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  1. Wow the bright temple colours look really good in contrast to the dirty construction site. In my opinion the temple looks better than I'd have expected...
  2. Yepp it is Germany's first B&M inverter. All I can say about the theming is that it already looks good and it would probably be a great construction site theming
  3. Wow that looks really amazing! I can't wait until I have the chance to ride it Anyone wants to meet up? BTW: Mystery... Do you took the photos yourself? I don't think so and they are copyrighted. I actually don't know if you're allowed to post them here, but I think you have to post your sources at least... If I'm wrong, you can make fun of me...^^
  4. Yeah I think it could be cool to meet up with you. The only problem is of course, that our vacation is in July and so I am in Spain for 10 days. But if we could find a date... okay BTW here are some more pictures of the "White" Mamba
  5. Kettcar - Die Wahrheit Ist, Man Hat Uns Nichts Getan
  6. I'm The Best At Ruining My Life - From Autumn To Ashes
  7. I think last item I bought was a festival ticket for "Rock Am Ring", one of Europes biggest rock music festivals. It is 3 days long and there are over 80 bands. At this moment there aren't that many bands confirmed but with Depeche Mode, Korn, Deftones, Franz Ferdinand or Placebo there are already some really great bands, especially Korn and the Deftones The ticket was 112,50€
  8. lol nice basement WTF is Angels Hair? Are those normal spaghettis? If so... you weird americans and your product names^^
  9. I used to collect Pokemon cards but when I got older I sold them all, made a lot of money with that and started to waste it for Magic cards. Those are anywhere in my chaotic room but I didn't saw them for years. Anyway now I'm not collecting anything because I think it's a waste of money or space... Does anybody now those little figures called GoGo's? Or was that something we had in Germany only? I still have a ton of them anwhere in my room... Like I said waste of space
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