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  1. The Oatmeal has chimed in on this matter and once again gets it right.
  2. Congratulations, Nick! I hope you haven't burned through all of Morgan's college fund bringing her into the world. Are you already mapping out the list of the first coasters she'll ride? Her first woodie. Etc.
  3. If you ever get the chance, try the Madison Square Park location. On a nice day it's magical experience of eating outdoors, drinking a beer in the park, watching the dogs and random roller bladers. Then you get to have gelato at Eataly (right across the street) for dessert.
  4. Now that I'm in this unfortunate club (giant L5-S1 disc extrusion that will likely require surgery), I'm mostly viewing it as an excuse to be far more selective in what I subject my body to. I can't imagine ever riding an SLC again, but I bet our yearly trip to Knoebels continues.
  5. Yeah, I'm hoping they're able to preserve their standards with the giant amount of expansion they're doing. The original Madison Square Park location will always be #1. I've actually been disappointed with the food a few times at the Theater District location, but in general Shake Shack produces top quality very reliably.
  6. I finally got out and rode Flying Turns on Monday. While it's no Phoenix, it's a great addition to the park and certainly better than any of the several steel bobsled coasters I've been on.
  7. ^I've been reading up like crazy on this lately. I think I want one of the Primo Oval kamados. The shape allows for easier grilling because you can set up 2 different heat zones. I've read this is much harder to do on standard round kamados. Now to save up the crazy amount of money required for a Primo.
  8. I've decided to buy a real kamado because I'm worried about the Akorn rusting out. It rains a lot here. My current little Weber has a lot of rust on it and it's only a few years old. I'm leaning towards the Kamado Joe classic 18" because it seems to include a lot for the money. Other options would include the BGE, Grill Dome, and Primo. I dunno. This might not happen this year as I hope to buy the Retina Macbook Air when it comes out in the fall.
  9. Kennywood has a "VIP Coaster Tour" that gets you on the coasters without waiting in line. It's only like $15 or something. That's probably your best bet for Exterminator because that line frequently sucks.
  10. At this point it's obvious you're trolling. "Same" ride anywhere else? Bullshit!
  11. I agree that the front area of the park has a distinct carnival feel to it, but in reality it's a big, well-run park with more than 60 rides. Knoebels grows on you as you visit more terrible Six Flags/Cedar Fair parks. They stick to the basics and do them quite well.
  12. Another factor is Liseberg doesn't staple you (or at least they didn't in 2009) like Six Flags does. I found the airtime on Balder to be a lot more enjoyable as a result. For me there is no comparison between the two: Balder kicks El Toro's ass. El Toro has a great start (stronger than any sequence on Balder), but then loses a lot of steam. Balder kicks your ass with punchy airtime throughout the entire circuit. El Toro is, of course, really good too though.
  13. Reading through these updates I'm regretting not doing this trip now. So many great parks. I hope TPR does it again some day!
  14. Yeah, I just need to do a bit more research. I think the Akorn might be fine for my purposes, but I might rather man up and buy exactly what I want the first time around. The poor man pays twice.
  15. Now that grilling season is in full swing, I'm considering getting a kamado-style grill. It seems like the off brand models are worth a look as the BGE is a pretty large financial investment. But I dunno. I need to do a bit more research.
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