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  1. Yesterday, I found a store that sells Reese's Whipps candy bars (think "3 Musketeers with peanut butter nougat"). Vons and CVS don't have them anymore and haven't for a long time, so I just figured that Whipps went away. Not the case... Eric
  2. ^^ The last I heard, rain isn't supposed to show up till late Sunday. If that's the case, the Bash should be fine. Eric
  3. ^^ I went right past there on Wednesday and didn't even see that. Eric
  4. ^ I'm still below 100. Kristen will whoop my tail before long if she hasn't already. Eric
  5. ^ Why does it look like the coaster in that signature graphic is passing McDonald's golden arches? Eric
  6. Diet Coke passes Pepsi, huh? Good. As it should be. Eric
  7. ^ That was on Screamscape as well. I think "Magic Flyer" is the fifth name that ride has had...could be a record! Eric
  8. Had a great day, and it was nice seeing some of you out there. SFMM really put on a wonderful show, and I think they'll have a winner with this ride. Eric
  9. No. But what I find funny is how it appears that the dress code is inconsistent between the various events. I don't know who determines what is appropriate, but it should apply equally regardless of which group is attending. I have a couple of West Coast Bash shirts that would be great to wear---in fact, I just might go ahead and wear my Tatsu one or the X2 one. Both have logos from SFMM rides, so they should be appropriate in my opinion. Eric
  10. If they do get the Rocky Mountain treatment, it's funny because they just I-beamed most of the track. I would think that if they were doing the Rocky Mountain, they'd do a reprofile of the ride and restore some of the more extreme elements that made Colossus famous in the first place. Just a guess on my part, though. Eric
  11. Does that look like yours? Nope, not at all. This is going to be interesting. Eric
  12. Stops at 11:23 here, too. And I was looking forward to watching the rest of it. Eric
  13. From the e-mail I got: "Please dress appropriately. If you wear logos or branded items, please make sure that they are Six Flags only." Eric
  14. Because that was the original choice for your middle name. Your folks e-mailed Dan and put me in the cc: box. Why do we only use numbers and letters in our language, and not avatars, too?
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