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  1. Early Monday morning (May 23rd), I left my house in Illinois to make an 11+ hour journey to Tennessee. It was my first time visiting Tennessee since I've only ever flown over the state so I was pretty excited to visit Dollywood and see the Smoky Mountains. I arrived in Pigeon Forge around 4:30 PM and immediately went to our cabin to check in. I had received word that Dollywood started "technical rehearsals" on Lightning Rod so I wanted to hurry up and check in and race to the park for the last couple hours to see if I could get on. Side note: This trip had been booked since January and the dea
  2. As of today it's still in technical rehearsal. It wasn't testing this morning either. I'm at Blazing Fury right now but I'll check again later. Update: Still not running as of 12:00.
  3. Leaving the park now. It's still in technical rehearsal. I waited over 2 hours to get on it a second time because it kept having minor delays.
  4. Latest update: They'll start handing out vouchers at 12 or later. 11:40 Update: Now they're saying it might not open until 2 if it even opens at all. The whole line just cleared out.
  5. They said they're aiming for 11 but it's 11:15 and they're still not handing out vouchers. No updates yet either.
  6. I'm in line for Lightning Rod right now. The way the lady was making it sound like was that they're giving out 30 vouchers, closing the entrance, collecting the vouchers and giving them to the next 30 people. She kept telling everyone that there's no guarantees though.
  7. At the park right now. The guy at Lightning Rod's entrance said they're selecting people again today for the ride rehearsal but didn't say when. I'll check back later. It's my first time at the park so I don't want to wait around if they aren't doing it until later. I have new coasters to ride!
  8. I really hope Lightning Rod is open tomorrow and/or Wednesday. I tried getting to the park as quickly as I could today but ran into some problems with the cabin I'm checking into so I won't have time.
  9. Very cool! I'm going to the park in a few hours for the very first time and will be there tomorrow and Wednesday. Did someone approach you by the ride and give you that Lightning Rod pass? So this was asked several pages back but probably lost due to all the hash tags.. like this user asked, are they asking guest to ride? Is it open with a long line? Do you request to ride? For those that rode it, how did you get on it. I'm sure several of us would like to know Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk So they have a representive around to the right side of the main entrance. (
  10. Very cool! I'm going to the park in a few hours for the very first time and will be there tomorrow and Wednesday. Did someone approach you by the ride and give you that Lightning Rod pass?
  11. Below average for this season. Weekdays the last few years have gotten increasingly busy, even on forecasted rainy days.
  12. Six Flags Great America will be releasing a teaser video every Monday and Thursday with two different paths to choose from in each video. This first video talks about the park hearing rumors that something may be happening to the Southwest Amphitheater or Aunt Martha's in 2015. Rumors have been circling around the Southwest Amphitheater the last couple years that it'll be removed and replaced with a new attraction (or attractions). Could this be the southwest themed dark ride I've been wanting? Maybe not, especially since the investment this year will likely be lower with the additi
  13. Little Dipper (Kiddieland and now Six Flags Great America) which opened in 1950.
  14. Demon has been a favorite among many for decades. Unfortunately this year it just doesn't seem to be running well. The park has done a fantastic job keeping this oldie in decent condition and even though it still runs better than most Arrow loopers out there, it may be nearing its end. As for X-Flight, I've always wondered why the line is never full compared to the other coasters in the park. I've been to the park probably about 20 times since X-Flight opened in 2012 and I've only seen the entire queue filled up maybe two or three times within that span while others coasters like Bull, Sup
  15. As soon as one of their polls asked if it would be an upside down coaster, a launching coaster or terrain coaster, I kind of figured it would be a little bit of all 3.
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