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  1. I am absolutely thrilled that Demon Drop is coming to Knott's. I love the 1st gen intamin drop towers. It is one of the highlights of my cedar point trips believe it or not (since freefall was removed from Magic Mountain) The intamin 1st gen drop towers are really the only ride that still "makes my stomach drop" I love it. Find me another ride that gives me that same sensation and I will happily try it, although to this day I have not found any modern drop towers or coasters that give me that same sensation. I am very happy!
  2. Awesome! Thanks for sharing those pictures and your trip report! Those pictures of the crowd reactions are truly awesome, that gave me a fantastic idea of trying to find a place near me that can generate some cool crowd reactions so I can photograph them! Fun! Thanks Again!
  3. It is $10 each time you want to ride X2. Thats what makes it a bummer since after spending the loot for the "Gold" pass you still have to buy individual 10 dollar "tickets" for each ride on X2 you wish to take advantage of the flashpass/quebot with. That makes this a much harder sell for myself, my family and friends. Frankly if the "Gold" pass included unlimited uses with X2 I would shell out the cash, but then again so would everyone else and then I guess were back to 3 hours lines for everyone But Rob your right, with the correct planning you can get on all the attractions without needing any passes. For now on I will just pretend it is the old days (pre-flash passes) and just plan accordingly. (No summer visits, off season only etc.) Or just shell out the cash money and skip the ques. There is a choice and that is a nice thing I am curious as to how these passes will affect the "StandBy" que waittimes as they do at DisneyLand.
  4. Very good point! (in regards to why we don't see many coaster fan reviews yet ) I look forward to reading your review on the device this summer! There is no question this device will be needed on a Summer day if you want to ride without spending 2 hours per que, but for the X fans out there it's value is more limited Oh well. The PlayPass Extreme was fun while it lasted!
  5. I just bumped into some international guests at my work, they had gone to Magic Mountain this past Saturday and had purchased the GoldPass with the X2 upgrade, they did confirm that it was $10 extra dollars per person per each ride on X2! I sure am sad to hear about this news, the Value of electronic flash pass to me has decreased. X2 and DejaVu, Tatsu and Goliath (Back seat row 12) are the main reasons that I go to the park. Real world first hand experience in using the new MM flash pass and wait times experienced are still appreciated thought. Please post
  6. Wait a minute, 10 dollars extra per each RIDE on X2? So if I want to ride X2 3 times it would be 30 dollars ontop of the rental fee and Gold fee? Please say that ain't so!
  7. Hello friends! I am just wondering if anyone has had a chance to use the new SFMM electronic flash Pass (regular and Gold version)? If so, how was the experience? Did you add the X2 add on? How many times were you able to ride X2, how long did you have to wait for each re-re ride? Given your experience would you purchase this again? I used to frequent the park with a extreme pass every weekend although now I am probably going to visit the park once a year and probably use the Gold flash pass if it turns out to be a good product. Any hands on experience views with the Six Flags Magic Mountain new electronic flash pass would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!
  8. ^True, I have not ever used the system, although I based my preliminary opinions on the information received from the SFGAV website regarding the two classes of the system. Regular and Gold, with regular Qbot giving you the same wait time as the que just allowing you to not have to stand in line and Gold allowing "Up to 75% reduction" in wait time. For a single person $100 bucks and having maybe a 75% wait reduction in each line, is just not a deal. I understand it beats waiting in full length lines on a saturday. But based on current economic conditions and Magic Mountains main customer base which is Local customers, it just does not seem like a good idea. Sure if I was on a trip from the East Coast and I had lots of money and 1 day at the park, perhaps it is something I would Think about, but in reality most of the guests are locals and this is just not something most people could afford after spending money on food, drinks and parking. Flash pass itself was already a push at $20 dollars, but for a minimum of over $40 extra to use this system. I just do not see the logic of this based in this present economic condition. Since you purchased the Regular QBOT, you still had to wait the 2 hours for each ride of raging bull, you just did not wait standing in the que. Correct? What did you do to pass the time for each 2 hour blocks of time you waited to ride? Based on the regular Qbot, that was 12 hours of "Virtual que" waiting. (6 rides X 2 hour lines= 12 virtual hours) Assuming the park was packed and every ride had a minimum of 1+ hour waits, you were still waiting in lines while waiting for your Qbot to announce your ride was ready, correct? ADMIN EDIT: Please DO NOT DOULBE POST! You can edit your original post to add more to it.
  9. Just so I understand correctly, The Qbot system "regular" would cost over $50 for one person (with the rental fee and single person addon) and would still require the user to venture to each attraction, "Scan" the ride I want to get into a "virtual que" for and still require the user to wait the full length of the current wait time for that attraction. Meaning if one wanted to go on X2 and the que was 3.5 hours long, they would still have to wait 3.5 hours from the moment you scanned the system till the moment you would return for a ride. Granted were not standing in the que for 3.5 hours, but what else would we do during that 3.5 hours? were going to have to be standing in a que somewhere or get into our cars, leave the park go see a movie and return 3.5 hours later. Now lets just say I had lots of extra cash (which in this current economic situation is highly unlikely for most people) and I just decided to try the very expensive "gold" Qbot option this would reduce the virtual que by half, meaning for the 3.5 hour regular X2 wait, we would still be waiting up to 1.7 hours to ride X2, and this is after already paying almost $100 dollars for the privilege (it is stated that gold can give you "Up to" a 75% reduction in wait time but I am assuming a 50% reduction with gold is more customary, based on the lingo used) Sorry this just does not seem like a good deal to me, The extreme fast pass at $80 a person now (allowing unlimited fast pass uses) is a MUCH MUCH MUCH better deal and frankly if I was paying the high price of the Gold Qbot option I would expect it to get me onto a ride much faster then even half the time of waiting in the que. Not a good deal IMHO.
  10. Based on current information the extreme pass for 2009 will only include a discount on the Rental of the device, there is a price for the rental of the device itself and a price to actually activate each guest to use it. It is still going to cost at least $30 for a single rider to use the Electronic flash pass AKA Qbot (this is assuming that they waive the device rental fee)
  11. Wow I hope they put out those fires soon, what a tragedy for all those who lost there homes As for the flash pass system I looked at the pricing from SFgadv website, wow this stinks IMHO,
  12. I just watched the demo video from the company that makes the Six Flags electronic flash pass, formerly called Qbot. The company is named Lo-Q (as many of you probably know) I am not personally looking to forward to this system since I am sure the pricing is going to be high since it can work for up to 6 guests. Does this mean that a single guest pays the same price as a multiple guest purchaser or you pay per additional guest? Either way, until I know what the discount is I am going to hold off on the extreme pass. The benefit of 4 flash passes each visit was a great perk. Now that flash pass perk is no longer offered, it is less of a value to me. Does anyone have any pricing ideas on this new system? http://www.lo-qusa.com/
  13. Hello, I tried to search this, but did not find a post related to this. If there is one please excuse me and please provide me with a link to it. I was informed that the 2009 PlayPass Extremes at SFMM will no longer be including Flash Passes . It looks like they will offer only a "Discount" on the electronic flash pass. Three questions: How does this system operate? Has anyone seen it being tested at MM? How expensive is the "Electronic flash pass" going to be? (based on other SF parks. Thanks again for all your support!!
  14. People for the most part are pretty stupid. In normal wild life a million years ago I would say probably a good 85%+ people who are around today might not have lasted 2 years (Myself probably included) On that note. I think it is obvious that the parks need to surround fences with razor wire or at least some other deterrent beyond a 7 foot high fence (I would have thought that would have been enough but apparently, testosterone fueled guests feel the need to be cool and live on the edge by risking there life and the riders of the coasters fence they are jumping over 7ft high fences onto active coaster zones. I am just glad no riders were hurt, the guy I can truly give a crap about. If you are stupid enough to enter restricted areas were thousands of pounds of steel come racing by frequently and get killed, sorry, I have more important people and things to feel sad about. Again I am just glad no riders were hurt or killed, (psychologically affected is another story).
  15. Hi there, I just got back from 5 days at Cedar Point, Had a FANTASTIC time. Weather was a bit iffy with some thundershowers a couple of the days (not all day just intermittently) but it turned out to be a good thing since it kept the crowds down. On Tuesday when the weather was clear skies the park was PACKED! ! ! ! Way more then the weekend. I still had a fantastic time,. I purchased the platinum pass which includes free parking, early entry and access to the ERT days (which luckily I got a chance to check out, Dragsters rescheduled ERT night that is! ! ! !, got about 8 launches in at night it was very fun, most were front row!) As for food, I enjoyed Johnny rockets although the service was hit or miss but sitting at the bar will get you seated right away!, T.G.I.F (just outside the park in Hotel Breakers was fun as well) as for the 8 dollar drinks I thought that was a good deal considering in Los Angeles drinks are in the 10+ dollar range! $15 for some tropical drinks. The Early entry is nice although considering there are two entrances into the park, the main gate and the Hotel Breakers entrance (which is much closer to Maverick and Millennium force) those folks get to the rides much quicker, Cedar Point is HUGE and it takes a while to walk from the main entrance to those attractions (especially Mav since that is at the very end of the park!) You could always run but plan ahead for a nice long run! Have lots of fun! I sure did, I am ready to go back to tell you the truth. Maverick, Millenium Force, TTD (among the others!) are fantastic rides in my opinion they contain exactly what I love about coasters, personally I travel to Cedar Point specifically for those attractions. I could and do spend all day riding them over and over again!, Front row of course! Have a great great time! Remember front row, its worth the extra 20 minutes or whatever it is. But you already knew that! P.S. make sure you ride the ferris wheel, it is a wonderful view, how amazing it is to be surrounded by water, CP is really a great park. Oh I almost forgot ride demon drop as much as possible, since it is the last 1st gen free fall tower and rumor has been going around for sometime now that it is on its way out Enjoy it for me while you still can! Best- T
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