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  1. Here's my nickname for one coaster a lot of you dread the most, particularly Robb. That coaster, of course being Goudurix. Although I've neve been on it, I'm sure that with what a lot of you have experienced with this coaster, especially Robb, this coaster seems to pretty much deserve the nickname "The ULTIMATE Vekoma Torture Machine"!
  2. If say the last concert I attended was ZZ Top at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in 2009.
  3. I believe I have some to share on this thread, mainly one I had just before waking up this morning. Y'all probably remember me telling y'all in another thread about a dream I had riding with Robb Alvey on Manhattan Express (or something like it). Well, in the dream I had today, just before waking up, I dreamed I was on two of the roller coasters at Cedar Point. Part of Raptor and all of Corkscrew. On Raptor, I found myself on it near the end (don't know why). And on Corkscrew, I was having a great time! When I got into the vertical loop, I was yelling, "2nd Ever Loopty Loop!!!!!" So yeah! Just goes to show, every now and then, I have weird coaster dreams.
  4. Oh thanks! I didn't know this thread existed! If I'd have known, I would have posted it here. Thanks again.
  5. Hey guys! I just wanted to share with you a CRAZY dream I had last night. I dreamed I was riding this roller coaster (pretty much like what used to be called the Manhattan Express, now just called "Roller Coaster"). Anyway, as I was boarding, I noticed Robb Alvey and some others of TPR were there I forget which ones. But I think his wife was one of them. Anyway, as we were boarding, I was talking to Robb about all the nicknames I've heard for the many different roller coasters I've heard hear and there. And as the ride got going after the lift hill, it didn't seem as rough as the coaster formerly called Manhattan Express (aka Manhurtin Neckpress) probably still really is. However, when we got into the loop, it seems it didn't complete the circuit and started rolling back a bit and then we'd be stuck on the ride. But thankfully I woke up before too long, as I'd absolutely DREAD being stuck on a coaster that long! But anyway, I just thought I'd share this with you guys and hope some of you find this interesting. And I'm not making this up. I really DID have this dream. I'm sure some of you may like this. Beau.
  6. I wonder if Robb has some nicknames up his sleeve. I'm sure he does. I'd sure love for him to share some of them on this thread if he has any.
  7. Oh, there was one I left out on some of the old nicknames we traditionally use. Hang n Bang (general nickname for Vekoma SLC's).
  8. Of course, let's not forget some of the old ones! Millie (Millenium Force) Maggie (Magnum XL 200) Nessie (Loch Ness Monster) Draggin Iron (Iron Dragon) Mean Squeak (Mean Streak) Hurt Your Knees (Hercules, Dorney Park)
  9. Yeah. I get your point. I did forget to mention that they did kinda have no choice to make the ride into what it is today, and that the loops were kinda rough on the heads and necks of some riders from what I've heard. In fact, I think due to the uncomfortable head banging sustained on some riders due to the loops in the old version of the ride (Steel Phantom), some enthusiasts nicknamed it "Steel Smashem"!
  10. Ok people. This post is all on one coaster, the Phantom's Revenge (formerly Steel Phantom) at Kennywood. What I would like to know is which version of it you guys prefer or like better. Do you think it's better the way it is now? Or do some (or maybe most) of you like it better the way it was, when it had all the loops? I've never ridden either version. So I wouldn't know. But I have seen comments from people on YouTube and other places from people who say they like the original version (with all the loops) better, as well as some who like the current version. But I'd like to know what you guys think (well, any of you guys who rode both versions). Was it better with the loops or without?
  11. I think I've got another good one! This is for the now defunct coaster Fujin Raijin II at the now closed Expoland park in Suita, Japan. Robb Alvey already gives it the nickname of "TOGO Death Machine II". But for Robb's case in this video, I nickname it the "Mighty TOGO Nut Buster" or "Robb Alvey's Nut Buster"! I hope Robb finds no offense in this.
  12. Now that's a good list there! 1. I take it the name "Draggin Fire is said in reference to "Draggin Iron" (for Cedar Point's Arrow suspended coaster), as it too goes pretty slow! 2. I got a real laugh out of your nickname for CW's Flight Deck! Of course, we have the "Generic" nicknames for these Vekoma SLC's (Hang n Bangs)! 3. I agree with your nickname for tilt a whirls. I avoid such rides, as they do nothing but make me SICK!!!
  13. GREAT list! Lmao at a lot of them! That nickname for Mantis (soon to become Rougarou) was very funny, even more so than "Mylantis" (as seen on the list I posted the link to at the beginning of this thread)!
  14. No those are some good ones! Lol I'm just a fountain of coming up with nicknames for rides and there's plenty more where that came from! .Goliath - Gol .Viper - Vip .Batman: The Ride - BatCoaster .Dragon Challenge - Undueling Dragons .Incredible Hulk - Hulkie, Ihulk .Nighthawk - N-Hawk .Steel Venom - Venom Steel Well you seem to come up with some really good ones. So just keep 'em comin!
  15. I guess another one would be all of this video. Most notable quotes being: "WOWEE!!!!! That was some MEAN Sh--!" That and: "If that video looked shaky, just be glad you weren't on this, because that was HELL!!!"
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