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  1. Thundercats! There's no way Juno would have actually known about or remembered that show, but those around my age appreciated the reference. Juno would have worked better if it had took place in the mid 1990's, I'm sure Diablo would agree, but that would have increased the budget. Kids born around 1990 (Allison, am I right?) have no idea about Thundercats.
  2. I saw it opening night. One of the things I noticed is it wasn't very convincing that it picked up right where Casino Royale left off. That seemed a little forced. Having seen the reviews first, it was about what I had expected. I am glad it's doing well, though.
  3. TheRapidsNerd: making randomness awesome since 2007!
  4. If only SFMM was getting that instead of Terminator. I just saw the renderings on the first page, and I must say that thing looks incredible.
  5. It was obviously before my time, however my dad told me how he rode it on its final day of operation in 1968. He described it was very rough and rickety. He's lucky to have such a rare credit, so it's too bad he's not an enthusiast.
  6. I've been on a few log flumes, and have never seen one with a turntable station. Well, it's not exactly a "log" flume, but Jet Stream at Magic Mountain does.
  7. I visited CGA (then PGA) in the summer of 1995, while Tidal Wave was still operating, and I did not ride it. I felt that since I had already been on Montezooma's Revenge, I did not need to ride this one. I do not know what I was thinking. D'oh! *slaps forehead* Always nice to see old photos!
  8. Which is limited to the people already signed up for that particular trip. If the cost of airfare is an issue to the point of keeping someone from signing up for a trip, it would be nice if such a thread was in a public forum.
  9. I've been to Scandinavia, and since every country uses a different currency (only Finland uses the Euro), it's best to just use a credit card or check card for all of your purchases.
  10. I've voted, and I hope you win, but I'm glad this contest is ending soon so that Big Mike can get back to the Road Show updates!
  11. Excellent work as always, Chuck. Thanks for going to Central Florida and having a good time--so we don't have to!
  12. During its last few years, Arrow started using a type of track that resembles Morgan track: Thanks to Joe Schwartz for the picture!
  13. During the 90s the stand-up coaster by B&M was introduced, it was then perfected, and then died.
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