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  1. MLB- New York Mets NHL- New York Rangers NFL- New York Jets
  2. I saw you on the line for El Toro, you were like 6 people behind me
  3. When Bonds breaks the record, it will be a sad day in baseball.
  4. Thats really a shame. I was looking foward to seeing Vertigo open and I wanted to hear what it was like.
  5. Here I am after my flight to Cape May, NJ.
  6. ADD ME!!1 http://www.myspace.com/9295923
  7. I loved riding Freefall whenever I was at the park. I will really miss it.
  8. Wicked Twister. Rode it in the back row, and it is absolutly amazing! I never expected it to be that awesome.
  9. Hey guys my friends and I work at a hayride around Halloween and we decided to make a video this year. We entered a contest on Youtube and our video made the Top 5! We really want to win and you guys can help us. Just watch the video and send it to your friends and tell your friends to pass it on to! Please watch it, its really good. Here is the link PS I am the Chain saw guy THE LINK NOW WORKS!! WATCH IT!!
  10. Maybe all the people from the town live in the mountain and when the coaster comes through they eat all the people on it.
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