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  1. We’ve reached peak enthusiast when there’s a page of discussion on arguing semantics about revolutions loop. In other news: track is here for “insert super hero name here” coaster
  2. I vote for many more aquatrax so Elissa can continue getting soaked by kids who reach their arm out to create a wake
  3. Construction is visible for the two mazes behind the parking garage, mummy, waterworld, and Parisian courtyard. Make of that what you will. I highly doubt two mazes are inside stage 29. The lower lot could barely handle the queue for just stranger things, and that was before Nintendo construction was so far along.
  4. They use the touch less security scanners now. Metal detectors have been off since the park was able to reopen.
  5. I would actually be super disappointed if knotts got a boring B&M as the ride they possibly snake around the park. Give me a Mack or Intamin instead!
  6. did a quick half lap of the park to see the progress on the upcoming project… for those wondering, this is the extent of the 50th anniversary decorations. Big miss IMO to not reopen sky tower and the museum they used to have up there as part of this. the new mask policy. They are not checking vaccine status, so it’s on an honor system. I saw maybe 10 people wearing masks (the employees still are), so if you’re still worried about COVID even after you’ve been vaccinated, theme parks are most certainly not somewhere you will want to visit. For those who aren’t worried, come on back and enjoy the parks back to full operation! food service still appears to be a struggle. I overheard chatter from an employee talking to another employee that the mobile app ordering may have crashed. Tidal Wave is gone and the construction fences have engulfed the entire area that used to be tidal wave, the plaza in front of RRv, and green lantern. There’s no good spots for aerial photos (follow the rules, no loose articles on rides!), so iPhone camera lens strategically placed up against the fence is the view we get. Looks like still very much in demolition mode and not construction for new ride yet.
  7. To be fair, it is magic mountain. Expensive part replacement they are putting off from an unexpected downtime is just as likely.
  8. This is an uncomfortable amount of kiddie coaster discussion.
  9. $20 is the highest starting wage in the industry, so I’m sure they’ll find the people they need at the expense of other businesses in Sandusky.
  10. Sports took a year off with fans, but now it’s back! And so is this thread! First up, the braves new stadium, Truist park. It’s about 10ish miles outside the downtown area in the middle of a business complex, but they built a nice “citywalk” style place outside to give fans and locals more reason to visit. It’s not going to be memorable as a classic stadium, but it does pack all the modern amenities in to make for a nice experience. a staple of every stadium is statues honoring their teams great players. Atlanta is no exception. Probably the coolest thing in the stadium is they did a version of “monument park” inside the concourse featuring all the teams greats and showcasing the teams history terrapin has a brewery on site as part of the shopping center where they brew some beers exclusive to the stadium. With covid protocols, only this stand was open and not the whole restaurant inside every modern stadium also needs a kids play area. This one had a whole midway of carnival games and even a small zip line ride. every seat on the lower level had mesh (much needed for summer heat) and a club to go to to purchase food and drink. My seats had the chipper jokes club, which due to covid just functioned as a normal snack stand and not full club menu. ...but the concourse did have a 2ft burrito for sale, so naturally I had that. Barely finished it. some overview shots. Definitely a nice place to catch a game, but not a place that will be remembered as an all time great stadium.
  11. The now demolished facades that made up queue for Batman and green latern were the last remnants of that section of the park. the nightclub from that section is why magic mountain had metal detectors long before other parks: in the 80s, a packed night turned into a gang brawl with multiple stabbings.
  12. They likely paint it more than other rides because they weld it so much.
  13. 100% we expect all TPR members to follow all park guidelines. So the answer is she should not be visiting the park at this time. Thus far, only Sea World has changed their guidelines to allow vaccinated guests from any state if she wants to visit a park.
  14. Broader appeal=more up charge money. For the folks who may still want the thrill of the height without the fear of the sky coaster harness and free fall. kind of reminds me of when S&S did the sky shot. I never even thought to go on the slingshot rides since they looked too sketchy for me, but 100% trusted the S&S sky shot.
  15. You should be fine with flash pass on a weekday. Kids are back in school, so crowds should be fine.
  16. Most likely just waiting for LA county approval before jumping in. Would imagine it’s coming soon.
  17. To be fair, right now CA has the lowest case numbers for the continental U.S. Is this requirement both smart (why wouldn’t you want visitors who are vaccinated?) and dumb (Orange County and central CA might as well be Alabama—pretty good odds they’re traveling within the state not caring about COVID at all or getting vaccinated) at the same time? Yes. Totally on brand for CA’s response thus far.
  18. You must be new around here if you think I’m a “boot licker” for SFMM. I’m just someone who realizes covid enforcement is a joke everywhere now and understands that if you chose to go somewhere you know will be a gathering place for thousands of strangers, you assume the risks that go with it. But some would rather aim for tik tok clout than just say “I don’t feel comfortable here. I’m out.” There is no entry level job in America that pays enough for anyone to care about enforcing things for all but the worst of the worst violators of covid precautions. Nor is there a business capped at 25% that can sustain throwing a crap ton of extra labor at something and be expected to make any money. You accept this reality when you visit any theme park right now. Should it be that way? In a perfect world, no, of course not. But in the real world...that’s how every park, stadium, large store, airport, and so on is actually operating.
  19. They aren’t going to get shut down unless the state and county will also be shutting down every other large venue again in the event things get out of control for another big wave. You can watch fans not wearing their masks all night long in the dugout club on every Dodger broadcast. Or anywhere else you go. 100% compliance is not feasible while these businesses are limited on what profit they make. I bash SFMM as much as anybody, but it’s very clear they added more security to do the best they can. Anyone who visits a theme park knows the risks. You are knowingly going to a place where you know there will be thousands of people. Posting on Tik Tok to get some clout for still complaining about covid stuff is dumb and in no way a reflection of reality. You want to see blatant ignoring of safety measures? Try visiting a six flags park in a Republican run state. SFoG will make you very much appreciate SFMM.
  20. Correct. It was moved to the lower lot with the opening of the starway and ET to make lower lot permanently part of the theme park and not just a studio tour stop.
  21. Another fun fact: prop plaza still exists in tact (minus the props of course) and is used frequently as a production base camp for the studio.
  22. Fun fact: the studio tour used to load where Jurassic park is now. It was moved to its current loading location for Jurassic Park to be built.
  23. The station won’t issue all 6 lockers in a row. It is like that to ensure everyone who uses the locker goes specifically to that area to keep the rest of the room distanced, but the operators will control it so there’s never any chance of two groups coming back at the same time. Also, anyone who visits look closely at the windows on the street at pets place. There’s a fun callout to the former inhabitant of the street.
  24. In fairness to the park, I have not been anywhere recently that is actually still enforcing social distancing in common areas. It’s treated as a suggestion at this point. As others have mentioned, the CDC has found that the risk of exposures from surfaces is extremely low. I should also add that you should not being going to a theme park if you are worried about social distancing. If you are willingly going to a place you know there will be thousands of strangers, you are assuming the risks with that.
  25. At the moment, all the tiers are CA residents only. The governor has announced that if there is enough vaccine supply for anyone to get an appointment within 2 weeks and hospitalizations stay low, the tier system will end in June 15
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