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  1. Hi guys, I will be going to Canada's Wonderland on Saturday the 12th or Sunday the 13th with three friends. This is the first time visiting a North American amusement park. Can anyone tell me if these are busy days? What are the best rides to visit and at which times? Any tips are welcome! Thanks in advance Ron from Holland
  2. Efteling actually is one of the biggest parks in Europe. It's even bigger than Disney Land in Paris (72 > 56 ha) In my opinion, Efteling needs a thrill ride. They only have Joris and de Draak and de Python, and even those rides aren't very spectacular. But then again, Efteling isn't about thrills.
  3. Hi everyone I'm planning to go to Heide Park with some friends during Halloween on the 29th of October. Because it's a 450 km drive, we have to leave very early in the morning and want to stay till around 8/9 in the evening. Although we know it will be one of the busiest days of the year, we're still taking the risk to go. What I want to know: Is there anything I need to know in advance? For example: Weather, (closed) rides , food, service, prices, German culture (no offense), Halloween itself Regards Ron Laan
  4. Hi everyone, This may be a stupid question (and I think it is), but when you have Nintendo DS/Wii, then you will also have a paper from Club Nintendo with a Pincode with it. My question is: Can I have that code? Because I really want World of Goo for the Wii. I don't know if I only need Europe codes and the codes that are used in America can't be used on the Nintendo Europe site or something like that. If you would give that code to me, please PM me, because when you place it here, other people will register the code and then the code is useless. Muchas gracias.
  5. Woow, thank you! That was I think the best explanation I could get =')
  6. Maybe I'm just stupid, but I have a physics question that bothers me a bit . I'm not the smartest person, but for example: Goliath is 46 meters high, and goes 106 km/h. Millenium Force is 92 (?) meters high and goes 150 km/h. My question is: Millenium Force is almost twice the height of Goliath, but why does Millenium Force only go 150 km/h? Thanks.
  7. When I go to tripsnpics site, the site is in French, but I can translate it a bit, correct me if I'm wrong. The park is owned by OCT and is going to be build in Chengdu. It'll cost 100 millions of dollars and 3 coasters will be in the park. A Vekoma SLC, a Vekoma Mine Train and a Intamin Mega-Lite Coaster. Also, on the website I see S&S Towers. __________________________________________ Happy Valley Chengdu Date d'ouverture inconnue Happy Valley Chengdu Nouveau parc Ce nouveau parc (le toisième du goupe OCT) sera construit à Chengdu, une grand ville de Chine occidentale pour un investissement de 100 millions de dollars. Il comprendra un SLC et un Mine Train Vekoma ainsi qu’un Mega-Lite Coaster Intamin. Here is the park's website, I don't speak Chinese , anyone can translate it of find pictures? I have supper now. http://www.cdhlg.com/
  8. And Voyage made....sense? Plenty of family-owned parks have busted out of their shells and made large investments on large steel coasters. Kennywood and Blackpool are a few of the more noteable ones... Voyage was 6 million. A average B&M is 16 million.
  9. History: Rumors suggest this will be a B&M built flying roller coaster named "Manta". Official information will be posted when it becomes available. Dont forget
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