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  1. I don't know either, but it really doesn't matter. The trims on EGF are only felt when you TRY to notice them, so no biggie and definately no ride killer. There is much worse, just look at Silverstar!
  2. Why is it "poo-poo" when someone likes Goliath better? I don't call it "poo-poo" when someone else likes another coaster better either, in your case EGF better than Goliath. Your opinion, your taste, your decision. His opinion, his taste, his decision! Can't we just agree that both coasters are awesome?
  3. That was the post I was reffering to... I did not mean to generalize... And I said that I probably like Goliath better since I'm a speed whore and airtime doesn't do it for me. Do the math... However, that doesn't mean I WILL like Goliath better
  4. Ok, my last post got deleted, so I say it again... Where in my post above do I state that there are better rides then EGF? WHERE!? All i pointed out is that you can't say one ride must be above or below another one... If you like EGF better than Goliath or any other ride for that sake, I have no problem with it! It is a great ride! But on the opposite you can't argue about personal taste and that many people may like other great rides better... Seriously, how is THIS bashing EGF? Explain please... Edit: Yeah, since last year many people think that. I can only clarify it again. I have a personal vendetta agains the park, but NOT EGF! Last year I made the mistake and bashed EGF because I don't like the park. now I've learned...
  5. Yeah, it's me again, DK... In an EGF Thread... surprise, surprise... Anyway... You really just answered your own question. Yes, Goliath pales in comparison when it comes to airtime (have not ridden it, just take the words for granted), but since when is airtime the ONLY deciding factor? Like you said, Goliath is awesome on it's own... I say there is no clear winner. Both rides are absolute top tier rides and everybody has to decide for themselves and their preferences. I THINK I'd prefer Goliath because I'm not much of an airtime fanatic, but I have not voted since I have not ridden Goliath yet...
  6. Uh... So its going to run a 30 car train or what? That's what I'm wondering too. Especially since it's a launch coaster... and just because they used Morgan Artwork doesn't mean it will be one
  7. That about sums it up. there's nothing really "outstanding", it just gives me the feeling of beeing on a rollercoaster. One without any 2bells and whistles". Just a classic rollercoaster the way a coaster is originally ment to be. And of course the screnery is a huge bonus. It was by far the best coaster in the park for me after the dissapointement Balder (expected too much). But that is just my opinion, I'm sure there are others
  8. Amen! Noone said EGF is a bad coaster, it simply isn't, it's great and I do not talk bad about anyone who ranks it as #1. Maybe that wasn't clearly enought... Also, Lisebergbanan always did great. I remember that, before I've ridden it, that I never understood why it was ranked so high. Once I've ridden it I knew it. Now it's my #3 coaster!
  9. Well, maybe the only one on here, yeah... And did I ever say EGF WILL be unseated? Don't think so. I just kept a close eye on Black Mamba and EGF since I thought those two were the biggest contestants for the number one spot after hearing so many positive reviews about it. Well, guess I was wrong after all... I never really pointed out what I consider "flaws" on EGF. Mainly for the reason that many people see it differently. A "flaw" for somebody might be something great about the other. Also a reason that there is no perfect coaster. Can't make everyone happy obviously... Besides. Many people see the Voyage as pretty much perfect, yet, I have seen comments about its "flaws". Just another proof. (Even though we seem to aggree in that departement) All I want to say is that EGF seems WAY overhyped, especially here on TPR (absolutely no insulting ment!). It's a great coaster, and I suggest everyone to go take a ride (honestly! I just hate the park, but that's personal), but it's simply not the "second comming" or whatever. It's "just" another top tier coaster. If somebody ranks it top ten or sub20 is just a matter of opinion, but it doesn't belong on #1 on everybodys poll! Just like my personal #1, Millennium Force, doesn't belong in the top ten on every poll. That's the way it is, and that's good that way! I hope I was able to get my point across this time...
  10. First of all, no coaster is perfect. There's ALWAYS something that could have been better. Even my beloved coasters are not perfect. I "only" like them the most. And second: No, it's not just me... Not even here on EGF crazy TPR. Or does jimbobcoaster count as nobody?
  11. Eh, no. EGF is just not THAT perfect like everyone makes it to be. I don't want to bash it again, since it is a great coaster, but it sure has its boring parts like most coasters do. If you we're surprised about the #2, what have you done the last 4 years?!
  12. For the same reason I find it annoying that you just can't simply admit that you and many of your other German enthuasit friends rank EGF just to spite it. Admit it. Don't be a pussy about it and pretend you're not ranking it low on purpose. That was LAST year! Again, I can only speak for myself. I have no clue why and where others ranked EGF. Do I have to put it on #1 just because others think it is the best? I think not. It is a good coaster for me, one that WAS much better and got worse over time. Maybe because I've ridden it too much, but not only. Either way, I ranked EGF truthfully. It's just MY opinion, why can't people understand that? Because it delivers better airtime and a better ride than any other steel coaster I have ever been on. Because the setting is unique, and it is in a nice park. Whipping around in the trees on this ride is an amazing experience, and I can't wait to visit again. Yeah, I can understand that all, and I also aggree in most parts. EGF IS unique and so on. I'm just wondering why it's considered a "legend"? Maybe my definition of "Legend" is different, but a legendary coaster for me is a coaster that has (or mostly HAD) something that no other coaster could or should pull of. In many cases that may be negative, but not always. But, it's probably just my different definition, so no biggie. Was just wondering...
  13. Yeah, but he also fails to mention the opposite, that a very large number of Americans did the same thing the other way around... In addition to all that. Is it wrong that many people like Black Mamba better that EGF? I think not, it's just a matter of opinion, and thus, such a poll should always be taken with a grain of salt. Make your own opinions people! One of the big advantages I see in the poll is to plan future trips, and then I don't think it matters if a coaster is ranked #1 or #11, the trip will be worth it!
  14. Why do so many people consider EGF a "legend"? I'm just wondering...
  15. A Patent doesn't mean "hey, we're the only company that can put a motorbike on coastertrack!". Intamin simply can't use the restraint system for example found on the Vekomas...
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