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  1. Report back on if this works. Eventually they'll stop renewing our busted paper passes. No clue when, but I'm sure it will happen. lol
  2. The San Antonio pass is the best deal in the chain (I believe). Jump on it.
  3. Well tell them to slow down and chill out before they break it...
  4. Normally they close 5-10 minutes after the park closes but last year and this year they've announced that lines will close early at random for budget if the lines are long.
  5. I was about to rip on them hard when I saw the public opening date but May 6th is fine considering they already had the festival running.
  6. To clarify a bit... Link --- I feel like walking around a theme park outdoors with a mask on seems unnecessary if you’re not in a crowded area but I get why it’s much easier to put a blanket policy in place than ask the general public to use basic common sense and have the employees try to enforce things that are total judgement calls. I'm absolutely in favor of this in theory but let's see how it goes in reality where we have to rely on the public to use common sense.
  7. Nobody knows the answer to these questions since nobody knows if they'll sell Fastlane or if you'll need to spend hours of your day walking around trying to get boarding passes. The only thing I can tell you is that you should make your reservations for the park itself early since they'll probably hit capacity all of those days since it's a holiday weekend.
  8. Want to feel old? Today is Nitro's 20th Birthday. If I ruined your day... you're welcome. Snapple Fact: It's also the 20th anniversary of the last time they painted it.
  9. I'm just now seeing this because they just posted it on their page again but it's nice to see that they've just entirely given up. Closed every Tuesday all summer? Yesterday was a Tuesday and Great Adventure had hour plus waits all over the park but yeah... whatever. You guys are doing a great job.
  10. I mean, Like I said... personally I'd rather shoot myself in the face. lol
  11. It blows my mind that you haven’t been to that park in so long. I mean... sure, it kind of sucks but come on, man.
  12. I get why some people would like it; mainly locals who want the festive atmosphere and know a bunch of their friends in the hobby will be there and they can hang out all day while standing in line and knowing that they'll probably ride like one thing all day but you're not really there to ride much and you're okay with that. If I were traveling to be there I would hate it. Also, personally if I were a local I wouldn't care about that at all and would just wait 3 weeks and ride it on a random Wednesday morning or something but if that's your thing, hey... you do you. If I lived nearby I wo
  13. I'm so happy this is happening after our next trip. It looks great and I can't wait to ride it in the fall but also I would rather shoot myself in the face than go there opening weekend and it was looking like a distinct possibility.
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