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  1. Yeah I rode TG about 5 times and I couldn't tell any difference in the batwing, not that I really should have I guess. They replaced supports on both sides of the batwing. Not sure if they just needed work, or they were replaced totally. I know one of them they dug a whole new footer for. I could have done without the fog in the tunnel though. It wasn't that warm Sunday.
  2. See, you've both got this lion/tiger/bears oh my...thing going in your avatars, so I was confused (again). If it was up to me, you could have Stealth back! I'll trade it for our swings that you took. Top Gun at Carowinds is a totally different layout and has 2 extra inversions too. I have yet to ride CGAs though, so I won't say ours is better, although I suspect that is true.
  3. I highly doubt that Shapiro would build a dive coaster. He's too into doing things for the kiddies it seems to build any $20,000,000 coasters.
  4. The last 3 i don't agree with. I never thought Vu was rough, a head banger or hurt my knees.
  5. "Anything: The Ride" This says to the public....hey! we want to use someone else's creativity and ideas and just slap "The Ride" on the end of it and voila, a ride name! It's such a lazy way of naming something IMO. Also, any ride or coaster with a corporate sponsor name in the name of the ride. The Pepsi Plunge?
  6. Ok where in the heck is this at? I've been a dozen times and never seen this in the park. Also, is it me or just my dirty mind...it looks like he's got a "package" to d deliver.
  7. Thanks for the update Robb. I love those swanky new PTCs on bullet. I wasn't sure the manufacturer until I saw the yellow step releases on there like were on Voyage's trains. Anyways....I'll get to TX one of these years.
  8. ^ No, nothing has been announced yet. But about a month ago they ripped up the employee parking lot next to Thunder Road, so everyone is guessing a water park expansion. Saturator is closed as well, and we're still not sure what the fate of it is.
  9. Yeah actually I can't recall if I rode anything BUT the back row. Seems like I rode front row once when I first got there since it was empty. I won't be getting a pass next year cause of several factors, so I wanted to get one last day in before they closed.
  10. Well after it leaked out that SFOGs was going, I thought this would happen at the other parks. sad, I actually got to ride it twice last year (SFOG) too and loved it! I think in all I got 3 or 4 rides. I was even there opening year, but far too early to ride it. I find it hillarious that the one at Ill. didn't open until OCTOBER.
  11. No surprise for me....Rugrats Runaway Reptar...oh wait, best coaster... Top Gun @ Carowinds. When it's running right, Hurler is #2. It was running pretty good yesterday in the front row.
  12. Well about a month ago they ripped up the employee parking lot next to Thunder Road and that would make a great spot for a 2nd wave pool as well as move saturator over there. That way they'd only have to run it when Boomerang Bay was open as well. It does have terrible capacity though with only 3 trains running and those seat 4 each.
  13. Hey at least your stuff was good looking stuff. The crap at Carowinds wasn't even worth buying.
  14. Well now they are changing their story of course. I guess we'll just have to wait and see... As requested... And in action...back in August. Here's what it looked like during C3...just sitting there.
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