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  1. Shane, I'd heard a rumor a while back that Orient Express had some small but vital part break, and there was no replacement part, no company to make/supply replacement, and no other means to create a replacement. Wish I could remember where I heard this rumor or had more specifics for you. If OE was Arrow, and it was in the middle of all the shuffle/S&S stuff, this is all plausible. Hope this helps and offers some insight at least. Great work as always on this archive. Cheers!
  2. Of all the many great TPR updates and TRs, this is my favorite. Really enjoyed it and thanks!
  3. I forget how I won a Bag of Crap, but I did enjoy it. There were some great maps and brochures from on of the many Euro trips, along with a Six Flags button, TPR chapstick, a SFKK coaster and map, and some other stuff. Oh, TPR mints too! It really was cool for a guy like me who has never been out of the US, save a boarder town in Mexico, to get this stuff, especially from the UK and beyond. The randomness made it fun, because there was much mystery surrounding the coveted TPR Bag of Crap. If you ever get one, enjoy it for it's randomness and the kindness from the people who took time to gather and send it.
  4. When I hit IOA last December, I did not have time for this area. Yes, fail. Thanks for showing some very cool details and another excellent report. Well done!
  5. Scott, thanks for another winner of a report and the most detail I've ever seen of Typhoon Lagoon. Knew it was fun, but didn't realize how good it really was. Oh, and I was TOTALLY looking at the bridge. Totally. (can't even type this with a straight face). Glad you all had a great time on your recent trip and hope to see you all next time you're in town.
  6. This report makes me happy. It'll be my first haunt event ever AND my first HHN. Awesome!
  7. Adam, I see you found some of my 501st buddies. Great Report! So wanted to see this, so big thanks for the coverage. Quick background on R2-KT: Katey was the 501st Legion founder's daughter who died of cancer. The pink Astromech is a rolling memorial to her. I got to meet R2-KT this summer along with some of the folks from the same garrisons you saw. I'm a member of Alabama Garrison and hope to working with Central Florida after the Orlando move in a few weeks. And yes, the guys from Belgium are awesome...and insane! They did a great job on all the props and sets. Just wow! We need to get together and talk shop sometime, but back to point, again, very cool report.
  8. Stuff like this is always great to see and many thanks for the shoutout. Forgot about the original style of some of the Intamin rapids boats. Funky!
  9. I've wondered what this looked like inside...and now I know thanks to you. Very cool!
  10. Finally catching up on some of these updates. This NU and Leslie Hall update is a riot!
  11. This is a great update and I really appreciate the shout out too. Thank you for that and some great pics of the park. If they haven't been added already, the DF pics would be great for the Theme Park Index.
  12. Was glad to see this report and update. Looks like a fun park and worth a stop on the way to or from Florida. Enjoyed this and thanks!
  13. 1. Rock on Celine! 2. She needs a Club TPR membership. 3. Will we see MORE slides?
  14. Neat video and cute show. I got a laugh or two. Of course, the World of Warcraft/Morrowind/D&D side of me took to the fantasy portions of it, much like the rest of WWoHP. Not being a hardcore Harry Potter fan however, I'm sure there's a bunch of other little stuff to the area I'd appreciate more if I was. I'd like to see this finished area in person for final judgement, but from what' been shown so far, agreed with Robb. Even so, I still want some Butter Beer and a wand from Olivander's.
  15. Know I'm waaaay late to the party here, but this gave me a good chuckle. Thanks Wes!
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