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  1. All of the non-California parks will probably be able to open by their normal opening days anyway, though they've already stated that they might open a bunch of parks late just for fun so I guess who knows?
  2. It's extremely rare for them to have all of their major rides operating on the same day. It basically never happens. I don't recommend anyone plan a trip to this place unless they're okay with missing out on a major ride or two but I mean... what do you expect when you're only paying $80 per person for 4 hours?
  3. Yeah, Fiesta Texas is seriously ridiculous. It's a shame to hear about SeaWorld doing the same thing.
  4. Did they open Blue Hawk and that atrocious wood coaster for Christmas? That's new for this year, isn't it?
  5. Wow, Six Flags. All of those things are really great. We really are living in a fantasy world...
  6. "Safe but annoying" should be the official Cedar Fair slogan during covid.
  7. Six Flags over Texas is year-round now, aren't they? Is this an event that only takes up part of the park and it's not fully open this year or is the park fully open and this is just a bonus thing?
  8. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been to a park all year where people follow the distancing markers unless there are people there actively enforcing it (at which point people are trained by the end of the day and just do it on their own). While I’m not giving the rural Tennessee crowd a pass on that, I also don’t think they’re any worse than most other places. Six Flags Great Adventure is in a market that got hit the hardest by covid (in terms of deaths since it happened early-on) and it’s a free-for-all. American Dream... same thing. SeaWorld, Knoebels, Dorney, Hershey... all atrocious. Th
  9. Mask compliance was better than I expected but it wasn’t great. social distancing isn’t a thing but that’s true of most regional parks. If you care about that, buy Timesaver.
  10. I still feel like it’s only a matter-of-time before they just go year-round.
  11. “Riders spared from full ride on Manhattan Express as train derails mid-ride”
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