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  1. Mate, you finally got to ride the coaster, all I can say is congrats! Glad to hear that you liked it! Nice PTR as well, you had the whole park to yourself!
  2. Might as well have fun with this: - Favorite new coaster- Boulder Dash - Favorite new ride- Escape from Pompeii - Favorite new park-Busch Gardens Europe - Most memorable park moment- When it started to rain and my friends hair-dye went all down his face. - Most memorable coaster moment- Later that day, on Bizarro (then Superman), my friend's hair was everywhere and the dye was still on his face. The lad sitting next to me blurted out "Dude, you look like you had the best sex of your life!" Never going to forget that. - Least favorite coaster- Canobie Corkscrew - Least favorite park- La Ronde - Most interesting ride you've seen introduced- Any of the PAX death machines and ZacSpins. - Least interesting ride you've seen introduced- The Half-pipe. - Your favorite TPR moment (favorite post, trip report, video, whatever!)- BonBon Land and Farup Sommerland videos are my personal favourites. - The decade's biggest flop- B&M in general. They still make good coasters, but nothing innovative or spectacular in recent years. - The decade's biggest success- Great Coaster International: They've turned themselves into a powerhouse when it comes to the wooden twister and putting that type of wooden roller coasters "back into style". - Best park turnaround- Six Flags New England - What was the biggest trend of this past decade?- For both wood and steel, I think its the return of the idea of the compact coasters and the innovations that we've seen, such as the Eurofighter, the X-Car, the Spinning Coaster, GCI's woodies, some of Intamin's Rockets, and the Mega-Lites.
  3. Great, a year after I went to Funderland, they add a Looping Star. Ah well, its great to see that Funderland has gotten hold of a great Schwarzkopf. By the way, does anyone know if this is going to replace the Speed Loop? I actually kind of liked the ride, it wasn't rough/uncomfortable at all anf has some nice forces.
  4. Le Dragon at La Ronde last Saturday, which was surprisingly awesome.
  5. I just can't believe this. Even though I didn't really know him, but I did chat with him a couple of times on the chat and we had a lot of fun. Its just hard to believe that I'll never chat with him again. RIP Dan Miller (Masked_Maverick)
  6. [17:09] torcot54: We continued the wedding, loverboy [17:09] DHO1000: stfu [17:10] DHO1000: that's not even funny u little fag [17:10] torcot54: Yes it is, try and laugh at yourself, I dare you [17:10] DHO1000: but its not funny [17:11] torcot54: I just told everyone and now I'm putting it in the pointless thread [17:11] DHO1000: were divorced now [17:11] DHO1000: suck it [17:12] torcot54: No, I'/m the divorcer person, I decided who gets divorced and who doesn't [17:12] DHO1000: it was viper's idea to start weddings, he's the head wedding person [17:12] torcot54: And he gave me the job of divorces [17:13] DHO1000: and now hes firing u [17:13] torcot54: he's not [17:13] torcot54: he quoted you and called you a loser [17:14] DHO1000: doubt it [17:14] torcot54: yes, he did [17:14] torcot54: bye bye torcot54= me DHO1000= Disney dood
  7. Favorite park: Busch Gardens Europe Best: Escape From Pompeii Worst: Le Scoot
  8. Pssh, you can't say Funtown is ghetto, especially with the dump down the road . Yeah, Dragon's Descent is amazing, best tower ride out of the 4 I've been on and Excalibur is awesome, the best coaster I've been on. I hope the Galaxi gets sold, its a Shite ride thats rusted and not safe looking, it needs to die. Glad to see the Cannonball got some new lights, it looks incredible at night, and so does the Frisbee. I still can't believe I still havn't taken a trip to Canobie this year. Nice pictures of the "other" parks in New England, by the way.
  9. Massachusetts (Live) New Hampshire Maine Rhode Island Connecticut New York New Jersey Delaware Maryland Virgina Pennsylvannia By the end of the year: Vermont
  10. If I could, I would visit most of the theme parks in the World that have closed, but here's my top 5: 1. Australia's Wonderland Sydney (I have a soft spot for this place, it was the only theme park that I knew about outside the Boston area other than the RCT parks when I was a member of the GP) 2. Whalom Park (So close to home, yet such a distant memory that I never had) 3. Southport's Pleasureland (I had plans to go there, but those plans got demolished just before its closure) 4. Revere Beach (Yet another park too close to home yet too distant of a memory I never got) 5. Paragon Park (I've seen the site. The only things remaining are Mini-Gold and The Merry-Go-Round, the rest seems to be a demolished land of what it once was). Yeah, I miss a whole lot more theme parks, but those are the ones I wish I could have visited before they closed.
  11. Well, SFNE is not worth the trip south IMO. If you want to go, you have to go through at least 3 toll plazas and you might have to endure that pain of the Bostonian rush hour. And SFGadv. While I'venever been there, it must be at least an 5 hour drive to get down there because it takes me about 1 hour to get into Maine, 4 hours to get to NYC, and about an hour through NYC. NYC rush hour traffic is also terrible. I liked Funtown/Splashtown a lot (Saco, Maine). It has a wonderful CCI woodie (Excalibur), a nice Freefall ride, a good looking Log Flume, an add on waterpark (With a new tower complex for this year), and overall very well kept and parts are themed, if you can forget about the ghetto Galaxi. While the place is small, it should keep you occupied all day. The park in Old Orchard Beach (Palace Playland) is pretty ghetto, but it has quite a bit of flats and 2 coasters for a credit whores enjoyment. Also in Miane, there's a small park down In York Beach called York's Wild Kingdom which is actually well kept up by the new owners (Which I know for a fact because I was there last Wednesday) but that's hardly worth going to as it has little rides that most adults can't go on (other than the cool looking Round Up, The Scrambler, the Go Karts, The Ferris Wheel and the Haunted House). Finally in Maine is a water park called Aquaboggan in Saco, but I have not been to it yet, so I can't tell you what it's like. Near the Maine Boarder, there's a water park called Water Country In Portsmouth New Hampshire. The place has a large variety of Slides including a Toliet Bowl, vertical Speed Slides, a water play area and a whole lot more! Also, don't forget about Canobie in Salem, NH, but I believe its about 1 hour from Maine. It includes a classic woodie, an S&S Tower, a Frisbee Ride, a Water Play area, an amazing Shoot The Chutes ride, and a whole lot more! I hope this helps you on your trip to Maine.
  12. Here are my top 4 coasters, I can't find a legal photo of my 5th favorite coaster: #4 Overall and #2 Steel: Loch Ness Monster (Credit: RCDB) #3 Overall and #1 Steel: Apollo's Chariot (Credit: RCDB) #2 Overall: Yankee Cannonball at Canobie Lake Park (Photo credit: Me) #1 Overall: Excalibur at Funtown Splashtown! (Photo credit: RCDB)
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