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  1. The restraints met the ASTM standards for a class 5 restraint. Long story short, it means they are the highest rated ones used on the most extreme rides. This was 100% a poor judgment call on the operators. The restraint technically being flagged as closed is just a byproduct of that, not a manufacturing defect. As is usually the case when we hear about ejection deaths-operators just should known better despite restraints being “locked”
  2. It uses limit switches-just one piece of metal hitting another. Harness goes down far enough-sensor thinks it is down far enough to be locked. The Weight limit is presumably designed to prevent the situation that occurred, knowing a larger body type might not fit properly. The challenge with restraint design is that a tall persons shoulders could also cause the restraint to be up higher and be perfectly safe—-there’s no one size fits all system.
  3. You could have a very spirited discussion on restraint design and body types, but this isn’t the place for it. My assumption on what happened is that the harness went down far enough to flag the sensor it was locked when it never actually was. You can squish body mass down when the ride is on the ground, not so much when tilted in the air and dropping…
  4. I was far too lazy to make the effort to actually go into the park on a weekend and deal with people, so here’s the birdseye quick update:
  5. You can stay downtown and take the metro to a stop a couple miles away and there’s a free shuttle the rest of the way (long term plan is a automated peoplemover from a closer still under construction station to connect to sofi/forum/new clipper arena by 2028 for the Olympics)
  6. Every new stadium since Jerryworld has really followed that same template in terms of amenities (clubs and suites everywhere, field suites, ridiculous scoreboards, open spaces on the ends for SRO/additional seats), but each offering their own design quirks unique to their cities. I don’t believe you’ll see another sofi since digging so far down is more expensive, but I can see another stadium sticking with the giant canopy roof idea and replacing YouTube theater with additional shopping/dining instead underneath the canopy. Chicago, Buffalo, Washington will all be begging for money for new stadiums soon, so it will be fun to see the next evolutions of the template.
  7. Define work (but yes, I was) There’s no bad seat at sofi thanks to being in LAX flight path, which means the field is 100ft below sea level. so definitely PM me if you visit. I want to do the Jacksonville pools! Even if I wasn’t working, would recommend any football fan attend. The vibe is just on a different level. Im glad the game came down to the end, definitely added to the energy in the building.
  8. Resurrecting this thread because there was a football game this past Sunday! If you weren’t aware, the NFL completely takes over a stadium before the game and transforms it. Amongst the other changes is moving the entrance gates out into the parking lots and filling the parking lots up with mostly very expensive paid tailgates and a free one with some music acts. They also add their own graphics package to the entire stadium. Barely any of the stadiums existing signage remains for the event. They also have to build temporary broadcast booths to accommodate all the broadcasts throughout the world. the flyover doesn’t really work when the stadium has a giant roof over it (but it’s still open air at the ends), but here it was from the outside! the iPhone wide angle lens takes my favorite photos of the stadium! Photo of the setting up of the halftime show. It’s definitely a made for TV production since the buildings were only open on one side. I watched from the scoreboard. The rams lining up for the winning play! Rams win! They are the first team in history to host the conference title game and super bowl in the same season and second team in a row to win at their home stadium after having that never happen prior to the Bucs last season. …and the Fans storm the field to celebrate!
  9. Beyond a reasonable doubt is only the burden in criminal court. Civil court the standard is lower.
  10. This has to be some sort of shady business deal that is ultimately not good for either brand. Seems like a leveraged buyout attempt where the ultimate goal is bankrupt the company so whomever is orchestrating this can take the pieces they want and sell the rest for scrap
  11. I need to buy another shelf since I’m out of space and more still on the way (buzz, Indy, flounder tomica, more wdw anniversary funkos)
  12. Swung by the park since I was in the area to golf…not really anything to report except tastu is still being painted and the former riddlers courtyard entrance has a lot of footers which you can see through the very ripped up scrim on the fence.
  13. I think it’s really just the extra headaches that come with building codes.
  14. Great analogy. The engineering and re-building process is completely different. It’s not “plug and play” like a new coaster. As others have mentioned as well, supply chains are still messed up right now. Sourcing the components could be another factor for why the project is expected to take so long (remember, they’re not just buying the parts to open the ride, they have to buy spares too). Or, hypothetically, if they are going to keep the flywheel launch but need a brand new one since the old one isn’t able to be repaired any longer, you’d be asking a manufacturer to build a one off of something that tooling has long since disappeared. Ultimately, there are lots of reasons why it could be scheduled for such a long downtime, but it’s certainly not unusual.
  15. I don’t think you have any idea how complex converting the ride to a different launch system really would be. 6 months would be considered a fast turnaround… you need a new train, new electrical system, new control system, structural modifications, training the crew again, getting state certification…
  16. Knotts has their own small team for design and construction. If these plans are legit, it looks like it was their version that got leaked. They do general plotting and then leave it to the actual ride firm engineers to do the real technical engineering and will serve as the project managers for the construction.
  17. Great America had issues because the land was pubic land (owned by the city of Santa Clara) they were just leasing. Now cedar fair owns the property. There will certainly be some angry neighbors at the city council meeting when this comes up for approval, but there is zero chance it will get denied. I have no inside information, but I would assume that Knotts already has everything they need ready to go, including an environmental impact report that includes a section on noise and noise abatement.
  18. Knotts has never had a project denied approval by the city council. If this coaster is real, it will be approved.
  19. If you are going on a weekday, trying that with traffic will be quite the mission. It’s possible with flash pass and fast lane as your insurance policy since both parks will have bare minimum staff and operations, but the variable is the traffic from SFMM to Knotts. It’s more than likely that drive will be closer to 2hrs.
  20. Why is that lame? It’s the offseason except for MLK weekend in January.
  21. Viper can technically run 4 trains. There are two blocks outside the station (transfer track and brakes outside the station). They never will run more than 3 though. Viper had 4 trains, gutted one for parts, and is now back to 4 thanks to inheriting one from another park that tore down their arrow looper. One is always slowly being refurbished in the cycle shop, so you will rarely see them all at the ride.
  22. These are performers. More than likely they had a COVID outbreak amongst the cast and simply don’t have replacements that can be ready before the season is over given the rehearsal time needed.
  23. You will have much better luck with Uber and Lyft if you schedule your rides in advance. Never had an issue getting one when needed anywhere in So Cal with that method.
  24. I would definitely question it, but there’s no doubt its much better than before.
  25. whatever they were waiting for is clearly here now based on the lid of the wooden crate in the station. Still being worked on. edit: after doing another lap, the ride has successfully cycled. park is packed today. Xcelerator is open. Got my boysenberry beer and stuck around just long enough to snag the first photo of the ride cycling on my way out the western gate
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