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  1. Yeah I rode TG about 5 times and I couldn't tell any difference in the batwing, not that I really should have I guess. They replaced supports on both sides of the batwing. Not sure if they just needed work, or they were replaced totally. I know one of them they dug a whole new footer for. I could have done without the fog in the tunnel though. It wasn't that warm Sunday.
  2. See, you've both got this lion/tiger/bears oh my...thing going in your avatars, so I was confused (again). If it was up to me, you could have Stealth back! I'll trade it for our swings that you took. Top Gun at Carowinds is a totally different layout and has 2 extra inversions too. I have yet to ride CGAs though, so I won't say ours is better, although I suspect that is true.
  3. I highly doubt that Shapiro would build a dive coaster. He's too into doing things for the kiddies it seems to build any $20,000,000 coasters.
  4. The last 3 i don't agree with. I never thought Vu was rough, a head banger or hurt my knees.
  5. "Anything: The Ride" This says to the public....hey! we want to use someone else's creativity and ideas and just slap "The Ride" on the end of it and voila, a ride name! It's such a lazy way of naming something IMO. Also, any ride or coaster with a corporate sponsor name in the name of the ride. The Pepsi Plunge?
  6. Ok where in the heck is this at? I've been a dozen times and never seen this in the park. Also, is it me or just my dirty mind...it looks like he's got a "package" to d deliver.
  7. Thanks for the update Robb. I love those swanky new PTCs on bullet. I wasn't sure the manufacturer until I saw the yellow step releases on there like were on Voyage's trains. Anyways....I'll get to TX one of these years.
  8. ^ No, nothing has been announced yet. But about a month ago they ripped up the employee parking lot next to Thunder Road, so everyone is guessing a water park expansion. Saturator is closed as well, and we're still not sure what the fate of it is.
  9. Yeah actually I can't recall if I rode anything BUT the back row. Seems like I rode front row once when I first got there since it was empty. I won't be getting a pass next year cause of several factors, so I wanted to get one last day in before they closed.
  10. Well after it leaked out that SFOGs was going, I thought this would happen at the other parks. sad, I actually got to ride it twice last year (SFOG) too and loved it! I think in all I got 3 or 4 rides. I was even there opening year, but far too early to ride it. I find it hillarious that the one at Ill. didn't open until OCTOBER.
  11. No surprise for me....Rugrats Runaway Reptar...oh wait, best coaster... Top Gun @ Carowinds. When it's running right, Hurler is #2. It was running pretty good yesterday in the front row.
  12. Well about a month ago they ripped up the employee parking lot next to Thunder Road and that would make a great spot for a 2nd wave pool as well as move saturator over there. That way they'd only have to run it when Boomerang Bay was open as well. It does have terrible capacity though with only 3 trains running and those seat 4 each.
  13. Hey at least your stuff was good looking stuff. The crap at Carowinds wasn't even worth buying.
  14. Well now they are changing their story of course. I guess we'll just have to wait and see... As requested... And in action...back in August. Here's what it looked like during C3...just sitting there.
  15. Hello again ladies and gentlemen... This will probably be my last PTR for the year as I don't plan to do any more travels to parks. Sad I know. It was a crisp fall day here in Charlotte, and it was good that I went to Carowinds instead of Bank of America stadium, because the Panthers got their butts whopped....but I digress. Today was the final regular operating day, excluding the next few nights that they'll be open for Scarowinds. I won't go into too much more detail, cause half the time I skip this part of PTRs myself! lol On with the show... Sidenote: If you are wondering about my comment about Top Gun being down for a month, it was from the middle of September until last weekend. It had some footers replaced on both sides of the batwing..for what reason, I don't know. And I'll leave you with this nice photo taken during C3. Overall Cedar Fair didnt' do a terrible job this year...just not a better job than Paramount in my opinion. And that has nothing to do with how I feel about the Geagua Lake situation. I also won't be buying a season pass next year. Until next time... Here's some of the stuff back in the warehouse storage area. You can see old flume boats and boats from Rip Roarin Rapids. Still no sign of the hyper trains... Another shot from outside the park. Bonus!!! Here's a few shots I took a few weeks ago... A nice shot of Hurler you don't see much, taken from the bus parking lot. Ummm...Robb, Carowinds stole your "bag o crap!" idea! All the Paramount crap you can stuff in a bag for $20! Too bad it was CRAP and not worth owning. Drop Zone was a no-go. Sorry Elissa. Ok...this is getting pitiful. Hurler hasn't got a line either. Though by the time we worked our way back to Top Gun, it had a big line. Well the queue was full (upstairs only) Wow. When Dick says he doesn't theme...he doesn't theme. They took the CBS Cafe and turned it into "Blank Cafe"! I ran into a couple friends and we went over to try and break the flyers on the last day. Sadly, we didn't succeed. They actually had to evacuate riders, which is something I've never seen happen at Carowinds. Ruh roh! Ricochet got stuck! Look! Dick Kinzell showed his face! Mr. Kinzell was heard saying "I will suck your park dry! I will lay waste to all your coasters!" But not most of them...get used to these. You'll see them next year, and the next, and the next... Well they had the guts to put the year on some of the tees... The Jr SLC!!! Me thinks...not! The longest line so far was... Oh look! Paul Rueben showed up! I guess his limo from Dollywood finally showed up. (long story) I am the evil hypno-pole! You will come under the power of my evil rings of colored death! Thunder Road had huge lines as well. With ONE train operation! Farewell Top Gun...or whatever you will be called next year. Trying to be artsy...and working for a change. TG was running very good after it's 1 month vacation. Time for the only coaster that matters at Carowinds...ooh..did I just say that about my home park?... You can see there were HUGE lines. Oh...Borg is down...again. Who says Cedar Fair isn't consistent? Remember my opening day report? It was down then too! But to be fair, it did open shortly after this. Ok...we're in the park...what could they be waiting for? What are camels doing in South Carolina? And is that a donkey! Score! This was behind the Bojangles down the street from Carowinds.
  16. I was on Alpengeist's lift one time when they stopped it because they thought someone wasn't sitting on their sandles. (How does that hurt the ride operating) Anyway...we were stuck on the lift about 15 minutes before they got it going again. Your legs start to feel like weights with the blood rushing down there. With all the hundreds if not thousands of coaster rides I've had over the years, I've never been on a coaster where I had to walk back down the lift hill after a break down. Also a minor thing... On Mindbender at SFOG...either they were messing with the brakes or the system braked us too hard for some reason. It braked us so hard that we came to a hard stop at the very end of the brake run. So when the brakes released to let us roll on into the station, it couldn't. They had to come give us a push to get us going again.
  17. Wow. How did I miss those two loops on Phantom's Revenge in June?
  18. Wow. How did I miss those two loops on Phantom's Revenge in June?
  19. Wow. How did I miss those two loops on Phantom's Revenge in June?
  20. Now that makes me even more depressed about never getting to ride these. I rode St Louis' Mr Freeze last year and loved it.
  21. Well for me it slams me in the gut every time. It's not a comfortable element to ride. Normally bunny hills that are short are ok, like the Superman ones. But this one is so short that it just throws you over it too hard. At least to me. Now maybe thinner people it's not that big a deal, but I'm still trying to lose all my weight. lol
  22. ^ I agree. They need to hold off on the water park for a year or two and buy about 5 new flats. Nah, the brakes are fine, the last hill is just so violent and throws you over it so hard that it slams you in the stomach (or at least it does me).
  23. Why in the world did they put that last little hump on Goliath (south)??? B&M already admitted they made a mistake with it, but still it's like...take it out or something. And is it just me, or does this look like the gay parade or something (front row)??
  24. Yeah that was one of the biggest surprises when I visited in 98. I had no idea it was mandatory that you had to serve. I think back then it was only 2 years for men, but it's been a long time ago I could be wrong. We saw a group of soldiers somewhere just sitting around hanging out and our guide told us about it.
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