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  1. Monuments - "I, the Destroyer" Funny. I saw this band back in December, opening for Devin Townsend Project and Animals as Leaders, and thought they were embarrassing. They seemed like a hardcore band that we would have listened to back in middle school. But now, going instead to their albums, I'm falling in love with them. Their groove is unbelievable.
  2. Snoop Doggy Dogg - "G Funk Intro" I can't even begin to understand why, but lately I've been developing a sort of fascination with early west-coast rap. There's a fun vibe to the sound that appeals to me in a way that modern hip-hop doesn't. That even applies to the more hostile songs, like stuff from the NWA that has lyrics that would otherwise immediately drive me away.
  3. Dear students: Don't start 6-page papers at midnight the evening before they are due. You may not want to write it, but you will HATE yourself if you give in to the temptation and procrastinate. Sincerely, Someone who waited until the last night to write a 6-page paper, who takes the blame 100%.
  4. Mark Ronson - "Uptown Funk" Yeah, it's popular, all over the radio, and stuck in everyone's head. But I'll be damned if it's not a fantastic, catchy song. It's just so much fun, and a great addition to the modern funk trend that I love so much.
  5. "Oceania" - Björk I'm listening through the whole Medulla album, and I'm struck speechless. It's one of the most intriguing things I've ever listened to.
  6. "Wild" - Poe I just finished the book House of Leaves about an hour ago, and considering this album is a sister work of sorts, it feels appropriate to give it a listen. I'm loving it WAY more than I thought I would.
  7. ...oh crap. I really hope that wasn't the first ping of pain from my wisdom teeth coming in.
  8. I'm slowly but surely falling back down the rabbit hole that is object manipulation. I've learned a new juggling trick for the first time in five years, I picked up a replacement string for my diabolo, and I got an acrylic contact juggling ball that I have no idea how to use yet. Also, I may or may not be attending a fire spinning meetup in Davis next week... Exciting stuff!
  9. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has to be the coolest freakin game I've ever played. Just look at this, especially the part around 2:10. It brings a huge grin to my face every single time I see it. You could argue that at this point, you're not so much playing at as watching it and occasionally pressing a button, but I'm a sucker for giant, stupid spectacles, and this game brings that in spades.
  10. A Battle of Mice - "Bones in the Water" This band genuinely scares me, but I can't stop listening... there's something so visceral, so raw about them.
  11. Bon Iver - "Woods" I think I can confidently say I've never heard a song like this one before.
  12. Black Mirror was just put on American Netflix within the last few weeks, and after hearing nothing but the highest praise for it, I dove in yesterday. Woah. WOAH. Two episodes in (there are three per season, as many British shows seem to be), and this is already climbing to the top of my list. This show is hardcore, harrowing social criticism centered around the effects of social media and technology on the masses. I can't wait to see where it goes in the last episode of the season, as well as Season 2.
  13. People still use that? Nope. But we're learning it anyway. I mean, I can understand the reasoning in teaching it in one of the earliest CSc courses. It gives a really important, deep understanding of what high-level code like Java is doing within the machine. It demystifies the very basics, I suppose. But that doesn't change the fact that the language is 100% outdated, and we will never write in it again after the class.
  14. I finally understand what people mean when they say DO NOT PURSUE LU BU.
  15. A couple months ago, with Alien. It quickly shot up my rankings to be one of my new favorites! When was the last time you overslept through something?
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