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  1. ^Yes... yes it is Granted, but then this game wouldn't work. I wish leviathan was 406ft instead of 306... taking the title for the world's tallest coaster with a lift hill.
  2. Goliath, La Ronde..... Ok, as some of you know, I haven't rode it yet, and am planning to ride it on my La Ronde trip this summer, but hey, I"m like not even a month away from riding it! ..... YAY!
  3. Well, It's probably very unlikely, but who knows... to make money in the long run, Walmart/Target may just start putting coasters in their parking lots instead of hiring out a midway. If this were ever to happen, what do you think the coaster would be like?.... Realistically, I think it'd probably be a smaller coaster... possibly a pinfari looper or something like that if we were lucky. HOWEVER, my dream coaster woud be a compact, Intamin launch coaster, complete with inversions, airtime and really high G-forces... Oh, and did i mention it would be virtually as reliable and safe as a
  4. No.... It's Disney. Sadly, as far as we know it, current technology (or probably more likely money), doesn't allow a great ride (cedar fair/six flags level) to be combined with great themeing (Disney themeing). Do you think RMC will ever make full steel coasters?
  5. Granted... but the "Park" would be a bunch of kiddie rides in a mall! I wish more people could guess the reference the "306" makes in my name.
  6. Which do you think is better?... I personally enjoy the double shot, as it's got some pretty crazy ejector air (@ least the one I rode). What are your thoughts?
  7. Wow... That sounds pretty damn awesome!. Pretty sure I've experienced something similar on a chance zipper now that you describe the feeling... Something tells me ill be riding that BTR clone all day... I like my rides nice & intense, so I'm sure ill love it.
  8. Well, I've never been on a coaster with one, and I'm about to go to a park witha BTR clone in about a month, and I was just curious. Is the element really worth all the hype?
  9. I am quoting a post from a year ago as I finally got to witness this form of drop tower. My first ride I did not expect much, just a shorter Drop Tower ride. Once I realized how quick you drop as soon as you reach the top (there is no hesitation, just instant drop) and how you can't see how close to the top you are, I got nervous. Yes, the drop caught me off guard and it feels like this may actually be an accelerated freefall as I actually had ejector air as opposed to just floating on the Intamin towers... In the end, a stubby 70' tower won over the world's tallest drop tower. Yes, I just
  10. Well, like most people on here, i agree with the B&M roar (the first time I heard it, I was standing next to a BTR clone, & my ears were ringing for the next 5 minutes or so lol). I also think HUSS enterprises sound pretty cool. Finally,the Chance Zipper is probably one of the coolest sounding rides I've heard. If you get bast all the noises that make it sound like it's gonna fall apart, it still sounds quite ominous, with the ride almost sounding like an air-raid siren in a warzone.
  11. Same for me ! Well, i guess Le Monstre (although it seems to be nowhere near the quality of the stuff in the States) seems to be almost like our version of Colossus or American Eagle.... At least in the sense of it being a huge double woodie.
  12. These coaster shows are great. They're sometimes very informative for us enthusiasts, but even more important IMO, they inform the GP, so we don't have to make quite so many face palms per day... Then again, our "Weirdest Things the GP Have Said" may not be quite so large because of that.
  13. I rode King Cobra quite a bit in the mid-late 80s. Probably did it a couple times in the 90s as well. I always liked it, it was fun and always good for a sleek and comfy ride. Fast forward to 2011 and the Shockwave at Kings Dominion (sister coaster to both King Cobra and Skyrider); it was one of the worst rides ever. It was rough, bumpy, etc. I dunno what the big difference was between the KI and KD versions, but one was great the other was horrible. Sure, I was much older when I rode the KD version, but I think it was more than that. Probably years of wear and tear. Same deal with
  14. Lol.. no, don't hav a car. Do you enjoy wood or steel more?... why?
  15. Anybody on here play TF2? I stopped playing it after a while, then got back into it recently after a friend of mine asked me to join him in a couple matches... It seems to be a really fun game, with a good, large community however I just wish more of my friends play it. As for the comment above about nearly quitting FPSs online, I don't think I'll ever stop (@ least for a while), but I seem to flip back and forth between COD (Usually COD4 or BO2), BF3 & TF2.
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