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  1. Flashback of the 2020 Season The 2020 season started a bit more than 2 months late on June 6th. Right on the opening day, you got to experience the new train for Cobra, built by german manufacturer Sunkid-Heege. Those new trains feature 3 2x2 cars, where the riders face each other. The front and back row are both facing forwards. The restraint consists of a lapbar with some straps over the shoulders and around your waist. My Opinion: The new train improves the ride experience a lot, but it still felly a bit rattly. I like that you cane ride Cobra now backwards and watch your
  2. Cobra @ Connyland The most generic coaster name after Rollercoaster.
  3. I haven't planned much at all, but few things are already for sure. Definitely: - Connyland - Europapark - Phantasialand - Efteling - Walibi Holland Probably: I have a few trips in mind to do but I'm not sure yet which ones I'll be doing. (Poland, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Australia, UAE)
  4. Thank you. Yeah wildlife is the biggest part of Kolmården for which you need a lot of time to see everything, but I didn't watch a lot at all of the animals, I was just focused on Wildfire. Yes I rode it once in the front (morning) and once in the back (late afternoon), but it still wasn't that impressive IMO.
  5. Sky Scream @ Holiday Park, Germany in the backrow in the dark
  6. Thank you. Yes it is, especially from the lower area where the kiddie rides are, it just looks sooo massive. Thanks. Yes Sweden is a must do for all coaster enthusiasts. Nice to hear, yeah Kolmarden has a lot to offer, but I was just lacking on time, otherwise I ould have done the cable car as well. Yeah it was a great trip. And it was as well our summer vacation together and we both had a good time.
  7. August 9th: Tivoli Gröna Lund On the 8th of August we have visited the Vasa museum, located on the same Island as Gröna Lund, so we took the ferry onto the island and got a first great view of the park. After the Vasa museum we continued with some sightseeing through Stockholm and finished the day with some ice cream. On August 9th it was finally time for the last park of this tour, Tivoli Gröna Lund. This day I went alone to Gröna Lund because it got a bit too much parks for my mum the last week, so she then visited some more museums in Stockholm. But since almost all museums are on
  8. August 7th: Kolmården The day started early in the morning in Götheborg. After a short night we packed our stuff and went to the train station, where we took the train to go to Kolmården. I was very excited for this day since I could ride my first RMC, but also that it was on my birthday. The train departured on time, but stopped about two miles after we have left the station, because the train was broken! So we were sitting around for almost an hour until the train started moving very slowly, but it only went as far as another mile to the next station, where we had to get off and take th
  9. Space Shot Tower now open Two weeks ago Connyland finally opened theis new S&S Shot'n'Drop called Space Shot Tower. I visited Connyland last Saturday and made a few photos and an offride Video. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] New vertical Darkride to open in 2020 During the Euro Attractions Show in Amsterdam, the owner of Connyland Robert Gasser announced a new vertical darkride from the swiss manufacturer Ride Engineers Switzerland. It will cost around 2 million swiss francs and should open in the 2020 season. Source: Parkerlebnis Dino Attack Upgrade The intera
  10. Well it's not in the list but Pegase Express at Parc Asterix is still missing some photos, so I have a few here.
  11. After a while I continue with part 2 of this trip report: August 6th: Liseberg After arriving in Göteborg in the evening of August 5th, we took the tram from the train station to our hotel and went directly past Liseberg, in fact, our hotel was almost next to Liseberg, just on the other side of the highway. The next morning we went to the supermarket for breakfast and had a great view of the park. With a satisfied stomach we then headed for Liseberg. After getting our wristbands, we headed to the back of the park for Balder, because the park was already open for 30mins by the time
  12. Hey Guys About two weeks ago on Thursday August 2nd I started a vacation with my mom to Denmark, but mostly Sweden. It all started in Switzerland, we flew from Basel to Copenhagen with Easyjet. After the landing we went to our Hotel and then to Tivoli Copenhagen. We arrived at the Tivoli at around 6:30pm, but it was open until 11pm. I choosed to go on this day since we already had to leave the next day at 3pm by train... So we went in and first I took a ride on their old woodie with a brakeman, Rutschebanen. Man this ride is very good for it's age! Smooth, good theming, cool ride ops and
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