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  1. Life Hack: Streamline your experience and avoid all of these trips to guest relations at Palace Entertainment parks by not going.
  2. It should be noted that the ride is posted as open today on Queue Times. This took place on the 19th and it was closed for the rest of the day and all day yesterday. If that's accurate I'm assuming it's just running one train and probably will be for awhile.
  3. That's what I do too. Half the time I drink beer, otherwise I just drink free water courtesy cups since it's free and better for me than soda anyway. Every once in awhile I'll want a kick of caffeine and order a coke, but whatever... it's 50% off with the DE pass and worth a few bucks every 2-3 visits to not have to carry the cup.
  4. I agree with that entirely. Elitch Gardens is an atrocious park. It has potential to be an "okay" park but it's so badly run. Lakeside is a total shithole but I found it to be a really fun shithole and they're open about being a shithole. If both coasters are open then it's fun at night. The wood coaster kind of sucks but Wild Chipmunk is the best coaster in Colorado so... fight me. lol Honestly, I like Lakeside. Expectations need to be set and it's totally weird but we had fun. As for Glenwood Caverns, yeah... everyone should go there. It's fantastic. I agree that nobody should go t
  5. Did anyone know that this was a thing? We popped by yesterday for a few hours and saw the signs up everywhere but don’t see any announcement aside from the signs in the park:
  6. The park has quietly updated the hours for a few operating days in the coming weeks: Friday, June 25th - 8pm close (previously 7pm) Saturday, June 26th - 9pm close (previously 8pm) July 2nd through 4th - 10pm close (previously 9pm)
  7. Oh, it only took me 30 seconds to get the cup. It's just that it only took me an additional 30 seconds to throw it in the nearest trash can.
  8. Am I the only one that doesn't get those? I get it with my drink plan but always throw it in the trash. I'd rather pay the extra money if I ever actually want soda than carry that unnecessarily large cup that doesn't fit in a locker around all day. Now I feel like I should get them and give them to people who care.
  9. I don't want to alarm anyone but Six Flags is kind-of theming something. I'm grading on a curve, but I am impressed. Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sfgadvconnoisseurs Also this should be set back from the path because if it's actually made out of wood, everyone is going to scratch their names into it in 5 seconds. At no point should this park forget that they have the worst guests ever...
  10. Per queue times it looks like an obvious staffing move but they often open those rides the last few hours of the day when the staff becomes available. I'd imagine it won't be an issue on weekends.
  11. I always thought that Banshee rode like absolute ass in the back of the train. I don’t care about “B&M rattle”, this isn’t that, this is like riding on a jackhammer with square wheels and it’s been like that since opening year. I always ride it in the front. Those trains are terrible and that’s weird because old inverts trains were absolute perfection. Why would anyone change them? Other than that I don’t really have strong preferences on anything in that park. Diamondback is great in the back, but it’s fun up front too so try both. Same for Orion and Mystic.
  12. My only advice is to ride the coasters at Dorney once, ride Demon Drop, ride Thunder Creek Mountain and then leave immediately and go to Knoebels / Great Adventure / Hershey... anything.
  13. I still feel like a half-open park is better than a closed park as long as the park is transparent about what will and will not be open. I also wonder if Cedar Fair is missing an opportunity by not copying the Six Flags "Coaster Power Hours" thing on days where they're closed. You only need to open coasters and a few food stands and thousands of people will show up. Then again, it's an easier sell when you never had those days scheduled to begin with and then add them later rather than saying "Okay, we're going to open but only kind-of and it's an upcharge now" so I see how they've screwe
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