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  1. We went there for the first time this year, took one look at it and were not sad that we missed it. lol
  2. If I decided to only visit places where the government has never done anything shitty or to only support businesses that have never done anything shitty or donated to anything shitty then I would never leave my house. Brit and I are both politically engaged but this is not something that we worry about 99.9% of the time.
  3. There is a rumor going around that Runaway Mine Train and Medusa will also be closed early in the year but it's a rumor and that needs to be stressed heavily.
  4. I absolutely expect it to go over Iron Dragon. I honestly expect enthusiasts to mostly hate this and complain about the weaker launch and how much better it used to be or whatever and I'm so here for it.
  5. I thought that this theory was dumb a few months ago. I was wrong. It lines up perfectly. (I don't know the photo source. If you do, let me know and I'll update the post)
  6. Yeah, I always applaud "weird" in this industry, especially from B&M (unless it's an Orlando standup coaster being built in 2023, then no).
  7. This is so cute. I love it, I just hate that it's at Chessington because I never want to be tempted to go there again.
  8. Cedar Fair and Six Flags just entirely swapped places between 2021 and 2022. Six Flags was running circles around them in 2020 and 2021. In 2022, Cedar Fair started being awesome and Six Flags... lol wow.
  9. Yeah, basically just rope drop whatever is actually open. Riddler and Goliath have been closed for awhile and I have no clue when they'll reopen. My advice is to go somewhere else, but if you insist then just adjust your expectations.
  10. Yeah, I feel like they basically tried to turn some people away but ended up getting more resistance than anticipated and went too far with it. What they really learned in all of this is that people really don't think that they have a product that's as valuable as the competition does and l..o...f*cking...l. I still feel like they should have just incrementally raised membership prices over time by a few bucks per month per year and zero people would have cared.
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