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  1. Time for a new thread. It's been a while since I posted, but found some time again, so here we go and finish last year's Scandi TR's. Feel free to visit my previous TR thread. Hansa Park, the only park of the Scandi trip I visited before. Very nice welcome with some nice souvenirs Still the coolest Eurofighter I've ever ridden. We had an hour or so of ERT on this coaster It's spinning too fast so I've never been on the ride, but still it's my ride picture ever because of personal reasons. Always great fun. It must look quite different now with the new coaster in the
  2. Kidzania looks incredible. I have a trip to London planned end of August with my 12 year old daughter and just had a look with her at the Kidzania website. And although we had already a lot of things planned to do in London, we just adjusted our schedule and will visit Kidzania the day of our arrival in London Thank you so much for finding and sharing Kidzania.
  3. 14 million visitors a year and they not making profit ? I strongly believe they are making tons of money. They pay royalties to Disney USA so that they have only losses left and don't have to pay any taxes in France. Does this make sense or is this just my conspiracy theory ?
  4. Scandinavia has always been on my to do list so I decided to join the TPR Scandinavia trip last June. It promised to be an amazing trip but it exceeded all my expectations by far. From the first to the last day, everything, every smallest detail was so well organized by our amazing tour guides. The parks were all really good and welcomed us like VIPs. There were tons of ERT at every park. I met a lot of old friends from previous trips and made a lot of new ones. It's really awesome to have friends all over the world because of TPR. The weather, I still can't believe how perfect the weather dur
  5. Loving the updates Bill. 3 months have already passed. It seems like only just ago but at the same time, it's like ages ago. I really miss everything on the trip : friends, the parks, the busrides, the ferries, etc
  6. How many people were in your group ? Was it just the 2 of you ?
  7. Great update Bill. I very much enjoyed Legoland. I wasn't feeling too well that day either, but I had a terrific day at the park. I spent most of the day on my own (that's just me, I like to be on my own once in a while when I'm on trips with a group) but I really enjoyed the park. The weather was just perfect and I realized I should be taking my kids to one of the Legolands next year. Keep up the good work Bill
  8. Love this TR. I'm really into these VIP experiences. I remember when we were going to visit CP, I was considering this too, but it was quite expensive and eventually we didn't do it, also because we were visiting on weekdays in May and didn't expect a packed park. How much does it cost nowadays ? Looking forward to the rest of your TR Also congrats to reaching your goal.
  9. Hey Bill. Great updates. It was great to get to know you during the trip. And thanks again for bringing the cups for the alcohol exchange. Sorry that I was outside with my friends most of the evening, and that you had to take the lead during the exchange. Thanks for that
  10. Hey Thad, Looking forward to your TR. It was great meeting you on the trip. I too avoided reading about the parks before the trip. It was very cool to be surprised every day
  11. Hi, wise choice not going to Walibi Belgium:-). While I haven't been to Bellewaerde since several years, not that much has changed over there lately, and I would highly recommend going to the nearby Plopsaland in stead. Especially with kids of that age. It's really a very nice park with great theming and a lot of attractions. The attractions are themed to the tv shows the parkowners broadcast and you'll not know any of the characters or shows, but even without knowing them, I would definitely rank the park higher than Bellewaerde. For side visits, I can only think of visiting Bruges or Antwe
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