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  1. As nutty as it sounds, apparently my local waterpark, Wild Water West, is looking into buying the old "Two-Face" Vekoma Invertigo from Six Flags America. This is odd since the park is really small, and doesn't even have any other amusement rides. But still... A POSSIBLE HOORAY FOR SOUTH DAKOTAN COASTER FANS!
  2. BOO! West Coast trip during Marching Band Camp. YEAH! Deep South trip not during Marching Band Camp! Question, are the coasters deep fried in the south along with everything else?
  3. The video was jerky because of how it was rendered. It's not as smooth as what NoLimits generates. It will also be much more intense in real life. Don't judge a book by it's cover. Once the official live POV comes out, it will have lots and LOTS of speed. The computer animations give a good idea, but they're crap compared to the real things.
  4. That looks so good... I can't wait to ride it next season! The question is will the park keep the ride up well? If WOF does not keep it up, it will turn into a shaking death train.
  5. Wow! That's cool! I've always wanted to see one of those big model train exhibit things. Great pictures too.
  6. What? Am I missing a secret code in here to understand this post?
  7. Thanks everyone! At least I got the order right this time.
  8. For my last "free" Friday of the summer, I headed down to Arnolds Park, a small Amusement Park on Lake Okoboji in Iowa. Believe it or not, this is truly a historical landmark! Their wooden coaster "Legend" has been named an ACE Coaster Landmark. Also, it's the 13th oldest coaster in the country being built in 1927. They've also got some carnival rides and a smaller coaster. The park's admission is like Nickelodeon Universe's, as in you don't have to pay to walk into the park, but you do have to pay too ride. But it's only $20 for an all-day wristband, so it's a good deal! Now on with the photos and a POV APPROVED BY THE PARK... Thanks for reading! If you're ever in Iowa, I suggest making a detour towards this! It's truly a great small park with a truly historic Roller Coaster. and wave goodbye! After a ride on the Log Flume (never do before going home!), it was time to look at the lake... Can you think of a caption for this? Jesus & Disciples > Horses! Jesus > Panther! *Insert Caption* NERD SHOT! It's time to drop by "Tipsy House" for a... Pirate's Cove bought the old mini-golf, apparently. They've re-done the course since I last went in 2004, and it looks a lot nicer. Too bad it's dang expensive now. Another caged ride of death. Anyone up for the caged wheel ride of death? Note to self: Tilt-a-Whirl is not a single rider-friendly ride. Spin the Apple is the best flat ride here! Period. KidTums approved!?! Well there goes my dream of being a TPR creep. This looks fun! This is... Onto the Scrambler... You will not get wet, you will get SOAKED. Seriously! Now it's time for the most misleading Log Flume I've ridden! I wasn't in the mood to risk my life to get a credit on this. Now onto the other rides... First, there's the Ferris Wheel. tpr_renegadefan_legend.zip Here's the POV of Legend for your enjoyment! NOTE: I did received permission from the park to take this! I'd like to thank them on such short notice! I wish every wooden coaster would have a twisty first drop like this one had... Plus it has PTC trains for your comfort! It may be a bit short (both in length and height) and is a moving blender, but it has WICKED airtime! Historic wooden roller coaster! Yay! This really is a nice small park. It's Iowa's "Hidden Treasure" in my opinion. Here's an idea of what the park looks like. It's pretty good sized for something in the middle of Iowa. Welcome to Arnolds Park!
  9. That was one of the funniest updates of trip yet Robb! If only we had self-operated rides in America.
  10. People are so stereotypical now. I know some great gay people. Some of the nicest people you'd ever meet. For me, I'm straight as a bat. I score home runs all the time! (Okay, that was a total lie.) It's hard though finding someone (a girl) that likes Roller Coasters in South Dakota though. But it doesn't matter anyway since we don't have any.
  11. This seems like an advertisement to me. But, I'll let the mods decide that. As for the site, I honestly don't think it would work. It's to limited of a subject really. I do web design, but my clients are all active websites with a good reputation and visitor count. Show us more of what you're thinking about (stats, site layout, etc.) and you'll get more attention.
  12. It varies. Most big parks have there "big" rides spread all out, so if you get there right away, you should be able to get to one or two before the lines starting racking up. Any new ride at a big park is, of course, going to be packed. I agree with everyone that you should refine your question to one park, or at least one resort.
  13. That last coaster posted looks like a n00b coaster from No Limits! Talk about way to over banked! As for Steel Hawg, it looks okay, but it still doesn't look that smooth.
  14. Thanks for the TR! I've always wanted to go to Adventureland since I moved to South Dakota. My family has tried to plan a trip there, but we seem to move it to the side every year for the last six years. Glad to see the Main Street doesn't look like Dreamland!
  15. The supports on the loop are awesome! I've never seen them like that before. Great TR too!
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