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  1. I actually preferred the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster, though it was the shortest. I hated the Ober Gatlinburg coaster for a multitude of reasons: the coaster was really rattly, the cost of the tram ride to get to the coaster, the wait to get on the tram, then wait for the actual coaster. All in all, I strongly disliked my Ober Gatlinburg experience, but the other 3 mountain coasters are well worth your time!
  2. I just got off three laps and there is a substantial vibration in row 3, but I can't remember what train I was on. Still a great ride, but it does feel like it loses a good bit of speed by the end. Don't let the vibration keep you from riding a really good coaster. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks, I actually decided for Goliath for that very reason. It was a decent ride up there, but I doubt I'll hit it up again. I've since gotten two laps on Wicked Cyclone and it's a one train wait and the flash pass/grouper nazi isn't letting anyone choose their seats. It's ridiculous with how little lines there are. I literally had to get to the top of the stairs, then let a group of people go through so I could get a front row lap. Still gotta figure out how to finagle a back row ride. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Heading to the park this morning. Is it best to start with Goliath or WC? Also, my home park is SFGAm, so I'm familiar with the better Six Flags food options like Johnny Rockets and JB's, but is there anything unique at SFNE worth trying? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I'm thinking of making a stop to Kentucky Kingdom on a quick road trip, but the only day that would work would be Monday, May 23rd. They appear to be "open" for School Days but not open to the public. Is there a way to get in that day, or am I completely out of luck?
  6. ^^ Dining plans are attached to specific memberships. Dining plans will not work unless the pass associated with the plan was used to enter the park. ^ Typically, opening day is a huge cluster, so my guess is that Sunday would be better than Saturday, but I haven't been to an opening weekend in a long time. If you aren't planning on being back to the park any time soon, Flash Pass wouldn't be a bad idea. Especially with the shoddy operations at the beginning of the year. I would also recommend planning on eating outside the park whether you pack a lunch and keep it in your car or go to a restaurant off property. You will have better/cheaper options than inside the park, and probably won't take you much more time due to how long the food lines usually are in the park.
  7. Have there been any other coasters that have used ipe wood for their top two layers? If so, did it have a significant impact on the longevity/smoothness? Also, Holiday World announced that they would have dole whip this year, for those of you who care about those things.
  8. Arrive before opening. As early as possible. Goliath and Whizzer are a do not miss for everyone; beyond that, it depends on what you're into. King Chaos was skippable for me, and I did skip it both days. I know a lot of people are into those, though, and they're becoming rarer (probably because of people like me who don't like them; sorry). Personally, I loved both the log flumes, the rapids ride, Giant Drop, Sky Trek, Goliath, X-Flight, Vertical Velocity, Demon, Viper, and Whizzer. Like I say, though, depends on taste; they really do have something for everyone. You should buy a Platinum Flash Pass. Even in June. Even on a weekday. Ok. Thanks! By the way I probably should skip Justice League (if it's open) because there's one at STL I agree with a lot of what Y said! I would try to get to the park about an hour before opening. Then head straight to Goliath at rope drop to get on one of the first couple trains. If you haven't been to the park in a while and aren't planning on going back any time soon, I would highly recommend the platinum flash pass. It really helps people get the most out of their day with the double rides and the two reservations for Goliath. As far as must rides, I agree with Y mostly as well, but I would thrown Raging Bull in there, but in the back row.
  9. I've been at the park the last few days and I haven't seen anything happening on the lift for Lightning Rod when I can see it.
  10. I'm about to head to Dollywood this morning. What is the best order to hit up the coasters?
  11. Am I the only one that is starting to question the reputation of RMC? When Goliath at SFGAm was nearly a month late, people chalked that up to it being Six Flags, but this is at Dollywood. RMC was really late getting the track and bent work completed which didn't leave much time for testing before the original opening. Then there's this debacle with Velocity Magnetics when there are several other manufacturers of LSM launch systems that have already been proven. Does anyone know if this was RMC or Herschend's decision to work with Velocity? When B&M decided to make a launch coaster, they partnered with a reputable company to get it right. Regardless, this coaster doesn't look like it will be open for a long time. I'm betting with the change in LSM manufactures, there will need to be alterations to the trains... All in all, this has not been a good look for RMC.
  12. All lanes are open going south, but still closed going north. There is a chance they will have one lane open going north by the end of this week. You will be fine coming down but I would be prepared to use the detours going back. Thanks! I'm heading down there with a group on Friday and they are returning on Tuesday of next week. Hopefully it's open by then!
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