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  1. Now officially the tallest coaster in the Benelux. photo: Walibi
  2. Whoa. :o Today the "non inverted cobra roll" was completed. Quite an intimidating looking element. :o A few slightly older shots showing the massive area: photos: Themepark Magic, Coasterpix.com, Auquier Hadelin, VRT
  3. That sweet GeForce drop. photo: glenatii at CoastersWorld
  4. Rapscallion. Now there's a sweet name for a coaster. RCS really firing on all cylinders now. People for scale: Cobra roll: Station area: source & more: Themepark Magic
  5. Track being installed on the non-inverted cobra roll: Lifthill supports: source:
  6. This thing is going up FAST. These belong to the "non-inverted cobra roll". source:
  7. The first official construction photos: source: Walibi
  8. Track!!! The color is dark green. Which is quite unexpected, as all artwork and renders showed a red coaster. Two more photos taken this evening, showing double-spine track: photo: Emil Sempels & Floflo at coastersworld
  9. Oh man, that lift is incredible. /moves the park up on the bucket list
  10. The park has finally found a new theme for its SLC. Only took them 16 seasons. The ride will be themed to Lucky Luke from next season, and has already been repainted over the past few months. You thought Candymonium looked sweet? source:
  11. I'm guessing they had some sort of windguard over the microphone up until that point... then it flew off. Looks like a pretty sweet ride. Very fast. Relentless. Totally different from Diamondback.
  12. Using this screenshot, I made a couple quick edits which should help all of you understand this confusing area. Let's start with Rookburgh as a whole. This is all brand new: This belongs to the hotel: To give you a sense of scale: Now let's take a look at the coaster. From what we know, there will be separate load and unload stations, and there's also a short lifthill. Oh, and in case you forgot, the seats on this ride can rotate. You'll board the train seated upright like in a normal coaster, with the track behind your back. As the train starts to
  13. Looks like they have permission! They've also completely redesigned the rides to satisfy the locals, with elements carefully positioned to direct noise away from the neighbors, a first drop into a trench, and an enclosed lifthill for the Family Boomerang. So even though Tripsdrill ran away with the original concept, Tayto is not getting a clone, but an original ride.
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