with the caveat that nobody really "knows" what the lines will be like on any specific day in the future, as we are not prescient here (at least as far as I am aware of! ) However, yes, your assumption should be pretty accurate regarding shorter lines during that week. I've been going to CP most of my life, and virtually every year for the past 20, and the first week or two that CP is open during the week, in May, is definitely the best time to go! Much shorter lines, and generally, the weather isn't too bad either. I'm actually going the Tuesday of that week (17th), and probably again Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of the following week. 20-30 minutes for MF, TTD, and possibly even Maverick, are certainly reasonable, and perhaps even shorter times at non-peak times of the day. That being said, if you run into a 45 minute line for Maverick, even on those days, don't be completely shocked... Enjoy your trip to The Point, and if you have any other trip-related questions, feel free to ask! I've been here 3 times before, during what I would call "peak times" and we still had fun. We ran a "front of the line pass cartel" where my friend was really lucky, we put a ton of money into those plinko games and we sold our excess tickets. We used all our remaining tickets during the last hour we had at the park and we rode maverick 6 times in a row when there was an hour and thirty minute line. The first hour early opening is a godsend, we sprint to maverick and even during a VERY crowded day the lines are zero in the morning. You can also have a lot of fun riding the "off" rides like mean streak and gemini over and over again finding the best seats. Does anyone have experience with how physics days change the crowds? I'll be at the park Friday the 20th of May which is during physics week. I expect a spike in crowds from 11-5ish and then very light crowds? Any thoughts? Not too worried though because i'll be staying on property to get early entry... and it's a day at cedar point! The last two years we have been there on physics day, even at peak times there the crowds were pretty light. But than again we had FL + so that is always an advantage. But once 4-4:30 hit the kids were gone and the next 3-4 hours the park was pretty empty.
  24. Do you have a Platinum Pass? If not STAY ON PROPERTY so you get Early Entry. Seriously... I'd enter the resort gate and go straight to Maverick. Besides that what you do with Early Entry is up to you. You could hit Valravn, you could probably get a very short wait for Gatekeeper (don't try this once 10:00 hits) or you could hit Millennium Force but do Maverick first. I wouldn't suggest anyone visiting on a weekday in May get a Fastlane before you get there. It takes 2 minutes to buy them at a shop if you see the lines get long but on a weekday in May the rides may generally be station waits or in the case of Millennium Force down the ramp but no further than the merge point. Maverick's almost a guarantee to be beyond the merge point and Dragster is a pretty safe bet but that's really about it. Thanks for the tips! Most of the trip is still up in the air and depends on my friends and their needs. But I will most likely get a Platinum Pass for myself for other trips, and stay on property so my friends can get the early entry. Seeing that I can only stay one day, I chose the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend to try and avoid the crowds. But either way, my plan is to bullet straight for Maverick and work my way back down the park. Valravn is the main reason for the trip, so if that's open I'll probably do that during early entry as well. If you are staying on the property and getting FL +, I would hit Millennium first when the early entry opens. The reason for this is that the FL line is down the ramp while Maverick you can walk right into the station.
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