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  1. How does the express pass at Liseberg work? My family and I are going to the park on Sunday, July 3rd and we are trying to decide whether buying the ticket deal with express pass included is worth it. Thanks!
  2. I would imagine that Vortex will get the same deal as Mantis did in the coming years. Does anyone have an idea of what the timescale for a project (the whole thing, not Vortex) like this would be?
  3. I would imagine that Vortex will get the same deal as Mantis did in the coming years. Does anyone have an idea of what the timescale for a project like this would be?
  4. BS is a classic and will be going nowhere anytime soon. That would destroy history! I agree. I think it's extremely unlikely they remove Blue Streak anytime in the near future.
  5. I love how the first drop faces the main midway so everyone can see the train on the holding brake. This looks like an awesome ride and a great addition to CP, I really hope I can ride it in the next few years!
  6. This is exactly what I'm thinking too! If one of the parks near me was getting this ride I would be so pumped.
  7. I agree with this. While the operations and cleanliness do leave a lot to be desired, it's not terrible. There are enough rides to space out the people and the lines never get too bad during the week. The pathways always seem to be clean and the ops get people through the rides. Given there are many parks with far better tidiness and operations, SFMM is the best park on the west coast for roller coasters, so you have to take that into consideration at some point.
  8. I went to the park last week and all I can say is it is amazing. Every ride was great and operations were really smooth. Verbolten completely blew me out of the water, it was probably my favorite ride there. The first drop of Griffon is also insane as well. Hoping to go back again sometime soon!
  9. Hi, my family and I are stopping in Hong Kong for 2 days on our way to Indonesia in a few days. I have looked into going to Ocean Park for a few hours one day, and was wondering if it is worth the trip. It is only 15 minutes from our hotel, and would it be worth a stop for just a few hours? Any input is appreciated, thanks.
  10. Flights, hotels, car and tickets are all booked for a trip this summer!
  11. I'm hoping to sign up for Great America, assuming I have that day free. Does anyone know when the itineraries come out for the day? I'm curious to see which rides we'll be riding.
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