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  1. There are other jobs available. Not even close to a fair comparison. And I’m someone who is a causality of this nonsense. The rational argument you should be making is how if the goal is to keep people from congregating and spreading the virus, why isn’t everything shut down? Costco on the weekend is a madhouse. Same for malls. Even Sea World operating as a “zoo” and Knotts as “outdoor dining” being open makes no sense if the goal is to keep people from spreading the virus. What magical powers to rides have to spread the virus?
  2. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if Orange County tries to cook the books so to speak and change the disney occupancies to get under the 15k threshold.
  3. People in so cal are so starved for theme parks, 2020 is probably the only year they could get away with it. Even I’d probably go!
  4. There will most certainly be new owners for some parks when this is all said and done. This has set the industry back 10 years and not all parks will have the cash flow to operate in future years.
  5. From the reviews, it looks like they did a good job with trying to keep it “safe” during these times.
  6. It will stay clean for a grand total of 5 minutes once it reopens.
  7. Thank you for your very valuable contribution to the discussion. Meanwhile my post cited aspects of 2020 that I hope are different in 2021. You know, the topic of the conversation. *shrug* Not going to argue with you. You didn’t need to have such a petty reply since the original comment is relevant to the topic. He didn’t need to reply after. Both of you move on now please.
  8. Don’t expect much. It’s just not possible for parks to return to business as normal after years of record profits for the industry were instantly wiped out. Even if things are “safe” again, parks will be conservative to try and recapture the millions lost (or billions in the case of Disney and universal) this year.
  9. Thoughts after watching the documentary: 1. Did they invent the mat racing and drop tower water slides? 2. That is gross negligence defined. The argument that “you need to take personal responsibility” while turning a blind eye to guests you know full well are not taking personal responsibility is something I am very glad is not part of the industry anymore.
  10. Six flags would have settled too after putting out the initial “we will fight this and can’t comment any further” statement. The reason ambulance chasing lawyers exist is because they know big companies are afraid of discovery. No park wants lawyers digging through all their records.
  11. Not in CA. Must be a valid photo ID. The temp paper one won’t work.
  12. Technically the park is open under the guidelines for outdoor dining as if it was a giant restaurant. The state hasn’t released guidelines for theme parks yet. I suppose the argument is that rides and queue lines are higher touch points where people will be in close proximity longer amounts of time but I suspect at this point the real reason is that it would be a bad look politically to open theme parks While bars and indoor dining are still banned. Knotts deserves kudos for quickly adjusting to generate revenue and get some employees back to work and setting a foundation for any other p
  13. I wouldn’t really call it a huge development, but happy they will be able to offer something (outdoor exhibits only). All of our parks have been closed for over 5 months. It’s big news even if it is no rides! Knotts was much bigger news finding an innovative way to operate. Other zoos were already open including SFDK up north! Going to go out on a limb and say that won’t be happening.
  14. I wouldn’t really call it a huge development, but happy they will be able to offer something (outdoor exhibits only).
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