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  1. Your plan sounds very similar to our upcoming holiday. From my research I have come up with the following plan; Fly to New York, Knobels, Cedar Point, Kennywood, Herseypark (as a slight preference to Dorney Park), Six Flags Great America, then Back to New York for a few days, which may include a ride out to Coney Island for the Cyclone. If you are also planning on going to Canadas wonderland, as a previous post I think this might be a distance to far for a short stay. Enjoy, wherever you end of going.
  2. Summers been and gone, and so now I am planning for next Spring / Summer, but this time in North America, and thanks to the excellent advice recieved from TPR members previously I am looking for some more. We have been to most major parks in the UK and Europe and the ones in Orlando, so now are looking for other places to visit for a theme park holiday (either during our May Bank Holiday (27th May to 5th June) or Main Summer Holiday (22nd July to 6th August) 2017. As both my children are over 1.40m (55 inches), age 9 & 12, we are looking for somewhere with big coasters in big coaster parks, probably in the North East area of America (Cedar Point looks like the obvious choice), but if we are travelling to the USA we want to make sure we take in a few parks and or visit other major USA attractions. So what do you think, where should we visit. We intend to hire a car and drive between locations or take a short plane flight if necessary, possibly ending up in NY State. Your advice on where to go and why would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you.
  3. Thanks for the advice people from a while back; I am just finalising my week or so theme park holiday with my Children (Age 10 & 7), and am thinking; Bellewarde Bobbejaanland Toverland Efftelling This is based on travelling via the Eurotunnel into Calais through Belgium, and up into Netherlands then travelling back to the UK from the Hoek van Holland. It was going to be Walibi Belgium, but based on the comment and reviews i have read it sounds like this is possible not as good as I expected, and has been ousted by Bellewarde. Does this sound like a reasonable choice for adventurous 10 & 7 year olds, or is there anything in this area i am missing? Also, Is there anything worth visiting somewhere near this route worth visiting, which will interest me and my wife or the children that is not necessarily on the tourist tick-list (excluding Bruxelles, fantastic place but been there a few times before). Thanks again.
  4. I'm planning next year's holiday and was looking for advice (following excellent suggestions received previously). I am looking to visit some parks next spring / early summer and Netherlands seems to have a wide choice. What recommendations can you give for parks in Netherlands / Belgium/ or near this area. I will be travelling with 2 children (age 10 & 7), both are keen to go on bigger rides but the youngest will only be 1.25m, the eldest being 1.42m. What do you recommend for this age / height. The bigger the rides the better. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the advice, looks like i need to plan another theme park break for later in the year to visit Holland & Europa, after our Hansa / Eastern Denmark trip.
  6. Thanks for the replies. My first thoughts were to go to Europa park & Nigloland. I had forgotten about Legoland in Denmark (perhaps becuase we have been to the legoland in England and was not overly impressed, long waiting times and limited amount of small / medium sized coasters), but i will look into the Danish version as there might be more there? I had not heard about Hansapark, and from their website and the review on here it does sound as if it could be ideal for adventurous 4 & 7 year olds. Thanks for tellng me about this, it would certainly fit in nicely as the flights from Stansted to Lubeck are quite a good price at the moment aswell. The train on the boat sounds as if it could cause some excitetment for younger children also. Thanks
  7. I am looking to arrange a short break in Denmark, Holland or Germany and visit 1 or 2 parks over a few day. I will be travelling with my 2 children (Ages 7 & 4), over 1.20m & 1.00m, and was wondering what parks are likely to be the best for my family, given both are quite young / small but both enjoy 'family rollercoasters', especially the 7 year old (eg Vampire @ Chessington / Ben10 @ Drayton Manor / Big Dipper & Grand National @ Blackpool). Can anyone offer advice on what is likely to be most suitable out of; Europa park (Germany) Efteling (Holland) Bon Bon Land (Denmark) Nigloland (France) or possibly others in that area that i hadnt considered. Thanks
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