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  1. Employee preview was tonight, so you can probably find some spoilers online if you want to. I was invited as a guest, but didn’t take any photos. quick summary: -fire back on the main entrance. No Gogo dancers up front. Main Street falls flat as a scare zone with nothing but music and gobo lights. -terror tram is exactly how you remember it minus the now demolished who ville and the mini maze next to war of worlds. The path is paved now! Very underwhelming, wish they would have kept the mazes in tram garage instead. -presumably because of planning for covid distancing, all the “recycled” IP mazes I think were improvements on their originals. Larger rooms and what felt like less scenes instead of “pack as much in with black walls between to make it fit” -Pandora’s box felt the same as 2019, which isn’t a bad thing! -aside from the low budget facade, haunting of hill house is beautiful. Again you can tell it was designed with covid in mind, which I think makes each scare pop more. -bride of Frankenstein, also felt shorter, but also great visuals. Exits into an outdoor scarezone on French street that I guess you could call an extension of the maze. Overall, Despite the recycled mazes, I think this actually turned out to be one of the better years quality wise.
  2. next up on the “check out baseball during the pandemic tour” was T-mobile park. Dodgers were in town for a day game and I work graveyard, so timing worked out perfect to hop on a flight and make it back on time. Like so many other stadiums, you can get from airport to stadium with ease on public transportation (looking at you Dodgers and Angels…) it’s conveniently located right next to the football stadium as well. T-mobile has the traditional faux modern brick rotunda entrance from the street and a giant retractable roof that is built over train tracks on the backside. obligatory overview. Great view from the top with the football stadium and downtown skyline so much of the stadium was closed (I went in April), I didn’t get to really explore like I normally would…but I found good beer and ding tai fung, so all is still well! just in case you wondered how they enforced social distancing ticket pods when that was a thing
  3. I actually believe this and changing all the passes to reservations will create much needed balance in the parks. Not all will purchase lightning lane and AP’s can’t flood the parks (since Disney can cut off reservations at any time), so the ratio of fastpass to standby line should be much better for both.
  4. One night with fright lane will be fine if you get there at opening for haunt. Get there late and you will get the mazes done and not much else. Visit the park in the daytime and lines will be non existent.
  5. I would assume not using indoor queues is to avoid the mask rule as much as possible. Actually smart on magic mountain part.
  6. I will in a heartbeat if it’s necessary to do what I want to do.
  7. I’m not going back for Halfpipe. I rode Sidewinder, the dark ride, and Twister II and got the hell out. No need to ever go back, since I really don’t care enough about counting credits anymore to bother with an SLC , Boomerang, and Roller Skater (were open, I just don’t care).
  8. Park probably has the best location of any in the country (actually in downtown right off a metro station) and is just left to rot. I went mainly because it was convenient to do before catching dodgers at rockies and I had never been. Will never go back, but your TR sums up the place perfectly. I’m also not expecting a replacement whenever it closes. Stan kroenke just spent a metric ton of money on sofi stadium, so he’ll probably sell off the rides…
  9. The Knotts hotel overhaul was long overdue. Happy to see that! I’m sure the parks will be doing individual announcements for rides later this year as well.
  10. Carnevil doesn’t really lend itself to being a scarezone either, so why not try something new? I dig this a lot more, hope it expands to take over the whole boardwalk
  11. We’ve reached peak enthusiast when there’s a page of discussion on arguing semantics about revolutions loop. In other news: track is here for “insert super hero name here” coaster
  12. I vote for many more aquatrax so Elissa can continue getting soaked by kids who reach their arm out to create a wake
  13. Construction is visible for the two mazes behind the parking garage, mummy, waterworld, and Parisian courtyard. Make of that what you will. I highly doubt two mazes are inside stage 29. The lower lot could barely handle the queue for just stranger things, and that was before Nintendo construction was so far along.
  14. They use the touch less security scanners now. Metal detectors have been off since the park was able to reopen.
  15. I would actually be super disappointed if knotts got a boring B&M as the ride they possibly snake around the park. Give me a Mack or Intamin instead!
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