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  1. Extremely cool but unless i'm missing something it crashes into it's own track a lot.
  2. I mean, my THOUGHT when making it was that the Waterpark is seperate from the amusement park, and is a part of the resort hotel (the large building). The scenario description mentions that the waterpark hired you to manage the dry rides outside of it, which is why it's on the other side of several locked fences (since i can't edit what parts of land you do or don't own beyond just a general square shape) and connected to the large building with a path. You're allowed to build over it but not really edit it. But hey, once you download the scenario it's in your hands to do with as you please! My own fault for not locking the slides, I guess! lol Run it as you see fit.
  3. That's awesome! I love it! Never would've thought to reuse the old rollercoaster like that! And the boardwalk look is excellent! Great job! But... Is the chairlift access from the waterpark? :O Over where the path connecting the resort and the park was?
  4. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it, and I'd love to see what you end up building in it!
  5. Hey guys! I made a DLC-friendly scenario! (as in, you don't have to own any of the DLCs to play it, but feel free to use any DLCs if you have them) to celebrate the new Magnificent rides expansion! I'd really love to know what you all think of it, since I put a LOT of effort into it. The Scenario is called "Riley Beach Challenge", and in it a waterpark/resort has put you in charge of expanding it's selection of dry rides over a tricky bit of land in hopes of boosting year-round business. The full explanation (including unofficial goals) is on the Scenario's Steam Workshop page https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1596157996&searchtext=
  6. Loving the show and the coverage! If you get the chance to take a look at it - I heard that the famous VR game "Beat Saber" is coming up with a new arcade machine that they are premiering in IAAPA and I'm excited to see what it looks like. I'd love to see it in the coverage if you get around to it!
  7. [Difficult scenario, also might be a little heavy on some machines once it starts growing]. REQUIRES THE ADVENTURE PACK DLC. (I don't think it needs any of the other ones. If I'm wrong let me know) Inspired by an old RCT2 scenario, by my other scenario, "Hurricane Hills", and most importantly - by a real park, which some of you might recognize despite the changes! Welcome back to Freipark! Nowdays only known among photographers and Urban Explorers, you remember this once-glorious park from it's hayday, over two decades ago, right before it closed down. But since then it's been lying abandoned, the rides rotting and falling apart, tracks buckling, buildings collapsing, and plants growing everywhere and on everything. Your love of this place as a child is what made you decide to take on an absurdly huge loan to try and revive it to it's former glory! It honestly would've been cheaper to build a new park from scratch, but you're dead set on making this the wonderful park you remember! But can it even be done? Every Mechanic and Janitor you've spoken to seems stressed just THINKING about working on this project. Is the park really too far gone to save? One way to find out! Good luck! You'll need it! Modifiers: -You will get less money back for deleting rides and scenery (due to rotting, unusable materials) -Janitors and mechanics are more easily stressed Easy Goals: -Build a Coaster (At least 4.0 excitement, at least 700m long) -Build 10 Rides -Attract 850 guests (for 3 months) Medium Goals: -Build 2 coasters (At least 6.0 Excitement, at least 1000m long) -Attract 1200 Guests (At least 70% average guest happiness, for 3 months) Hard Goals: -Pay off all loans -Make a fireworks display that holds 100 guest's attention for 30 seconds -Attract 1600 guests (At least 80% Average Guest Happiness, for 5 months) -Build a hotel with a 5 star rating -Achieve a park value of 190,000 [This park has been tested, and while challenging and may take a few tries, it is possible.] Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1441989485
  8. Thanks! And yeah I thought it was pretty silly when I first saw it, too! Now I think every Wacky Worm should have this option, though To be fair I had no way of actually recording while I was on the ride, since it was displayed on the mall's Goggles and not on my own phone. I downloaded the video for it from Youtube (with permisson), and just synced it up to the first drop, since that seemed more or less in sync. But yeah, it wasn't entirely synced up in real life either. I guess it still worked though! So there's that!
  9. First of all: I'm posting it here 'cus it does include a rollercoaster, but if you think this belongs in another part of the forum feel free to move it. Alright, so... I do VR game reviews, and I'm a coaster nerd, so when I found out a VR coaster opened up at the local mall for the summer vacation, I had to check it out. I've never been on a VR coaster, they always seemed like a pretty silly idea, since coasters are already pretty thrilling, and it seemed even sillier that a "Big Apple" coaster at the MALL would be my first, but... Hey, beggars can't be choosers! It's not like there's a ton of good thrill rides around here. To my absolute surprise it was kind of... Amazing??? Full video review: The coaster was here at the Azrieli Towers mall. Tel Aviv's most famous landmark. The train had little VR goggles! I was really surprised they went through the trouble of putting VR goggles on the train. That seemed like an unnecessary but lovely touch, and parks around here rarely do anything more than the bare minimum required, so I really loved it. Little pre-ride selfie ...Aaaaand my head's too big for the headset. The top strap snapped. I ended up just tucking it under my headphones so it doesn't flail around in front of me. The coaster had a fantastic view of the city's skyline. This ride... Was... INCREDIBLY fun. I was kind of amazed at how much VR enhanced the experience and turned what would normally be a pretty boring kiddie ride into a thrill ride. I think smaller parks who want thrill rides but can't necessarily afford them need to consider something like this. I was laughing and hollering the whole way through. After that I got in my car and drove for an hour and 40 minutes (FOREVER in Israeli scale) through Jerusalem's absolutely terrible road system (It would've been 40 minutes shorter but I missed my exit, which in Jerusalem apparently adds 40 minutes to your drive) But I finally got to SPACE LASER! A VR Arcade/Laser tag place that was just having a grand opening! The laser tag line was too long so we ended up passing on that but we checked out the other stuff! I was kind of disappointed to realize they don't have any KArting machines at this location like the website promised - only at their other location. There was a little plexiglass maze thing. It wasn't much bigger than a normal room, but much like with the kiddie coaster - adding VR into the mix made it into so much more than the sum of it's parts. You could actually feel the walls, you could walk twice down the same corridor but think you're in a totally different place because what's displayed on the goggles would be different, and even though the whole experience was only a few minutes long, and the combat mechanism (you were fighting skeletons and demons with a crossbow) left something to be desired, it was still a hoot. Unfortunately the place was completely packed full of screaming children. This was the line for the laser tag. We ended up skipping it. Riding a terrible coaster simulator where you terribly shoot terrible dinosaurs. It was terrible. The physics were practically nonexistant. The chairs moved a bit (almost at random, if you ask me), but I've seen 3d modeling practice videos on youtube that had better coaster physics. And it went insanely slow most of the time. I got up and left it halfway through. My friend Ehud rode this Iron Man type thing. He said it was terrible too so I didn't bother queuing up for it. He's only smiling here 'cus his girlfriend told him to smile for the picture. THIS thing, though...! THIS is what I drove nearly two hours here for! The 720 simulator! A VR simulator that actually twists turns and flips you upside down...! ... It... It was closed. They haven't even installed it yet. I was totally disappointed and we went to eat some Hummus instead. I think this photo of me waiting for them to restart one of their games after it crashed pretty much sums up my impression of this place. Now, mind you, the service was excellent. I spoke to the owners, they're LOVELY people, super friendly, and the maze was REALLY fun... But everything else here was kind of meh. I did discover, though, the true potential of using VR to make something underwhelming completely overwhelming. The VR "Big Apple" ride and the VR maze thinig were both really excellent and fun! That's it for now Hope you guys enjoyed it!
  10. This ride looks CRAZY and AMAZING, but... Only one row that travels backwards?! :O The line for that row is going to be ridiculous!!!
  11. Don't worry, you didn't really miss much with Luna Park Tel Aviv or Superland! They are both fairly uninteresting, save for maybe one or two decent rides and the service there ranges from fine to deplorable. I didn't hear anything about it closing indefinitely. That's weird. Overall parks here are open saturdays and holidays. They close if it's rainy. I'm glad to hear you had fun though! Also, something I found amusing about one of the pictures...
  12. I found this while looking at new announcemnets in the world of Virtual reality, this thing looks INSANE! And while it's not marketed as a ride so much as just something people who have way too much money can get for their games if they want to... I think it's just a matter of time before one of these babies lands in an amusement park arcade for a decent upcharge. I should emphasize - these are playable games you can get and play on your computer. Not just a premade simulator movie. This thing seems to respond in real time.
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