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  1. The drop alone is absolutely worth the hype. I liked the AquaLoops moreso than the SuperLoops, but barely. The manually-controlled drop SuperLoops (like the ones at Six Flags Great America) have scarier drops, but I don't like how they dump a large quantity of water into the trough immediately below the box. In the straight drops, it's not such a bad idea, but in the enclosed slides, I felt like drowning.
  2. Sorry it's taken so long for me to post anything on my trip to SFGAm on Tuesday, July 3. Some thoughts: -I was surprised that the park wasn't THAT crowded. The cars had just barely filled the front parking pens. -It was HOT HOT HOT. Air temp over 100, dew point of 75, and not a whole lot of breeze. This made a lot of the loading platforms absolutely miserable, especially Viper and Eagle. -I, however, spent much of the day in the waterpark. By doing this, it actually helped keep myself from getting too overheated. -Last year's installation, the drop slides, are a winn
  3. So I'm going here tomorrow. I haven't been there since 2007 so I'm a little rusty. Couple of quick questions: Just how stupid busy is the place going to be? At rope drop, is it still "Proceed directly to Superman, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. " or is "Proceed directly to somewhere else? Where exactly is this new technological terror? Iron Wolf's old spot? Anyhow, if any of you want to meet up tomorrow, let me know.
  4. I am in for Saturday on the Mountain! Fourth WCB, but first since 2008.
  5. Interesting place for it. Across from Mandalay Bay is where the Tropicana stops and the hangars on the west side of the airfield start.
  6. I'm surprised that this hasn't been given the NTAG treatment yet...
  7. SATURDAY, MAY 14, 2011 SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS ARLINGTON, TEXAS Last Saturday, I broke a 2-year coaster trip hiatus to go to Dallas-Fort Worth and Theme Park Review’s New Texas Giant Bash at Six Flags Over Texas. The last coaster trip I made was to Kansas City for Opening Day of Prowler, way back on the first weekend of May in 2009. The last visit to any park was a miserable Friday night at Valleyfair at the end of October 2009. The cold, sideways rain kept the crowds away from Haunt, the trim brake on High Roller cranked down, and closed operations on Renegade 20 minutes earlier than sc
  8. I'll have more to say once I get home again tonight, but this was a FANTASTIC event. Robb and the TPR gang put on nothing but top-notch events. Paul "I'm the random dude in the Minnesota State Fair hoodie" Miller
  9. I'm game for getting in on a FlashPass. Never been to SFOT, and I'll be at the restaurant Friday night.
  10. Speaking of the Official TPR Hotel, where is it? I'm just about to pull the trigger on flying down there for my first park trip since the opening weekend of Prowler in 2009. Gotta book all the particulars in one fell swoop.
  11. My Bag O'Crap came today, but I'm dead-ass exhausted and will fill you in on the details tomorrow.
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