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  1. When I was at SFGAM, these parents draged their kid on to Whizzer. I couldn't understand what they were saying(sounded either Polish or German), but their daughter was screaming and everything. The parents were trying to keep her quiet, but everyone in the area was looking at them. The kid finally got on the ride and she seemed to enjoy it. However, she had a "I won't tell them I liked it" kind of attitude. The ride ops were great though, and they sent the train when she was ready. They seemed to keep an eye on the train(from what I saw, but I'm not sure as I wound up in the car behind them.), but I still can't believe the parents made such a big deal over a coaster.
  2. I actually have been the one to ride a coaster right after it breaks down on: Twister II(1) Raging Bull(2) Viper(1) Superman: Ultimate Flight(2) Whizzer(1) American Eagle(1) I actually like to ride after a coaster breaks down since I feel better after I get off.
  3. That looks very painful, but it would be a great ride if it isn't. However, I don't think it would be that popular, and for that and the fact that this has "lawsuit" written all over it, I doubt it will ever be built. Well maybe it will be in Europe but never in America.
  4. Do we need one of these each time the title changes? This is probably my favorite forum title, and it would be cool if it changes from one classic amusement ride to another. "Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Bench: The Ride"
  5. Yeah, that's what I though too. Oh well. While it's always sad to lose a park, seriously, did any "enthusaists" really go to this place on a regular basis? It looked more like a "water park with a few rides...." I can't even tell you how many times I passed right by this park without stopping. It was just always like "Meh, I don't need a kiddie woodie credit that bad...." Hopefully if they had any decent slides they'll go to another good water park! --Robb Yet a park with a dragon coaster is worth a stop? I also thought that this park would be saved, but it was just a water park to me. However, it looked like a nice family attraction, so it's sad to see it close.
  6. Why can't this happen over here?! Down in Chicago there is a limmited cell phone ban, but people still can't seem to understand that the can drive with out talking on their cell phones.
  7. I'm not a fan of spinning coasters, but hopefully it is a nice little coaster. However I doubt a small family coaster can help the park survive once DubaiLand opens.
  8. Wow, if you add 1000 pounds to a coaster car it does go faster.
  9. This coaster looks amazing. There looks to be masive air time, and those turnss look great too. GCI continues to get better, and this is a great addation that the family caan enjoy.
  10. Is this a dream? Pigs are flying outside my window...oh wait, that's just Robb.
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