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  1. Mid week is better as the parks are more likely to be less busy!! My schedule changes so my family is flexible when it comes to day of the week of a event.
  2. That view is awesome!!!!! I'm jealous and wish i was there!!!
  3. Next week we are going on a family vacation to the boston area to see historic sites etc. And being a roller coaster lover I do want to get some coaster credits. We are planing to visit Six Flags New England but have never been to that park before, or the area so i was wondering what other parks may be near by to get some coaster credits. Or any tips you may have to make our visit to SFNE as enjoyable as possible and be able to get on all the coasters. Thanks in advance.
  4. Im going to Kennywood/Six Flags Great Adventure/Knoebels for the 1st time in the next week and I'm looking for any tips/advice/suggestions to get the most out of my time at the parks. And advice on strategies to get in the most rides/where to eat would be great, and is flashpass needed at SFGADV to get on all the coasters, we will be going on a non firday/saturday.
  5. Thanks for the helpful info. I hope to ride everfy coaster at leat once, and my favorites several times, crowds willing!!
  6. I'm starting to make plans for 2009 vacation and I'm thinking of going to Canada and was planning on going to Canada's Wonderland park. I went to there web site and they have nothing yet in regards to hours of operation/dates of operation. We are planning on going in mid-june so does anyone know when they usually start there operating season and what there hours of operation are?? How busy is the park that time of year. Any info anyone can offer on this park as I've never been there before will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Thnaks for the tips. We are only going for one day, likely Thur Dec. 11 between visits to WDW/USF. What kids of coupons do they have in the Orlando area??
  8. We will be going to the park in mid Dec , and was wondering do they have any x-mas activities mid week, or x-mas decorations at the park?? How busy do you think the park will be on a Wed/Thurs?? And lastly do they have any deals on park admission in the area, other than the online $10 discount??
  9. So how is this hotel, we plan on staying there in a few days and hear mostly bad things about the hotel property. And do the rooms have a fridge/microwave oven??
  10. If you want to ride the new Dark Knight coaster my best advice is to get to the park by 9:00am so you get in the front of the lines at the gate. And once they open them up around 9:30pm head to your left and be at the rope drop area heading towards TDK/Superman. And once the show at the start of the day is done head for The Dark Knight coaster as it is a short run. If you wait later in thew day the line will be 1-2 hours. After riding this I would head towards Whizzerm then Viper, that should then be close to 11:00am, and then head to American Eagle which should just be opening. That will get you on some rides your kids will like with little waits. Aftewr that, ridee whatever you like where the line isnt too big.
  11. If your staying at Breakers express, can you get to the park early, park in CP's lot and still enter the park via the Breakers hotel entrance which is closer to rides like Maverick???
  12. How long do you think the lines will be for rides like MF/TTD/Maverick from mid-day till closing, and when does the park close the lines and if you get in line before it closes do they make sure everyone gets on the ride?? Ive heard the park is very big on preventing carry-ons which i have no problem with,but ive read that they even hassle you if you have a hat/baseball cap, is that true???
  13. ^^Maverick, Millennium Force, Raptor, Skyhawk, Iron Dragon, and Planet Snoopy So are the above coasters the only rides open during the early hour 900am-1000am???
  14. What rides are open during the 1 hour that only hotel guests get into the park??
  15. I'm planning a two day trip to Cedar Point on August 7/8 which is a Thursday and Friday. I haven't been to the park in at least 5 years and plan on getting to the park close to opening on Thurs and opening on friday. I was wondering what tips you may have to make this a enjoyable visit and one where I can maximize the amount of roller coater rides we can get on. I do have a few questions for those who have visited the park or stayed on site. Does the park give out free water like Six Flags parks do, do they offer a skip in line program. Where would you recommend eating inside the park. And for those who have stayed on site is the extra hour worth the price of staying at a Cedar Point hotel and can you get on alot of rides in that hour??? Thanks in advance for your help.
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