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  1. It's funny both of you guys said that! I found it to be no different than a typical B&M when it comes to "smoothness". Thought it ran great! When TPR toured China in 2012, there were a few "experienced" enthusiasts who kept saying that Hair Raiser was "rough," that it had already developed the "dreaded B&M rattle," that it was a "one and done," etc. I disagree completely! Hair Raiser was the best new B&M I had ridden in years, and it had some surprising pops of airtime. The only part of Hair Raiser I found to have some kind rattle was on the first loop, and it wasn't anyt
  2. I actually think Star Tours is better suited in Tomorrowland. The attraction works as a Spaceport here on Earth taking us to the Star Wars universe. If anything, I would love to see a new kind of transport-themed attraction in Star Wars Land that somehow works in conjunction with Star Tours, or a new scene in Star Tours that takes us to the new land. Only time will tell.
  3. Thank you much for posting this awesome photo TR. It definitely brought back a lot of great memories. Everything about this trip was just amazing!! I couldn't have imagined a better planned trip than what Robb and Elissa pulled out for us. And I actually enjoyed all the dilapidated parks off the beaten path with their questionable coasters. They were a huge highlight for me and gave us a taste of China few people ever experience. After three trips with TPR, two of them international, I'm convinced this is the only way to travel!
  4. I would love to see something on how landlocked theme parks maximize on limited space. This has always fascinated me from an urban design standpoint. For example, one would never guess that Disneyland's Autopia is literally on top of the Subs show building, or that Alice is on the second story of Mr. Toad's.
  5. More than anything, I would love to see a direct road constructed from NW Arkansas to my home park, which is Silver Dollar City. Secluded, winding, country roads are the only way to the park right now. My parents and I love to go for the shows alone, but they get car sick just from the drive to the park and back.
  6. Longest line: Indiana Jones Adventure at DL. Line ran all the way down Main Street and waited 3 hours during its inaugural year. Slowest line: X2. Every dispatch took 10-15 minutes. Worst line: Tomb Raider (Top Spin) at Movieland Studios. Ride vehicle was less than half full every cycle and load/unload was very inconsistent.
  7. Wow, I am very impressed with this incarnation of Fantasmic!. I loved how they kept the feel and emotion of the Disneyland original, however, with Tokyo Disney fashion, done on a much grander scope. I was blown away by the size of those barges, something that could never work at Disneyland, which is not a bad thing. Where Disneyland succeeds on a smaller, more intimate scale, this Fantasmic! succeeds in bringing the intimacy of Disneyland's into a larger scale. I found the dragon to be very effective, coming out of the mirror the way it did. And the tweaking of the original soundtrack did
  8. Why do you hate me? We were looking for the chick with no arms (Venus de Milo). You're welcome. On another note, not bad with the pictures at all. The Louvre was definitely my favorite part of Paris. Very impressive, the building itself is a work of art, and we were only in there for about 90 minutes! While the people we encountered were rude, and the city was kind of dirty, there were so many amazing pockets throughout the urban core, such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and Notre Dame. Our lunch on the Eiffel Tower was probably the best meal I had in Europe, and I h
  9. Ditto! I absolutely love the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, and the Magic Kingdom's version was one of only two rides which, in my humble (and very subjective ) opinion, was superior to rides also found at Disneyland* (Tower being the other one). The setting is just perfect. The MK takes what worked for Disneyland and expands upon it. The minute you enter the Mansion, you are completely immersed in this very creepy and foreboding, yet witty and comical atmosphere. I find it to be the epitome of Disney, even more so than Tower, only because it's more accommodating to everyone in th
  10. Absolutely amazing recap, Joey... and the pictures weren't bad, either. Efteling was truly a great park, with many "unique" characteristics (what the heck was up with the creepy fairies?! ). The Spook Slut was definitely a not-to-be-missed experience (especially for first-timers) only because I can't think of any place else where you can experience something like this. I'm not even sure if we have something close to a USA-equivalent. The beef carpaccio at the farewell dinner was beyond heavenly! My mouth gets watery just thinking about it! At this point in the trip, the fatigue h
  11. I just came back from a week-long trip to WDW, yet grew up with Disneyland. I have included my 2 cents below. Hope this helps you out further in making your decision. *Disclaimer: the following review is completely subjective, please take with a grain of salt.* While I really liked the Magic Kingdom, I absolutely love Disneyland, and I am entirely in the opposite spectrum when it comes to why. While most people appreciate the vast expansive feeling of the MK, I have always gravitated to smaller, more cozy environments. I love how small and quaint Disneyland is. I love being able
  12. Funny, I don't remember changing my name to Fernando. Absolutely amazing park! Far superior to Disneyland Paris in every way imaginable!!! It's definitely a toss-up between this one and Phantasialand as my two favorite European parks. If either one is ever in a future itinerary, I'm there. Can't wait to see more of your report!
  13. You better believe it, haha! It was so amazingly hot that day, and the heat just seemed to follow us around the entire trip (can't say I'm complaining). I think it finally cooled a bit by the time we got to Efteling. Awesome report so far, Joey. Can't wait to read the rest of it. Correct, we did go back to Gardaland that night. Just in time to enjoy an encore of the Disney Electrical Parade knock-off.
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