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  1. Wow. If that coaster was blue, it'd be almost like Griffon! oh wait... Nice report so far. Haven't been back since 2001, and want to sometime soon too.
  2. I hear what you're saying. It's bad to say this, but last year and the previous couple years Carowinds was great on ops compared to this year. This year they've all gotten into the too often referred to "Six Flags cellphone" territory. I mean, come on. How hard is it to race Thunder Road? You look over at the other op and say, you ready? Yeah, backards ready, forwards ready. Dispatch. That's so freakin' hard isn't it! And after last week, I also got the feeling that Cedar Fair/Carowinds was like...well all the rides are going to crap, let's just let them go until the off season. And don't get me wrong on this thread...I'm not wanting Carowinds to be Busch Gardens, well sure I'd love for it to be that good, but I'm just saying what happened? And I don't try and trash talk my home park, but things just seem like they are slipping.
  3. I don't think this has been brought up for discussion yet, and if it has please feel free to close and redirect. How do you feel Cedar Fair is doing running your home park? My observations at Carowinds are as follows: Wooden coasters - Saturday I was at the park all day so I had the whole day to experience the coasters (a.m. and p.m.) Hurler - Unless you ride in the front row, the thing is jackhammering all over the place and overall beating the rider to death! Thunder Road - Pretty much exactly the same unless you don't ride on a wheel (the middle seats on each car). There's no air (but never was before except the first hill the past few years). Fairly Odd Coaster - Saturday it sounded horrible! Sounded like it was going to do a "wolf bobs" any second. Grease the stupid thing! Borg - Didn't ride, but rode on August 4 and it's getting rough. It shakes and rattles a lot more than it used to. Top Gun - Still it's awesome self. The park overall looks as clean, if not cleaner than before. Employees are pretty much just the same as far as friendliness, I haven't noticed a difference one way or the other. Food prices seem to be up slightly, and they were expensive before. So how do you feel about the job Cedar Fair is doing with the parks since they've had them a little more than a year now?
  4. ^ Ricochet Saturday was running virtually trimless. And the only good coasters at Kings Island are Flight of Fear, Beast at night and uh....nothing else. Your point? You also didn't mention your flyers that we "stole".
  5. well at least Ultra Man was there to guard the park. He's gotten kinda short in his old age.
  6. Hey guys I just uploaded the video. Hope you enjoy it! Be sure to watch all the way to the end!
  7. But in my mind they don't make the ride any better or worse. Your vision is just not impared so to speak on a floorless compared to a sit-down. You don't have the lead car, which is cool and all, but it really doesnt' make that much of a difference. Now Griffon is different since you are sitting off the track (if your seat is one of outside seats). Then the exprience is totally different and it does add a lot to the ride experience.
  8. I also think so. I found the ride on Dominator pretty much the same as riding Hulk or Kumba (experience-wise). Not talking about the quality of ride.
  9. They don't seem to know anything since they have no incidents for Carowinds. LOL I mean, if jackhammering is a safety problem, then they should shut down Hurler or Thunder Road.
  10. I'm calling Dick right now. Seriously though, it's not that great of a coaster these days. It's getting rough in it's "old" age.
  11. I really am impressed with the selection of older rides at Great America. And they stole our (Carowinds) swings too. I'd give them back Borg to get our swings back.
  12. What? You haven't hit 400 yet? I'm glad to read another honest review of BB, although I would expect nothing else from you Dave.
  13. ^ LOL You so crazy. Uh... James said he loved me.
  14. Well we were kinda in "restricted areas", but of course it was ok cause the park was in on it. Some of the pics over at www.tommyandjames.net are hillarious...they got some of peeps sitting on the bottom of the loop (yeah, the loop!) More specifically... http://www.tommyandjames.net/g3073.html
  15. Yeah, so Sunday a bunch of us headed to Ghost Town for some ERT on the drop tower, whoring up the kiddie coaster...oh wait, I'm getting ahead of myself again. For those that don't know, Ghost Town in the Sky is a small little park on the top of Buck Mountain in Maggie Valley, NC (about 30 minutes west of Asheville, NC and about 1.5 hours from Dollywood). Here are 111 full res versions if you want to check them out: http://travel.webshots.com/album/560641328vUnAzX?vhost=travel So here goes... Shew! I survived! Thanks Tommy & James, the G.A.P. crew and most of all Ghost Town for a great day! I'll be back for sure! Aaah! Run for your lives! Uh...what is that I see? Yikes. It gets even steeper! Bye Cliff Hanger. Hope to see you running very soon. Time to head home...but not before the scariest sky ride evar. If you don't survive Cliff Hanger, they got a box waitin for ya. One last loopage shot for ya Derek. Where's the fire? I'm glad they told me this is a map. I was confused. James you look comfy! I think Jonathan has a question, or needs to go to the bathroom. One of the refurbed trains for the incline (still not running yet). OK, what are they doing in the front row? The new emporium and little restaurant looked really nice inside. Hmmm...shouldn't that be ON the ride? Where's a train when I need one? It's a long way down that lift hill. I'm glad the ground is off. We walked up the lift hill (sorry Tommy took those pics and they're over at www.tommyandjames.net). The station still needs a good bit of work. EXCLUSIVE SHOT! Through the track! You won't be able to get this shot next year. Oh no! Did I just hear the train coming up the lift? Time for "fooling around on Cliff Hanger". Does it count as a credit if I sit down in it? Saran Wrap the ride, otherwise known as Cliff Hanger. Hmmm...what that be? Tommy poses with the exclusive panels from the Red Devil train they gave away to the winner of the trivia contest. HOLY CRAP! They are putting a GCII in here next year!!!! The town looks really great. I saw a couple of outlaws hanging around town. An ACErs worst nightmare! Oh no.... Uh oh. What's that I hear outside? Lunch at the Wagon Wheel was pretty good I thought. The prices are decent too. Even Dolly approves. Oooh Jonathan. Those are so you. Looks pretty deserted...kinda like a ghost town. I think I'll stroll on into town. That gots gambling up here to. Not really. James...what the heck are you pointing at? Something isn't right here. They even teach reeding, riting and rithmatic up har. They even had a Jarvis bear! Oh no I didn't... Awe. Look at the cute Robb and Elissa bears. I guess an "out" house is appropriate since I'm up here with G.A.P. As in coming...out...oh nevermind. They had a few kiddie rides for the, uh, kiddies. Geronimo Drop we see you up there. You could see it from down on the main road coming into Maggie Valley! Undertaker ran pretty good. The arms seemed to be running at different speeds though. Weird They even have their own claw games. My 1st round up. One of the small models, it was ok. But then the guy ran it for like 5 minutes and I was READY to get OFF! Hey Maggie! I know you're down there somewhere in your valley! Probably the best paratrooper I've been on. Didn't make me sick at all. Uh. I think it is broken. EXCLUSIVE! Tell Screamscape right now! They are getting a robocoaster next year!!! What ya'll doing down there? The yoyo/swings were awesome flying over the side of the mountain. Problem is when they turned it back on, there's no warning! It just drops! Scared us all to death! They were nice enough to take us up and stop the ride so we could get some pics... Next up was their awesome Geronimo Drop they bought from Libertyland in Memphis. Seriously one of the scariest I've been on. First ride of the day and we're already whoring it up? Yep. Uh, what is the operator looking at? --- What? I have a credit Robb & James dont' have!?! Ooooooh pretty. Oh noes! It's the scary mountain road up to the top! We got in an hour and a half before the park opened, so the chairlift wasn't open yet. This was almost the scariest ride of the day! It's a long way up there. The group arrives. Locals run for your lives! On the way to Maggie Valley...hmmm...what is that she's smoking? It doesn't look like a cigarette... Ghost Town 07.wmv Ghost Town video
  16. Just a followup on Super Saturator (if anyone cares) at Carowinds... it's closed for the season (as it states on the park's website now). At C3 Saturday though, the park would not comment on it's fate. So nothing official yet. And they said the 08 annoucement will be in about a month.
  17. 9/9/07 Tumbleweed - Ghost Town in the Sky. I have a credit Robb and James don't have!
  18. Those are freakin' amazing looking! Can you build one of Top Gun at my home park? j/k Hope these do well for you guys.
  19. Yeah, and since Millie and SD2K were both built during the coaster wars, I don't see anyone trying to outdo them. What kind of tag is this "Coming to Carowinds next year, the tallest continuous circuit coaster in North America!!" Uh, kinda looses something opposed to "Coming to Carowinds next year, the tallest coaster in the world!" Also, SD2K might have lots of air, but frankly, when am I going to get to Japan? LOL
  20. I don't think this is neccesarily a bad thing. It could be that they make an agreement with the new owners to continue to run the place, but the new owners own it and make the financial decisions.
  21. Frankly I don't care if they do another one. Millie is my #3 coaster, but it's missing so many air time moments to me and that's what makes a coaster great. My #1-2 are both B&M Hypers and both are 100 ft less (or more) than Millie. Airtime is all I care about. If they make a 300 ft coaster with tons of airtime, then sure I'll probably like it.
  22. man, maybe it's just me, but I thought the air on the first drops of Apollo's and Raging Bull was much better than on Goliath (or Nitro) You sir are wrong.
  23. You said it perfectly. That's why BGE is my favorite park (haven't had the fortune to go to Europe yet). Sure they only have 5 coasters, but they're all great in their respective chategory IMO and then the park is just what you described. An overall experience, not just a bunch of coasters on hot concrete.
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