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  1. this is (almost) self-explanatory I will create a random superhero name with one adjective and one noun. It will ALWAYS be a made-up superhero (so don't sue me!) For example: Tuna Man or... the Infectious Insect or... Bill it's up to you to be creative. make a pic of what he/she/it would look like, or give him/her a backstory. or give him/her their special superpowers. even give it a catch phrase if you like. 'Catch me if you "cod"!" "You can run, but you can't "heineken"! If you like, I may even arrange a prize (but that's up to the mods *wink!*) This game will end by Next Tuesday, June 21st. Anyone can go first.
  2. Hey It's me again (your monthly Bill). I believe I've invented a new game! Each post will name a new coaster you MUST have ridden in alphabetical order. I want to see the VAST amount of coasters members of this website have been on. The first coaster would start with "A". the next coaster will then start with the letter "B"and etc. etc.. Remember, no cheating and NO LYING! I'll start off: Apollo's Chariot
  3. coasterbill meet.... Bill (quack!) Nice pics, but I'm wondering if it's any better than Medusa is SFGA? I sure know it won't beat Nitro! (or Apollo's Chariot for that matter...)
  4. I believe... my first coaster was actually a looping one. I was about 7 when Batman: the Ride first opened (estimate, it might have been one or two yrs old) My older sister dared me to go on with her, and I did. It was like a 2 hour wait, but it was SOOOO worth it then. about 12 years and 100 coasters later, it's now pretty bleh. -This looks like a job for.... SUPERBILL!!!
  5. Hey, I'm "Bill" (not my real name, but for confusion's sake you can call me it) I'm from PA and i'm gonna be a male nurse! ( you can stop laughing now...) I've have'nt been on a coaster this year yet, so I can wait to get my feet wet (metaphorically, unless you count the Soaker Coaster in Hersheypark) BTW, i dont have a prob w/ donkeys, but i STILL want to change that caption above my avatar! please help! gracias. -Bill (*not "william"*)
  6. That is truly tragic. 4 years old... my heart goes out to the family. -Bill (*the price we pay*)
  7. I think this would make a great game for newbies on this website (I.E besides me!) I was going for the whole "vague word" deal w/ my avatar. Bill could mean almost anything! ("that nose, that payment, that crisp moolah, that... guy named william") After you rate the avatar, you can suggest and post ideas for a better avatar for them. Better yet, find and post the avatar for them! (then, they would get the "hint") HAVE FUN! -Bill (*I thought I paid you...*)
  8. my first post!! Has anyone visit Dorney Park in Allentown, PA recently? I'm local around there, but i've been too busy to go try out their new coaster! Overall, I like their coasters (especially their steel, their woods are weak) and their water park so I'm thrilled that they added ANOTHER reason to go there! By the end of the month, I'll give you the verdict on Hydra. In the mean time, tell me if you've ever been at Dorney Park, when, and how you rate it. Oh, and an early review of Hydra wouldn't hurt either! -Bill (*Bling!* *Bling!*)
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