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  1. A lot of new track parts at Vekoma (prob Mine train ??) https://coasterfriends.de/freizeitparkforum/filedata/fetch?id=1183723&d=1592761284&type=large https://coasterfriends.de/freizeitparkforum/filedata/fetch?id=1185187&d=1593365677 https://coasterfriends.de/freizeitparkforum/filedata/fetch?id=1185289&d=1593535931 https://coasterfriends.de/freizeitparkforum/filedata/fetch?id=1185290&d=1593535931 https://coasterfriends.de/freizeitparkforum/filedata/fetch?id=1185291&d=1593535934
  2. The testing has stopped and is beeing dismantled : See here for the last images. My site will be online untill something else is beeing build (TILTCOASTER 2.0)
  3. First look at the new Disney GotG new trains in ACTION !! Vekoma did here an amazing job !! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  4. I was lucky for a moment, but my presence is quickly noticed. Then the cover went over the coach again.
  5. UPDATE : Here an Offride of my FLY version (Theming and hotel may diff in shape and size) To my guess the speed might be pretty accurate. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  6. New trains have arrived : I hope that the tarps will be removed very soon.
  7. Tnx for your comment, thats allready changed. U will see it in the next update.
  8. UPDATED version (more scenery and correct speed (incorrect banking / near miss)
  9. I made a POV in NL2 with custom trains (incl pre-programmed rotating seats) here a short video how the rotating seats work :
  10. Recent visit Aug 5th 2019, Seems they on Summer Vacation. Nothing visible changed.
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