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  1. I would go earlier but either is fine. The tradeoff is crowds vs staffing. Late August is dead, but smaller rides may not open or may open late, Gemini probably won't race if it opens at all, food lines might be extremely long with many places closed, etc.
  2. I think you're giving Six Flags way too much credit, though I want to believe that someone somewhere in corporate has a complex excel formula that told them that 1 safari truck every 25 minutes at Safari Off Road Adventure is the absolute sweet spot for dispatch interval.
  3. It's technically possible to do that depending on the park, just highly unlikely. If Parc Asterix had one of these, I wouldn't bat an eye if you told me they were hitting that. Six Flags? Yeah... you're lucky to do 400 riders per hour, but Great Adventure is currently running one train on every single coaster in the park except for Skull Mountain, Nitro and Kingda Ka so they've already established that they aggressively don't care about that.
  4. Nobody is going to walk a literal mile round trip to save $2, and if they do... just let them do it. lol
  5. Highlights: - The new Power Surge is not a portable model. It's permanent. I didn't even know that they made permanent models. The program will be crazier. The ride will not open on opening day. - They repainted Impulse even though it barely needed it - The park is very well staffed this year already - Every car of the Bayern Kurve apparently had it's own PLC. They've changed that. The delays have been due to that but it should be open in 2024. They also just had to reallocate people to other projects last year, like reopening the Skyway (suck it Lake Compounce). The ride will be the fastest ride in the park. The max speed is 70 mph. They're not sure if they can safely run it at 70 mph but they're going to try and if not, run it as close to 70mph as possible. - Some changes have been made to some haunted mansion scenes. - The cub cars are going away for awhile but will probably be back. This is where the Rock O Plane will go (between Phoenix and Fandango). The ride will not open on opening day. - They replaced a lot of sections of the flume. It will open around Memorial Day. - Paratrooper and the Teacups are both undergoing restorations and will open later in the year. - Sky Slide is coming back after being closed since the start of the Pandemic. It may not reopen this year but it will finally reopen. Hopefully no lawyer actually looks at it. -They've done a bunch of track work on the three wood coasters but that's to be expected.
  6. I took this picture on Saturday. We were hoping for a soft opening later in the day but sadly it never happened. Maybe next weekend…
  7. They're apparently building a Top Spin, but this is not replacing the log flume. A Top Spin in 2024 is... a choice. lol
  8. You know... while the demolition crew is in the area, maybe let's do something about all of this???
  9. If you would have told me a few years ago that a park would open an hour from my house that was indoors, open every day of the year, had an Intamin multi launch, an air race, a drop tower, a record-breaking Gerstlauer, an Intamin half-pipe, a legitimately-kick-ass frisbee and a bunch of other kick-ass rides and I would never go there I would have never believed you. If this park was even operated moderately-well, I would spend $500-$600 a year on a season pass and not bat an eye. It's stunning how terrible this park is, and I want to love it. Sandy's Blasting Bronco operates less frequently than any other coaster in the region... even the ones at parks like Rye Playland that open in May, close in September and are often closed weekdays. And like, if I'm begging for your operations to be on the level of Rye Playland then you really, really, really suck.
  10. Well the people who paid to ride things can't ride anything anyway since it's all closed, so it seems only right that they should make them pay their fair share... ... I hate this place
  11. If you guys are wondering when peak season is because you think that if you go then, they'll make some effort to have Sandy's, Shellraiser and the other major rides open then you don't understand how this park works. They scheduled the start of a multi-month long planned closure for Sandy's at the beginning of December. They're a mall. December is sort-of busy at malls. Sandy's finally reopened like 5 days ago... everyone was excited. It's already closed again.
  12. Wow... that's a lot. Counterpoint: the reason that nobody goes to this place is that it sucks, there's no need to over-analyze it or make it a microcosm of anything greater than that. The Garden State Plaza mall is less than 15 miles away and every time I drive by it it's packed beyond packed (and often traffic spills out onto 17 and brings everything to a standstill). The major rides weren't closed because you were unlucky or because it was the offseason, the major rides were closed because you went to the American Dream mall and major rides are closed on any day of the week that ends with the letter y. They're also severely lacking in shops, they occasionally have shootings, the water park has theming elements that fall from the sky and try to kill you, their ferris wheel offers sweeping views of the Jersey Turnpike and the world's worst NFL stadium, but the promised "sweeping NYC views" can be better experienced from one of the 758 observation decks that are actually in NYC. Oh... and their ski slope catches on fire. It's the worst-run park in America by a lot and season passes (if you were to purchase one for each "season" are more expensive than they would be for any park or even chain of theme parks anywhere in America except for Disney...
  13. If they run a decent amount of rides, that's a super-cool announcement. Good theme park Christmas events are awesome.
  14. Well well well... I bet nobody expected to see this thread bumped today. Just two years after rocking the coaster world to sleep with the addition of Fireball, this park is actually up to something big. Disclaimer: by "big" I mean "really really small" but big for Adventureland because the park is the size of a postage stamp. A few days ago they announced the closure of their log flume: And today, they announced the closure of their pirate ship. In that post they teased a "MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT" </caps lock>. Now... Dorney just announced a gift shop and called it major. I get that "major" means nothing but I actually think that this might be kind-of big. Now I know what you're thinking... "But Bill. I don't give a sh*t" "These two rides are old, of course they're removing them" "There's a park called Adventureland on Long Island?" ... Two things. A) You clicked on this thread, not me. Did you expect a Millennium Force clone? B) Okay so hear me out: Again... when I say that this is a "big" space I mean the size of the Dollar Tree next to the park but in Adventureland terms they are freeing up enough space for what COULD be their biggest ride ever. I kind-of hate this because if I never have to experience the Long Island Expressway again as long as I live that would be great but I also love this because this park is super cute and I kind of like it. My prediction based on literally nothing is one of those ultra-compact Zamperla family coaster /flume combos that Coney Island the the lesser Adventureland just got.
  15. Oh, you're right. I know that they have 4 trains and thought that they had 4 bays but apparently I made that last bit up. lol
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