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  1. Ahah.. yeah.. DRAMA! Or maybe what happened at the onride photo made it a better ride too
  2. ^^ omfg... The dash rides we got together were soooo amazingly good. Boulder Dash - Wet night rides = better than El Toro ::O El Toro Lost Coaster of SM Avalanche Thundercoaster
  3. I just C/P'd my list from CoasterFanatics.. So it hs repeat trips.. but it shows everything I did this summer so whatever * - New park ~ - New credit 10/28/2007 Six Flags New England 10/27/2007 Six Flags New England 10/20/2007 Six Flags New England 10/8/2007 Six Flags New England 10/7/2007 Great Escape 10/6/2007 Darien Lake 10/5/2007 Darien Lake 9/29/2007 La Ronde~ 9/23/2007 Canobie Lake Park 9/22/2007 Canobie Lake Park 9/8/2007 Fantasy Island Amusement Park* 9/8/2007 Steel Pier 9/8/2007 Casino Pier 9/8/2007 Funtown Pier~ 9/8/2007 Keansburg Amusement Park~
  4. Cyclone at SFNE a few hour ago.. And now SFNE is closed for the year
  5. West Coaster (its used in soooo many TV shows/TV ads/ Movies) I dont even know what show you're talking about.. But I know its this coaster - http://www.rcdb.com/ig434.htm
  6. Uhh... You do know that before Tornado was put in.. Thats where the waterpark entrance was From 1998 to 2002 you got into Island Kingdom right where Tornado is.. and the area to the right. When it became HH they put in that new...big...out of place entrance.
  7. DT has been down almost all year.. If not ALL year. The other 4 have been open. I rode 3 of them last night... Just getting my "one last ride" in for them
  8. So at SFNEs coaster event today... The park said it will be removing five of its rides this winter... But it will be getting a new coaster (woo) Rides being removed - Kiddie Bumpercars Kontiki (Chance Thunderbolt) - May come back in a new spot with a new theme. Rodeo (Huss Breakdance) Double Trouble (Chance Inverter) and the biggest shock....... Catapult (S&S Sky Swatter...SFAWs SWAT) Rodeo- Kiddie Bumpercars- Knotiki- Double Trouble- And Catapult- Canobie "But.... I get a new credit" Fan
  9. Beto Carrero World in Brazil still has a first gen... As well as a 350 foot second gen Intamin tower.
  10. Shockwave at KD!...Going out of the helix... Headchop+Standup=::O as you cant really "duck down" when on a standup and just for fun
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