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  1. ^ The express pass has been removed as of today due to massive backlash from the public & media in Norway.
  2. Parking for the hotel is across the street from the Berlin entrance I believe. And yes you go to the hotel to check in and they will give you the park tickets, (you can leave your luggage in their luggage-room) Then you come back later for the room keys as the rooms are not ready until 15:00.
  3. Charles Lindbergh was truly amazing, such a unique experience, I highly recommend it! Breakfast is from 07:00 and dinner is from 18:00 to 22:00 so no problem eating outside of park opening hours. And the bar is open until 01:00. You can enter Rookburgh from 09:00, and the area is also open in the evening for hotel guests only. (FLY is not open though, but you can get some awesome photos in the dark!) When I went they opened FLY at 09:30. You should be able to complete the park in 1 day however I would recommend more time. (You get a 2 day ticket included when you stay at Charles Lindbergh) About the quickpass, it means you get two passes so if you are two persons it’s one pass each, or you can use both yourself. I would recommend to skip Wakaboto as it is a very slow splash battle with all the effects removed.
  4. ^ Since you are going in june and not on a saturday I don’t expect any line to be much longer than 30 minutes. I always ride Blue Fire during hotel ert and then ride Wodan as soon as it opens as that is usually the coaster with the longest wait. Then I always procede to the scandinavia area and just ride all the rides as i get to them until I reach the main entrance/voletatium and then head back towards Arthur, spain etc. This has always worked fine for me because the guests arriving through the main entrance does the exact opposite. You don’t get that wet on the water rides, and they close the queues, not the rides at park closing time. And with 2.5 days you will manage to ride everything without problem as the operations are amazing and the lines move extremely quick!
  5. I was there yesterday, single rider - no, quick pass - yes! Visited for the first time since 2018 and I highly recommend staying at Charles Lindbergh, it was absolutely amazing. And I loved Fly, really fun, long layout with good airtime. And the new loading system is genius, and they can operate 3 trains with no stacking at all!
  6. This looks great! I’m guessing the new Inverted coaster was pushed back to next year? My last visit was fantastic and the retracking of Thundercoaster have done wonders to that ride so I’m very excited to go back in the future!
  7. This week I had an AMAZING visit to Disneyland Paris. I got a great deal on a Compass club room at Newport Bay, this was my first time staying in a club level room and I thought it was great, especially the lounge where I could order drinks from the bar without having to wait for a table The park was looking fantastic in it's 30th anniversary decorations and the renovated castle looked beautiful. The park is currently killing it with the entertainment, they are running the anniversary parade 4 times a day, the stars on parade, jungle book show, Disney D-light preshow, Illuminations and Disney D-light post-show. The small anniversary nighttime show was absolutely fantastic, great use of drones displaying the anniversary logo above the castle. People seemed very impressed even gasping when the drones first appeared. You are no longer required to use a facemask anywhere on Disney property, it was great seeing people smiling and enjoying their vacation again. I also had a look inside the renovated Hotel New York Art of Marvel and it looks stunning! The entire resort had a great vibe to it this time, both castmembers and guests seemed very enthusiastic and happy, and the park is still working on refurbishing everything, fantasyland is slowly getting resurfaced with beautiful new cobblestones, the new permanent security buildings is looking great, Avengers campus is coming along nicely, they have started work on the new frozen area and lake in the studios, and Disney Village is getting completely redone in the near future apparently. Oh and the redone Cars Road Trip tram tour is a vast improvement over what it was like before. And you can get Dole Whip now at Disneyland Paris Can't wait to return later this year to check out Avengers Campus
  8. Had a wonderful visit to Hansa Park today. Operations were fantastic with Kärnan and Novgorod running 3 trains, resulting in fast moving queues and the longest I waited was 30 minutes for Kärnan. I rode Highlander for the first time and really liked it, not the most forceful droptower, but very long drop, beautiful views and I love the on-board audio. Kärnan was running great, and they have really nailed the show on the lifthill now, with soundeffects, music and projections in the ceiling. This is my 6th visit and I have yet to see Kärnan having any downtime, surprising considering how complicated that coaster is! As for covid measures: Masks in queues, on rides and indoors. They were not using the interior queue on Kärnan and Novgorod, on Kärnan they used the single rider entrance bypassing the interior queue so you end up directly in the bagage area, they were still running the preshows. On Novgorod they had a member of staff by the entrance to the building managing the queue, then you walked through the inside queue and directly on the ride. Two negative things at the end, Nessie was only running one train, and all the restaurants with inside seating was closed. I had a great day, and Kärnan looks fantastic in the dark!
  9. Disneyland Paris seems to be wasting no time during the closure of the resort, they seem to be fixing everything - New themed umbrellas for restaurants - Snow White ride is being fully repainted - Technical updates for a more comfortable ride on Indiana Jones (whatever that means) - Work on It's a small world's fountain Repaving of the entrance plaza for Walt Disney Studios is almost complete Buzz Lightyears's refurb is almost done, the facade have received a new design at the entrance (Seems to be more fitting with Discoveryland's theme than the old design) As soon as they are done with Buzz they will start a complete refurb of Orbitron, and after this Space Mountain is rumored to be getting a new theme and refurb - Sequoia Lodge is getting it's facade refurbished - Newport Bay is getting a redesigned entrance area and the lighthouse is now fully refurbished The town square gazebo is being replaced with a new one. And Pinocchio is also going to be repainted That is all for now. Great to see them using the time during their closure to make the parks better
  10. Disneyland Paris had an Inside ears fan event last night talking about upcoming projects in 2021. Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast has been under refurbishment for almost a year now and will open in February 2021 with completely renovated and modernized lighting, black light paint, vehicles, all the animatronics as well as completely refurbishing the buildings facade. The rethemed Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel will also open next year. The rethemed Backlot tour will open as Cars: Route 66 Road Trip And there is also a new show coming to the studios park: Disney jr. Dream Factory Sleeping Beauty Castle will undergo a full refurbishment starting in January 2021 until the parks 30th anniversary (2022). This will include a full repainting, replacing some of the turrets and fixing all the little details. (The castle will be covered in a massive themed tarp and the inside of the castle will still be accessible during the refurb). The resort is also currently working on new permanent security buildings, to do this two big planters are being removed (Just before you enter Fantasia Gardens where a gate used to be) This will replace the ugly tents they currently have. New turnstiles are also being installed to the entrance of Disneyland Park. (These have been tested in a small section in the entrance to the Studios park in the past year and are much better than the old ones, especially for people with strollers and wheelchairs. And finally a collectible key and a book will be released next year for Space Mountain. What is interesting about this is that books for Pirates of the Caribbean and Phantom Manor have been released when they went through massive refurbishments, so maybe this is a sign of Space Mountain finally returning to it's original theme which have been rumored for a while, and also the new trains they installed in 2017 screams Jules Verne so there might be hope
  11. Don't worry about it seeming rude to not know the language, nobody in Europe thinks that. We have so many different languages here in Europe so nobody can expect everyone to know all of them I for example do not expect anyone speaking Norwegian when they come to Norway, English is fine
  12. ^ Yeah out of Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai, Paris is my favorite (Disneysea is my favorite but out of the castle parks I have been to Paris is the best)
  13. I have just spent 3 days at Disneyland Paris and I am seriously impressed. They have very clear markers on the ground for social distancing and people where mostly following them. ( Apart from a few people that are apparantly blind...) Everyone was wearing masks, and they where organizing the entrance and food lines wery well. The longest I waited was 30 minutes and considering it’s july that is amazing! The parks where looking fantastic now, it is clear that they have been painting and fixing things during lookdown, (for example new cobblestone flooring in fantasyland that looks great!) They where also in the process of painting all the small railings around the park. All in all I had a fantastic time and can’t wait to go back in the future
  14. I visited Tusenfryd yesterday, they where finally allowed to open for the season on saturday. They have the same measures as most parks operating at the moment (prebooking tickets, lower capacity on rides, social distancing markings in queues etc). It is clear that they have done a great job in fixing up the park since my last visit because the park was looking great! And they have also finished refurbishing Thundercoaster and it was running absolutely AMAZING, very smooth and it is running much faster over the first hill than before resulting in major airtime Can’t wait to return next year to try the new coaster
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