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  1. sfmm (june 2005-present) Ride op lead rides worked at colossus,scream,batman,X,Goliath,Riddler ,freefall,tidal wave,all small rides in gotham city,pirates cove,high sierra teritory and bugs bunny world.
  2. ^wow jahan you just made a beliver out of me.i I think next weekend im going to sneak up to flashback and pick up some exclusive pics of the panel missing. lol ^^ but if you think about it if shockwave didnt go the park probably wouldnt have gotten riddler. ~Chr!s-O
  3. nice pics the reality of psyclone being removed just hit me.i still kinda dont belive it actually happining X always has had trouble with the wheels.The main reason wheels blow at X is because the weight of the trains. ~Chr!s-O
  4. alot people criticize sfmm for not doing enough but you must realize the park is open year round and anything that cannot be done in a five day span must be put on hold for the following week.I know that somtimes it gets held off for longer but there is usually a reason. i dont wanna argue with anyone. thats my opinon ~Chris-O
  5. how do you put a show on for shapiro if he approves the funding for the park and knows where every penny goes? no employees were aware he was coming. imo the parks getting its act together. Alot more rides are open and alot more things are getting done and if it is temporary its better it happend then nothing at all. ~Chr!s-O
  6. All i can say is WOW They have also have changed the charchters sighs in the parking lot.Fixed all the show lights at batman and music. And are in the process of replacing the fog machines.and from what i hear they are reopening the on ride photos at Riddlers,Batman, and Goliath jr.Sfmm is geting its act together. Ive seen more things fixed,painted and changed in the last 3 months then i have in the last few years.I also saw mark shapiro walking in the park on saturday he looked happy from what i saw. ~Chr!s-O
  7. They also repainted the rails and yellow safety lines at riddlers. Nice seeing the park cleaning up. ~Chr!s-O
  8. Maybe the new monorail attraction everyone is talking about. Or possibly sfmm employees found orange spray paint and decided to play tic tac toe on a few trees. lol ~Chr!s-O
  9. Its down for 2 more weeks.And X should also reopen the same weekend that Goliath does. ~Chr!s-O
  10. lol we should have a scoring system employee at panel-50 points employee texting while operating a fryer-100 points employee eating and talking on there phone-200 points etc ~Chr!s-O
  11. ^^ Thats not a shop.That is located in gotham city park aka batmans overflow line.The part many guest dont get to see much of anymore. Great update jahan keep up all theawesome work. oh ya im the one that got tha air conditioner,lights and elevator back in service at riddlers. ~Chr!s-O
  12. honestly imo the ride sucks.The one at SFMM is not being taken appart.And the one at SFOG is being demolished not taken appart(look at the picture 1 more time).And isnt it kinda suspicious how all these sites about selling rides pop up and there not even associated with any of the park chains. ~Chr!s-O
  13. DUDE calm down i dont think the rides going anywhere ive heard of 3 or 4 diffrent sites with diffrent info untill all of them say that all the 1st gen freefalls are sold i dont belive a thing. just a few losers trying to stir up all the theme park forums. Chr!s-O
  14. clerks 2 maybe the funniest movie EVER.10/10
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