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  1. Why, it appears Cedar Fair is making money with this initiative. I am not connected with their finances personally. However, they must be making money on the up-charge since they are still around their parks (and where added to other parks after the initial try). Again, just a logical assumption on my my part. I know my daughter wants in every time we go to a Cedar Fair park and it seems busy and not unattended from what I see people shelling out cash for it.. Why replace a cash machine with a woodie that will only cost the park a bunch of CapEx to build and a bunch OpEx costs to maintain without the yearly return?
  2. Point taken. This was an assumption on my part as it is a highly likely scenario. I was also a Pittsburgh native for 37 years of my life and talking with a few locals today. They are a little closer to the local media and they implied this was the case. I did not however ask for sources since this just seemed like the most plausible scenario. I am glad for my previous home park that this was not an intentional incident since some folks (not here) are quick to blame the park for the somewhat rough area that surrounds it.
  3. In the article it says they believe it was fired from outside the park and she was hit inside the park. Where do you think they pointed the gun from outside, at the ground?
  4. I never could figure out why some people think it is a good idea to shot up into the sky like this. Do these people think the bullet just disapears into the sky and does not land somewhere? http://triblive.com/news/adminpage/8684559-74/story#axzz3f2NvnO27
  5. I am one that lost count also. However, my eight year old daughter had an obsession with The Comet at Waldameer this past summer. I must have been on it around 60 times in 3 days. She must have been on it well over 200 since there where minimal lines. The crew actually let us ride it by ourselves during the last train our final night.
  6. Great, it will be about as tall as Snake River Falls and that is a nice drop. Good the hear about Thunder River since that seems to be in great condition. Oh well on "The Inn". Looks like we will staying up the road next year but still coming to the park. Bring on the wrecking ball...
  7. Interesting, will it be the same style as Thunder River or a Shoot the Chute style ride. If like Thunder River, then will that be on the chopping block to free space for another attraction? Ah, and one last question. Are you demolishing "The Inn at Presque Isle" this year? Just trying to plan my 3 to 4 day trip to the area for this summer.
  8. Ah, thanks for the links. I just looked at the Polin sight very briefly and my bad. I knew about the White Water one for a little while since it was proposed for my home waterpark a year or two back (Wet N Wild Phoenix). However, this place changes ownership so much I think those plans are scraped or on hold for a new attraction. I am one that is surprised that ProSlide made a big deal about this. White Water has been installing replica's for awhile now. I believe the Phoenix one is from White Water and it is actually actually called "Tornado".
  9. ^Those appear to be a White Water West Aquasphere. I did not see the equivalent though on Polin's product list. http://www.whitewaterwest.com/aquasphere.html
  10. I just saw the trailer today for the new Star Wars coming out next year. I am a light enthuasist on Star Wars and wondering if any of the members here are heavy on it. I wanted to see other folk’s thoughts on the trailor. I can defiantly see the JJ Abrams impact on the film from it.
  11. She actually looks like to me the women that tried to "Save The Big Dipper". On a side note, maybe the park should have figured this out themselves to get more money. $15k for scrap metal that she was just able to get out of there.... Unfortunately for her she was just shy of the $5k for bail.
  12. Well, this may be a game changer... http://www.wtop.com/41/3713851/Teen-injured-in-Six-Flags-brawl-was-banned-from-park
  13. It has been many years since I had a gaming system. Actually, the last one I had was a Nintendo Cube. I was looking for advice as I am thinking of getting one for my 8 year old daughter. However, I am also looking to use it also and not sure which brand offers the best of what I like to play. The games I played with my cube where the Star Wars Rogue Squadron and Top Gun. I am very much into military type games that I am flying a plane, tank and in the case of Star Wars a space ship. I am not much into games that I am playing a person running around though like "Call of Duty". Any advice on the best type of system or games?
  14. Looks like I am the minority of folks that liked the original better. I lived Pittsburgh for 35 years and never liked Phantoms Revenge. I did like the original Steel Phantom after Lazer Loop got shipped down to Mexico. As others have stated, it was another Arrow that did not age well and needed retired. It was a great concept in the days of Arrow. To me though, the "Revenge" treatment was just a band aid on that. The double up was dropped somewhere in the plan, which is probably a good thing. When I rode it the first time, my thoughts where that they should have just torn it down completely and replaced with something else until the technology was available to actually run the ravine and not need the long prior to to just a few up and down bumps. I am looking at RMC here on this one for future possibilities. However, given current management and what I have heard of the state of my favorite "The Ark". I would be surprised to see Phantom ever painted again.
  15. I may have missed this in the discussion and apologize if so. Why was the first drop trimmed to begin with on Mantis? Also, that Lake Pavilion looks much better then the Tent City that was there.
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