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  1. If you've not been to Knoebels, (and from the wording of your post I can't tell either way) it's existence and proximity to your location should be all the reason you need to go. Heck, I drove there from IL this summer, even though I've been there before, because it's just that much fun. (And value priced, too! )
  2. Hyperbole and Gullibility, a match made in heaven. ...and Aska has been top twenty, maybe top ten every year since it got enough voters to be counted at all.
  3. I'm actually not sure why that SBNO coaster has remained but others have been removed. Probably to draw attention to it in hopes that another park would pick up a "top 10 woodie" for cheap. If I recall it's been SBNO since 2006. I think it's a combination: Does anybody know if Aska has been removed? The removed SBNO coasters from last years poll seem to be ones that have finally been victims of the wrecking ball. Maybe he just did a little house cleaning? Zingo is the only one I saw that isn't actually SBNO, but it is supposedly coming back, isn't it?
  4. Solace dates are out! March 20-21. I am so there.
  5. If you've never done this poll, but think you'd like to in the future, START NOW WHILE YOUR COASTER LIST IS SMALLER THAN IT WILL BE!!! It's far easier to add in new rides each year than start from scratch after you've got a few hundred coasters in your track record.
  6. All three were viewable. IE7.0 The first two started almost immediately, but #3 took about 20 seconds to start.
  7. Shouldn't be long before Intamuck clones start popping up all over China.
  8. Aw, crud. I had plane tickets and was going to visit next weekend. WTH am I going to do now?
  9. Great little park, and middle-of-nowhere Iowa, indeed! I <3, <3, <3 the Eyerly rides!
  10. I was there last month. Great way to kill time waiting for a Yankees game to start.
  11. Blame the locker nazi policy and 'guests of unusually large proportions' for the stacking at Bull. 9 times out of 10, it's one of those two things.
  12. Last coaster was my 5th lap on Dark Knight at SFGAm. Last NFM coaster was Maverick.
  13. I'm up to 56 parks so far this year, not counting the one I work at.
  14. Seems like the Japanese have far more patience than the average American parkgoer.
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