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  1. The second drop on the Beast, after you come out of the tunnel....it would be better if they took the stupid trim break off! The drop into the rose bowl on SOB, also the drop into the loop. I would say Thunderhead....too many hills...all of them are really good, I do love that sig zag u-turn after the 1st drop.
  2. top 3 pred. 1. Voyage 2. El Toro 3. Balder What I would have for top 3 (not ridden these coasters) 1. Voyage 2. El Toro 3. Colossos (HP) MY TOP 3 1. The Beast 2. Thunderhead 3. Son Of Beast
  3. I can't wait for the as Robb once said it could be a "turtle feces" coaster press realease! LMAO Robb! If it has a tophat, it better not spiral down
  4. hey, IDK, I just wanted everything clarified. The sooner I know it's fake, the happier I will be
  5. oops! LOL DUH! I meant to say Beast. Whydid they put them on Beast!?!?!? AND is Vortex being taken down?!?!?
  6. instructor points to the board "this is a penis" the "class" - "ooh yay" instrusctor "NO BAD!' instructor flips board "this is a vagina" "class" - "aaahhhh ew" instructor - "NO YOUR SUPPOSED TO LIKE IT!" hmmm idk..... they should let them do what ever they want, be who they wana be. He should try to escape! NO why doesnt he just say im straight...then leave and lead a secret gay life?!
  7. Vortex would be a hell of a lot better if they took the frickin trim brake of the frickng 1ST DROP! and that second drop had amazing ...now its a trim brake.......I just had a terrible ride on the Beast the otherday. No one knows when I will POV....I was on SOB but this guy sat next to me. I was also on DZ...but some rowdy college kids were by me...I thought they would hit it or somthing
  8. yea, I did not say alot about Vortex....it's one of my fav coasters there. I did ride in the very back on Racer.....it was rough in airtime pain. SOB...retracked....helixes are rough, everything else is a little shaky or smooth. The back was smoother thaqn the front!
  9. well, they said they found alcohol in the car, but they dont know if he was drinking, yea it was on the news a while ago......I live 10 min from PKI. SOB isn't bad anymore, it's a "fun" rough...they Beast is whats getting bad
  10. Hey guys, I had a total blast at PKI yeserday. I got there at about 3:45 and left at 10:15. I have about 35 pics to upload and will do that shortly.....camera uploading probs. When I got to PKI, I went straigt to Face/Off. I can never find the "Vekoma" sign! grr! Anyways it was about 15 min wait for the front seat. F/O was running great as usual and very forceful. rides-2 8/10 Next up was Drop Zone and was about 10 min wait. My fav ride there and this guy tought me a trick! Ask the op if you can have some "airtime room" you put your hands were the restraints go on your lap and give
  11. sooooo hows that video coming along? LMAO best thread ever!
  12. my new balance shoes didnt come off when they werent tied on Wicked Twister, Top Gun:TJC, Raptor, and PT
  13. I love Power Tower at CPb/c of all the views of he lake and the park Fav Drop Tower - Drop Zone - 300ft free fall kicks ass
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