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  1. Got a new one on my favorites list, this time it's Foggy Sky from Norwegian craft beer brewery Qvart Ølkompani. Tastes great, and visually this is pretty damn near perfection in my eyes!
  2. Great to see Thundercoaster getting some more TLC. Las time I rode it back in 2016 it was not a very pleasant experience. I might stop by this year if I'm in the area. Hopefully Tusenfryd is also improving on their operations, that has for me been the biggest disappointment with the park over the last visits.
  3. Well, I didn't see this coming, but it should be a great addition the park. While not enough to make me take the 5 hour car ride to get there, if I'm ever in the area I might stop by now. The one hour of "maybe it will drop, maybe it won't" sure is interesting. At first I thought "well I will be disappointed if it doesn't drop", but I think the uncertainty and anticipation might be worth it on it's own.
  4. That is awesome news! We talked about when visiting Liseberg for the opening of Valkyria last year, that it would be perfect for Liseberg if the next attraction would be a high-quality dark ride. I also love the story for this!
  5. Has anyone ever managed to insert a USB plug the correct way on the first attempt?
  6. Yeah I absolutely loved Hyperspace Mountain when I rode it in 2017, such an awesome ride! These new trains do wonders for what was previously uncomfortable rides. I have been to WDW and DLP, and Hyperspace Mountain is currently my favorite Disney-coaster!
  7. Cubano Style Espresso Brown Ale 5,5% from Cigar City Brewing (Tampa, Florida). Surprised to find this at a newly opened local pub in one of the suburbs of Bergen, but the owner definitely knows his beers. Very tasty, plenty of coffee flavors. Perfect beer to have after a meal!
  8. Earlier this year Finnair started direct flights between Bergen and Helsinki. I may have to give that one a go next year...
  9. In the navy Yes, you can sail the seven seas In the navy Yes, you can put your mind at ease In the navy Yes, you can crash a 500 million USD frigate and have to deliberately run it aground to try to save the ship http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/24776/badly-damaged-norwegian-frigate-intentionally-ran-aground-after-tanker-collision
  10. On Saturday I was at "Bergen Beer Festival presents: Christmas beer festival 2018". Great fun with about 15 breweries presenting lots of awesome Christmas beers! Around 450-500 tickets were available and the event was sold out. Managed to spot myself in one of the pictures, left side with green jacket. PS! Balder is one of the Norwegian breweries present, not a coaster reference...
  11. Looks like I might have to make a new trip to Finland in the not-so-distant future. My last trip was in 2007 and quite a lot has happened since then. With Junker, Hype and now Taiga I'd say it's definitely worth making another trip.
  12. Rain, rain, rain, rain.... we need to go back to September 4th for the last time we had a day without any rain at all. And tonight this is coming...
  13. Spent the weekend at my parents house looking after their cats while they're on holiday. Or maybe you could say the cats were taking care of me...??
  14. That looks absolute crazy! I love the drop - double-up - outwards banked turn and then what looks like a twisted double down. Really looking forward to see an onride POV of this thing!
  15. Been raining for most of the last two weeks, getting a bit sick of it. Summer is definitely over, temperature has dropped into single digits this weekend (<50°F).
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