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  1. I’m sure That’s what will happen. You’ll buy a “membership” that allows a certain number of visits within your year period, with blackouts and Total number of visits being determined by your tier.
  2. I’m sure it means that instead of an annual pass you will basically be buying supersized multi day tickets. My guess is they’ll offer eventually offer park hopper (but only allow single park visits to start until covid capacity restrictions are removed), Disneyland only, or DCA only options and your tier will be just how many days available you have total to use. Reservations system was already created with the flex pass, so foundation for this was already being built. I have no doubt This was happening regardless, but the pandemic was the window to speed it up. I bet they’ll still o
  3. It appears they are using the underground as a showcase area. The night I went their EMT department was featured. Had their ambulance and some other vehicles parked out there with EMT staff waving. Since it was SFMM, I wasn’t sure if it was a real emergency or not.
  4. You can go by yourself. I did that last night. I’m sure they suggest more people so they can guilt you into taking a friend without a pass to fork over $25 or $30 bucks. You’re really just paying for the unique opportunity to drive through the park with some employees in costume waving at you, since it’s just primarily the normal holiday in the park lights package. Magic deserves credit for doing something and putting people back to work, but do not going in expecting something amazing if you have already seen the holiday in the park lighting.
  5. We don’t need to beat a dead horse on the COVID situation in CA. let’s give props to Knotts for staying open for shopping for the vendors and making some of the popular food items available to go!
  6. Perfect for Myrtle Beach and even better that it’s actually next to the beach unlike Hard Rock Park
  7. Was able to snag the Walt Disney with castle to add to my collection
  8. People didn’t understand that you were Snow White in the story to begin with.
  9. I am not the least bit worried about anything because it’s Japan. People will be polite and respectful, they will have plenty of staff... the stateside versions will definitely need some changes to survive our guests. Especially the location at USH...lower lot doesn’t have anywhere to put people to wait to begin with...
  10. Not to derail this thread any further, but a huge part of the problem is there not anything actually tough about them. They exist, and some businesses (like Knotts when they were open for all their food festivals) do great at enforcement, many others don’t. The Southern California region on its own has a population that is larger than all but the state of Texas. The odds of being able to contain a virus in the region are zero given that millions of those people work “essential” jobs and there are probably another million who still believe it’s a hoax. Masks help and we respect all
  11. About the only thing I can count on is Orlando sometime next year. The Midwest is on my radar as a US road trip if international travel is still crappy. internationally Japan is priority number 1, with the UK and China not far behind.
  12. If Newsom keeps theme parks in the yellow tier, which is under 1 case per 100k people and under 2% positivity rate...in theory, that may never happen unless vaccines are mandated. Too many dummies won’t get the vaccine, so the virus will continue to spread amongst them. LA county is too large to expect the numbers to drop down that low. If he wises up or parks sue and move theme parks to orange tier...probably next summer.
  13. Technically the blend of themes fits since Jurassic World took place on Isla Nublar. But I agree that eventually they’ll change the whole island.
  14. Not tomica, but they had a toyset that features the ride vehicles plus Mickey, Minnie, and Donald in aviator costumes: I bought the whole set just for the ride vehicle
  15. Those are great! Ive recently added the McDonald’s happy meal toys and the newest tomica ride vehicles from Tokyo to my collection, in addition to finally starting to unpack my funko collection. Still waiting on a bunch of funkos to be delivered (65th anniversary, Walt with castle, mansion stretching portraits, mansion maid...)
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