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  1. And this we see at Vekoma Vlodrop : (testing for Tiltcoaster V2.0) And my model in NL2
  2. Unfinished new supports for a new kind of test. Unknown what kind of test at the moment. Its gonna be a BIG test. I hope its for the long awaited Tiltcoaster 2.0.
  3. VEKOMA FACTORY EXPANSION (near future) The blue trackparts from the "Pretzel Coaster" still at Vekoma Proving grounds. There are plans to expand the factory at Vlodrop. Vekoma is planning to buy old / unused football fields near the factory. And planning a new direct road to these football fields. If there is an update, i will post it here.
  4. When i do visit Vekoma Vlodrop, sometimes i make small video's. This video if from May 11 2017, when i was shooting a short video of the test setup for FLY. I did noticed that in the foreground laying the trackparts of the Vekoma Dive Pretzelcoaster.
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