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  1. You don't get it. Oh I thought you were saying people were going to say like a giga at Disney, but with how you meant it I don't see how its ridiculous if people post realistic options for the next 6 years. Heck if one actually becomes true it'd be cool to say I would have done the same thing the park actually did. I just think it'd be fun to see what people would do if they ran the park. I think a lot of people on this site have some really cool ideas, now if they come to fruition or not remains (most likely not) to be seen.
  2. LOL! Didn't think to add it but I did and thats to make these realistic.
  3. This actually seemed like a nice topic that I would like to discuss until I read this scentance. I should have focused on the ride not what I think a park will do about it. I removed that comment good point.
  4. You are the president and whatever you present to the CEO of the chain will be approved for your 6 year plan (2015-2020) for your two home parks. I say a 6 year plan instead of 5 cause some parks have pretty solid rumors for this year, so if your park has a solid rumor use that as your 2015 plan. What would you do (make realistic)? Knotts Berry Farm: 2015: dark ride similar to Wonder Mountain to replace KOD. Would make longer, and have better looking trains (used this since thats a pretty solid rumor and was pretty much confirmed via an article with Cedar Fair CEO). Start removing Jaguar. 2016: It is time for a thrill coaster. 12 years without one is far too long and all the renovations on classics and family add ons have gone very well. Assuming ridership on Jaguar is low I would have it removed as it takes quite a bit of space and add the rumored giga. I would use the lake and have it go through ghost town by Ghostrider (the lift would go toward GR) and use some of the backlot for it and the finale on the lake. 2017: Completely re-track Ghostrider from RMC. NOT a conversion just a full re-track and maybe some new coaster trains. Also add some new rides and a kiddie coaster to Camp Snoopy. Start removing Screaming Swing and fire station next to it. 2018: Remove Screaming Swing and the fire station next to it and add a custom Euro Fighter. 2019: Add some new flats around the Silver Bullet area. Start Removing Boomerang, Coast Rider and the two flats. 2020: Remove Boomerang, move Coast Rider along with the two other flats to a different area in the park, and use that area for a Chance Mega Light. SFMM: 2015: Iron Colossus. Just one continuous ride with possibly two lifts/two drops. Lots of airtime and a couple inversions. Spend this year and next focusing on the park appearance. 2016: RESTORE REVOLUTION. 40th anniversary new trains, new brakes. New water ride in the old Deja Vu area. Also work on park appearance. Start removing Green Lantern and Tidal Wave. 2017: Remove Green lantern and Tidal Wave replace with a ride like Maverick or Cheetah Hunt. Also add some new flats throughout the park. 2018: Interactive dark ride. Start removing Viper 2019: Remove Viper replace with a giga or a lengthy Chance Mega Light. Start removing ride with low ridership 2020: Remove said ride with low ridership and replace with a Wing Rider or Euro Fighter.
  5. Valid point but dive coasters are enjoyable. Zac Spins (at least the Six Flags neutered ones) are not enjoyable at all to a majority of people. I don't think I ever saw anyone get off Green Lantern excited and running back to reride in fact almost everyone just complains. To your point too I'd love to see more rides like Maverick and Cheetah Hunt and can see those make a comeback as they're enjoyable.
  6. First of all hats off to you Cesar what an awesome achievement. I hope they invite you to be the first rider on whatever they replace Colossus with. What do you guys see Six Flags doing after the Colossus project (your 5 year realistic plan)? I know there is clearing in the Deja Vu area. I can see a water ride go there and what I'd love to see after is them remove Green Lantern (send it to sfa) and tidal wave and add a euro fighter in that spot and maybe keep the Green Lantern theme. After that I think it'd be time to say bye to Viper and maybe add a giga or a lengthy mega light. During this time in 2016 for the 40th anniversary of Revolution I'd get new trains.
  7. It'll be 4 years since a us park has installed a Zac Spin coaster (doesn't look like any will be coming for 2015). Is it safe to say these are looked at as failures and we will see no more? Personally I say good riddance as Green Lantern is probably one of the worst rides I have ever ridden.
  8. I think that picture wants you to just think something about IR, BUT I think looking deeper into it the clue is Goliath out in the distance and most of those clones are Batman rides so I agree I think this coaster will be a Batman themed ride. I'm still sticking with either a chance mega light like Lighting Run or a Premier launched similar to Sky Rocket.
  9. Looking at that potential amount of land, the height clues and the fact Six Flags seems to like Premier what about a ride similar to Kennywoods Sky Rocket? Sky Rocket is 95 ft so I think that could be an option.
  10. I think it'll be a Chance mega light similar to Lighting Run. If it's not that I'm thinking a gci maybe similar to Gold Striker.
  11. I remember the last 2-3 years a lot of coaster rumors were actually accurate and most new announcements weren't total surprises. This year there almost seems to be nothing known as to what most US parks are getting (Six Flags gets something new every year and we seemingly only know that RMC will more than likely be for SFMM and SFNE). The only ones that seem to be as positive as you can be without an official announcement are the giga for Carowinds and the RMC replacements for the 2 wood coasters at SFMM and SFNE (and thats only because they announced they were closing) and something happening in the KOD building at Knott's (more than likely not a coaster). Of course this is if those 4 even happen this coming year. What is the reason behind the lack of info this year? I'm assuming a mixture of less people in the know and people in the know being very tight lipped as they don't want to risk their jobs.
  12. Funny that this article came out later today: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jim-hill/cedar-fair-ceo-matt-ouime_b_5628758.html?utm_hp_ref=tw
  13. New article pretty much confirms something will be going inside the KOD building and will more than likely be something like Wonder Mountain. Matt Ouimet: "And the good news is we're not done with Knott's. We've got a five year plan in place for this theme park. And I'm hoping that -- with Cedar Fair's help -- I'll then have the privilege of turning that into a ten year plan," Matt enthused. "It's not exactly a closely guarded secret that -- when it comes to Knott's -- we're trying to figure out what to do with the area where Kingdom of the Dinosaurs & Knott's Bear-y Tales used to be located. Assuming that the Wonder Mountain's Guardian ride works out, there will probably be some lessons that we learned up in Canada that we can apply down here in Buena Park." http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jim-hill/cedar-fair-ceo-matt-ouime_b_5628758.html?utm_hp_ref=tw
  14. I'll give the benefit of the doubt for the first occurance. It's really robb vs the park as far as did they really press her head down so she wouldn't make the height requirement or was he just over exagerating. The part that gets to me hence why I believe they did press her head down is she got an UN TAMPERED wristband after and was STILL denied. That right there (plus their terrible operations from what people say) tells me these ops either get some sort of pleasure denying people or really just don't know how to do their job. As I said if she had the wrist band and they let her on without hassle ok maybe they were doing their job but denying someone after getting a wristband that was not tampered with something is very wrong. Trust me people with jobs they don't like (seems like a lot of people dont like their job at Six Flags) sometimes get a good feeling of ruining someone else's day unfortunately.
  15. I also think the people were booing the ride ops not kt. I know we have been in line and people were booing the ride ops for not allowing a kid to ride that was just too short or vise versa we have cheered when they say the child is tall enough.
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