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  1. Im on the edge with this game. It can be really frustrating. For example, I want to build a house, and that prerequisite is to be in LEVEL 7....but Im Level 8. Ummm? Username: 706781
  2. ^ I just like the $5 blackjack switch. The Quad really needs room remodels. Last time I stayed was about 6 months ago; only one elevator was working for our tower, the carpet was wrinkled and stained. If I owned the hotel, I would be embarrassed to have such low quality in my name. I know the rates are $25/night, but Phil Ruffin could make Quad look like Aria.
  3. And across the street, the stripper club is getting a pool too! Maybe they're working together... Vegas Chatter: Sapphire Stipper Club Day Pool Which one would you rather go to? Where the kids pee in the pool or this?
  4. Wow! Awesome ride! How long did this take to hand build? Im using a MacBook Pro and building my hand is pretty difficult on the mousepad. Plus a lot of fun tools, like Newton, aren't Mac compatible. I think my favorite though is the layout. Its compact, yet original. Where did you get your inspiration?
  5. Interesting. I think I might get myself an early X-mas present. Man, the last time I played RCT3 is coming up on 4 years when I transfered to a Mac. Lets hope I still remember how the game runs! I would like to get my paws into some of these TPR competitions... Personally, I feel like a MacBook Pro's built-in mouse-pad would hinder playing RCT3. An external mouse may be the best way to play the game.
  6. Just thought I would throw this out there; what type of credit cards do you have and use? What do you like about them? Any credit card you like over the other? What type of 'rewards' have you gotten from using your credit cards? The reason I ask this is because I am continually receiving offers from Amex Gold. I really don't know much about the company or if it would be the worth the $125 annual fee! I currently have 3 other credit cards: Bank of America, Discover Student Card (only for emergencies), and State Farm Student Visa (only for emergencies).
  7. I bought an iPhone 4 for $150 off Craigslist. The girl meet me at a Verizon store (its was a Verizon iPhone), and the representative said he gets this all the time. When you bring in another iPhone that fits that carriers model (CDMA or GSM), its considered a 'replacement' phone. No fees you pay to Verizon and more importantly, no two year contract!
  8. It looks interesting. What tools did you use to build the track? Oh, and your YouTube video is private. You have to allow public access.
  9. If there are any tennis fans here, it's interesting to note that Andre Agassi is an investors for the water park...and his house is just down the road! Probably will see him around quite often!
  10. I think so too, and that really makes a lot of people in the city happy! Village Roadshow's last Wet n' Wild was Phoenix which was back in 2009, and before that, 1999 in Hawaii (for US parks). The area surrounding the plot is bare. So there is a chance of expansion. Can't wait!!!!
  11. Called this from miles away.... Splash Canyon is the water park that never was: http://www.fox5vegas.com/story/19724748/splash-canyon-developers-to-unveil-new-plans-name Don't be holding your breath for a May 2013 opening. Bigger 'n' better plan? First in North America water slide? I've driven by this plot of land almost monthly. Last I saw was a chain link fence was put up around the site about 2 months ago. Before that, just flat dirt and no movement for a year.
  12. I've been on iOS6 now since the upgrade, and Im really not liking it. First, Im not a fan of having the Podcasts on a separate app. Im a minimalist when it comes to my 'home' screens. Less icons = better! Second, the removal of Maps really annoys me. The new program isn't bad, but I enjoyed Google's much more. Also, because I have the iPhone 4, the spoken turn-by-turn directions are not included. I think this is what really gets me. The technology is there and in my phone to allow spoken words, but why won't Apple allow it?! It's probably something they want customers to 'upgrade' for....even thought the technology is already in their phones. Last, YouTube. This may not be so much of an Apple issue, it may be a Google issue. Every morning, I listen to a radio show as I get ready for work. I used to play it through "YouTube" (or videos?) and be able to do background things (check emails, send texts, run other apps, etc). Now, YouTube has to be open for it to play. The screen stays lit, draining battery life, and you can't even lock the screen without the video shutting off. Not a fan of that. Huge bother to me. I do however enjoy the remodel of the music app and the app store. It's much more aesthetic and flows better. This is the first time in 2 years I've thought about going to a Galaxy. There are so many features that Apple should allow, but I just feel like their high nose corporation knows that people will go crazy for something that's just mediocre. In all, I believe the new Galaxy commercials hit spot on with how I feel about Apple.
  13. I did this a few months ago and had a great time! Just keep in mind this is television, and not a normal day at the park. As our field producer said, "TV is a bunch of hurry up and wait." You could be standing around for 4 hours until you actually get to ride, but once you're on, you'll be on for a few hours! Nonetheless, I had a great experience with Indigo Films and was astounded by their professionalism. This is something I will always remember!
  14. AWESOME! As a local, Im really excited! I live right next to the 'other' park, and haven't seen any progress or movement on the location in a few months. I highly doubt it will open by May 2013. May I ask; why this location? It really is great spot just off the highway. Your Utah location is right off the I-15, I really thought you guys would go right for the I-15 in Vegas too! Cannot wait for this!!!
  15. An interesting design, the new NL2 will be a great improvement for this track. Can someone explain where all these Dive Machine rumors came from?! Looking at the de-construction pictures, there is no way a dive machine could splash down in the existing pool, then make a turn into the existing station. I like your concept, maybe a NL challenge will be sparked from this???
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