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  1. As one matures in life they graduate from team Sheetz to team Wawa. Sure, you look back fondly at your party days of getting blackout drunk and then going "YEAH MAN PUT MOZZARELLA STICKS ALL OVER THAT BURGER AND SPELL IT WITH A Z" but there's no shame in not being about that life anymore. Also, I'm sad about that Super 8. I used to stay at shit hotels all the time and now that I've grown up a bit and become a fancy-ass Wawa person my tastes have changed and I'm more of like a Marriot / Hilton / Choice but Comfort Inn / Suites or above person. That Super 8 was always WAY too good to be a Super 8 though and I feel like even now I'd consider staying there if it were still like it used to be. I'm sad to hear that they checked the sign, saw that it said "Super 8" on it and realized that they were supposed to suck. That's a bummer.
  2. This made me LOL. Two of these suggestions are actually great though. I'll let everyone decide which two.
  3. The one at Fiesta Texas has the same name and a themed queue. Knowing the Six Flags web team, it's very likely that they just copied and pasted this description from that one. It may have a themed queue or it may not.
  4. Don't forget that they just closed Wicked Twister and replaced it with a small Wild Mouse with a lift hill. I don't know the answer to this question, but I'd imagine that replacing Top Thrill Dragster and Wicked Twister with Top Thrill 2 and Wild Mouse is probably not an insane jump in power usage in either direction. I'm prepared to be very wrong on this though.
  5. I honestly feel like the capacity will be fine. It sort-of looks like they can park a train out right before the switch. Sure, the old ride had six trains but usually 1 was in transfer, 4 of them were busy doing f*ck all and 1 was actually launching every minute or so. ... or all 6 of them were doing f*ck all and maintenance was there wondering if they should put in their 2 weeks or actually go and fix Dragster for the 3,786th time that week. As for the ride, it looks cool. Hopefully Zamperla impresses everyone.
  6. That was never the norm. There were rare days like that, but they were also balanced out by breakdowns that lasted for weeks / months at a time that seemed to be becoming more and more frequent. In 3 of it's last 5 seasons it ended up on the news because of a major breakdown and one of the 2 years where that didn't happen was 2020 when the park opened for the season 2 months late and the park closed at like 7PM every day. It barely had the opportunity. ... remember this in 2019? ... or this in 2017?
  7. Dragster also spent like 4 hours of every day broken on a good day. If capacity is lower but uptime is better this could still easily see more riders per season.
  8. If that's an emotional support duck then the emotional support duck will now also need an emotional support duck after riding a giga coaster and being traumatized for life.
  9. ... or, why not just skip the line for free by being a duck! ] Source: Reddit PS: I have no additional context right now, but it looks like a duck rode Millennium Force. This might be my favorite theme park story since the Orlando Eye semi-exploded on New Year's Eve.
  10. I have lots of issues with Wonder Mountain: The Blast Coaster. 1) Can it coexist with Vortex? Thunder Run? I don't really care about Wonder Mountain's Guardian in it's current form. It's an upgrade over Thunder Run but it would be a shame to lose it. It would probably be a downgrade from Vortex and it would probably require them to remove more than one ride. 2) It looks like shit. So Wonder Mountain would have an off-center inversion coming out of it and spit fire now? lol why? 3) Where would the rest of the ride even go? I just imagine an ugly mess of track over everything. 4) If you want to build a wing coaster, please just demolish Time Warp and that awful SLC. The other 2 concepts seem great.
  11. I also prefer this format dramatically to Discord and Reddit, but I don't control what people like.
  12. So we went to the park today. El Toro is running exactly like it always has. There is about 5 feet of new track… it’s the roughest 5 feet of the ride. Otherwise I’m sure they did some work somewhere but I couldn’t tell you where. It doesn’t look like anything was touched.
  13. El Toro is open. Reports are mostly that it’s running exactly the same as it was before it had the accident, which checks out considering they did almost no track work of any kind. We’re hoping to ride Monday so I’ll let you know what it experience is.
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