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  1. In fairness to the park, I have not been anywhere recently that is actually still enforcing social distancing in common areas. It’s treated as a suggestion at this point. As others have mentioned, the CDC has found that the risk of exposures from surfaces is extremely low. I should also add that you should not being going to a theme park if you are worried about social distancing. If you are willingly going to a place you know there will be thousands of strangers, you are assuming the risks with that.
  2. At the moment, all the tiers are CA residents only. The governor has announced that if there is enough vaccine supply for anyone to get an appointment within 2 weeks and hospitalizations stay low, the tier system will end in June 15
  3. Better to get it right than rush it. SFMM opened without numerous flat rides, both water rides closed, and terribly long food lines. I actually think knotts is being smart by doing so much passholder only availability so they don’t take up as many spots when general tickets are available.
  4. I think the screens look fine, but it’s definitely not the same establishing shot. It’s also a peeve of mine that there’s no screens or effects above you (even a dang shadow gobo light would have worked) even though the mosasaurus goes over you. without the establishing shot and more “peaceful” dinosaurs, the story progresses too quickly through the stereotypical “it’s a theme park ride, things have to start off good before going terribly wrong.” TL;DR: everything looks good, the storytelling just falls flat.
  5. I much prefer the new upper level. The running blue figure and I-Rex in addition to the carry over figures (T-Rex from the ceiling re-skinned as I-Rex and the finale T-Rex that now “saves” you from I-Rex, plus the spitters that used to be on the lower portion) is certainly less suspenseful, but a much better overall show. If I was in charge, I would have combined the old middle portion with the new upper level with some aesthetic change to match the Jurassic world look and called it a day.
  6. The middle portion is still a little underwhelming (though much improved with the return of the compys, crashed gyrosphere, and the old I-Rex moved to the bottom of the left), but the area at the top of the lift is fantastic with the addition of the new I-Rex.
  7. The internet rumors (emphasize on rumor) are that was delayed or canceled as a result of the pandemic. Assuming that to be the case, business will quickly recover once all restrictions are lifted, so I can’t imagine it will be shelved for too long. Probably on the back half of the decade.
  8. Jurassic World opened today for guests of “taste of universal.”
  9. Either that or they broke it while cycling it for the Christmas event? Also, it’s just common sense to avoid a park on a weekend if you can. It’s hardly shocking to imagine long lines when it’s a weekend AND rides are forced to be loaded half full.
  10. 100% mobile ordering is the future of the industry. Adjusting the front and back of house to account for it is going to take time across the whole industry.
  11. Yeah, the food service thing will be interesting. Theme park kitchens are designed for higher volumes to begin with, but they aren’t designed for a high volume of walk up AND mobile orders coming in at the same time. Six Flags (and cedar fair for that matter) will likely keep struggling since the meal plans make it so many more people who normally wouldn’t pay $15 for a burger are ordering food now. In the case of SFMM, the majority of their food venues were built in the 70s and 80s to begin with, so their kitchens probably don’t have much room for upgrades/changes. It will be very in
  12. Swung by the park for a few hours to see how things would be in the covid world, and I have to say that magic mountain did a pretty good job. For those wondering, it appears the only checks for residency occur during the online reservation process. At the turnstile I was only asked to show my reservation (note on that: I wish they would update their system on the backend to tie the reservation to your pass so you didn’t have to show the reservation and then take out your pass for scanning). The parking attendant asked me for my reservation time (which was 3pm and I arrived at 4), so it ap
  13. I will have a full TR up tonight, but it is not correct. I’m in line for revolution right now! Dive devil was open as well.
  14. Can’t wait for everyone to see Jurassic world 2.0 and secret life of pets. Pets is the desperately needed family dark ride USH needed, though the capacity is very low. The enhancements to Jurassic really addressed all the dead spots on the ride. And even better: LA and OC will be entering the orange tiers!
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