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  1. Your camera makes my head look big! Great shots, that was an awesome trip!
  2. Opening an attraction that isn't done yet seems like kind of bad PR. Do you think the park really wants their facebook/instagram presence to be exposed/unfinished construction work? Every theme park company has opened something that was less than complete, that's why it's a soft open, not an official opening, and believe me I've ridden many rides long before things were ready for the press release, even Disney does this. If you have any knowledge of the thems park industry you know that deadlines aren't always met 100%. I've seen many a ride open with plywood walls where theming shoul
  3. Of course, it's never bad PR to open a ride early. That said, they are working steadily to get it open, I was surprised to see work being done on a Saturday. Reality is they could soft open without all the cosmetics complete, and hold off an official grand opening until everything is complete.
  4. My daughter chose to spend her birthday at Knott's Boysenberry Festival this year, and I was more than happy to take her. If you've never been, Knott's Boysenberry Festival grew out of Knott's Berry Bloom, the food was so popular it became it's own event. The best bet for enjoying the most food items at the best price is the tasting card, this year you get 8 items for one price, and you get to choose what you use it on. So, if you find that one item on the menu that you love, or see an item you know you'll hate, skip what you don't like and get seconds of what you love. We tried 7 of the 8
  5. Knott's app says March 31 if you click Hangtime, but seeing it today I doubt they'll hit that mark. It's definitely close to open though, station needs a bit more done to it before it can open.
  6. Okay from the better late than never report category...yeah, should have had this up sooner, but life's a bitch and then you get new bumper cars...or something. Anyway, in the shadow of Superman in the area where the old Metro station and Crazy Barrels were once situated, Six Flags Magic Mountain will be erecting the new pendulum ride Crazanity! The biggest erection of it's kind, Crazanity itself will be 172 feet tall, but when installed on it's base will reach near 180 feet tall. It will include a killer lighting package, and should be visible from the other side of the park. Okay, eve
  7. Rock & Brews has decent food and nice atmosphere, prices aren't bad either.
  8. Some quick pictures of HangTime. Whether you like pork... ...beef... ...or chicken! No vegan options...sorry...really. Lookin' good!
  9. Okay, lets continue... Rolling hoop something person. And the stars of the show...for me at least. Really awesome to watch. Go see it for yourself! A great cast all the way around. You can drink beer by this tree. This stuff alone is worth a visit. The wings taste less blurry in person. Thumbs up for these. Dylan approved! Smores! Winter Wonderland! OMG...so...much...sugar!!! I like to eat my food in an eerie blue light.
  10. Recently Theme Park Review was invited to preview Holiday in the Park at Six Flags Magic Mountain, this annual event has quickly become a holiday tradition in Southern California, and has returned with all the lights, food, and fun that make this event awesome! The event runs select days through December 31st, check the SFMM website for details and times, remember this event is all about lights, so plan on staying late(HIP officially starts at 5pm.), and bring a light jacket. Returning are all the great lights throughout the park, including "snow" at Holiday Square at the front of the p
  11. ^Ha! The way they have it set up now, it's pretty much all around the park. Especially with the roaming scare actors. But, they definitely need to get rid of some of the older mazes, or do complete rethemes to stay current and keep up with the bigger haunts.
  12. Yes, you can upgrade your pass. There's a picture of the sign which has prices for the upgrade in the SFMM Fright Fest report if you want an exact amount.
  13. Vault 666, Reds Revenge, and Aftermath 2 are probably the most "modern" mazes and close to being on par with other haunt events. The new blackout type/dark maze is one of those things that you'll either love or hate. Suicide Squad is fun if your into DC, or the movie, or hot blondes. As I said, it's gotten much better, but competing with Knott's and Universal is going fo require major changes every year. They do have one advantage with Terror Tracks (coasters in tye dark) and should really promote that more.
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