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  1. I still stand by Vortex as the one that’s being removed. However, if it is Firehawk and though CF doesn’t actually do many relocations, Worlds of Fun would be a better park as it would be much more marketable there than at Dorney someone mentioned. WoF is in more need than Dorney for something big.
  2. I don't think it's for Invertigo. At least that ride is much more reliable than Stinger ever was. Besides, in order to make way for a "gate coaster" you have to do something with Bat and the old Timber Wolf site. I have a feeling it could be Vortex and it would make sense if it is closing in 2018 to make way for what's coming in 2020. Kings Island has needed to focus on livening up that back corner of Coney Mall. Losing Vortex would be sad but given my last rides on it back in July I think it's time to retire it.
  3. Tigris has to be the best looking Skyrocket II. Love the colors of the track and train. I have never been to BGT and after this announcement they clearly have the better lineup than its sister in Virginia even though I absolutely love BGW (and their lineup isn't too shabby either). As for RMC Gwazi I hope they keep it a racing/dueling coaster instead of combining both tracks or making it like Twisted Colossus.
  4. The front seat is the money seat on the Beast (at least for me) but the farthest back I will sit is the fourth car and always on a non-wheel seat.
  5. One thing the Cedar Fair parks do well are the promotional and schematic photos they release with every new ride announcement. Copperhead Strike looks fabulous and no matter what announcement has been made today we all end up winners. It’s been a great day full of rides to look forward to.
  6. Wow, that looks awesome! Haven’t been to SFGAm since 2012 so I guess another visit is in order next year.
  7. Great addition. Another landmark to look for as you drive along Route 77.
  8. I believe a part of all this negativity isn't so much the misinformation the GP has but is it fair to blame all these park "fan sites" out there who go searching for public documents that have been filed with the local jurisdictions and post it all over the net that get some of these people speculating something big is coming the next year when in fact it's going to be an off year or a smaller addition?
  9. Putting floorless trains probably wouldn't change the ride experience. Rougarou is still just as much a head banger in the second half as Mantis was. Wasn't it just a few year's ago that Vertical Velocity was rumored to be leaving SFGAm and possibly relocate to SFA? That certainly would fit in Apocalypse's site.
  10. I thought it was a bad decision when Paramount took the antique cars out so I'm very pleased they are coming back. I cringed at some of the comments I read on Facebook - sounded like people are already bored with Mystic Timbers and want that new coaster already. I do remember when they used them for Haunt (I believe it was 2002 or 2003 as Route 666) and it was one of the best haunt attractions I've experienced with the scareactors jumping out at you.
  11. I really like the layout on this and I’ll be one of those that may gripe about the second half but after the second dive off the mid course I would have liked to have seen the zero-g roll like on Valravn that would have lead into the helix. That’s the only change I would make but congrats to CW on this new addition. It’s also great that CF has come and finished the Frontier Canada area that was originally proposed when the park first opened.
  12. My only hope, and I think it will be inevitable now that DL is under Six Flags from a marketing standpoint, is that they don't start slapping superhero and villain names all over the park. Ride of Steel I can understand since it was once called Superman but for some reason I can see something like Mind Eraser getting new trains and new paint and become Riddler's Revenge like they did at New England, Motocoaster becoming Gotham City Pursuit or Grizzly Run becoming Penguin's Blizzard River.
  13. There is no way the scrapped Batman will be back. At least SkyRider was still in operation and in much better condition before it was moved to Cavallino Matto in Italy.
  14. Before another coaster is built I'd like to see the Racer get a full refurb first, especially after my one ride on the red train a few weeks ago. Now that we're already past the halfway point of the season they have a little over three years before the park's big 50th anniversary and bringing Racer back to its original glory (including bringing back the red, white, and blue paint scheme the ride opened with) would be awesome. One other note - Kings Island NEEDS more flat rides outside of Planet Snoopy. Carowinds and Canada's Wonderland should not be the only parks to get decent flat ride packages.
  15. I keep wanting to call it Iron Curtain but then we would have to blame Russia for its design. All kidding aside I might be the only one who is not really impressed with this ride and it's not because of the tie in with the Steelers (I could care less as I'm not a sports fan). I just think the layout could have been better than what appears to be just throwing a bunch of inversions together into a tight space just to break a record. That's something Six Flags would do.
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