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  1. Man... if not for covid they would have totally been on track for that July opening. The park looks done... Link
  2. It totally is but I’m just not about that. He was also like 16. Lol
  3. Awesome report! ^There was an employee at one of the coasters (I won’t say which... I’m not here to put people on blast) openly telling us (totally unsolicited) that masks were a bunch of crap and that employees needed to stop telling guests to wear them because “nobody freaking cares”. If you care about covid, don’t go to Hershey. They’re probably the worst park I’ve seen year with it and I’ve been to SeaWorld and Great Adventure multiple times. Great Adventure miiiiiight be worse but it’s close. That said, yeah it was an awesome day. I feel like I should go to this park more
  4. Fine by me if this is true, and yeah, Adventureland is a shitshow right now so I’m down for anything that fixes that. Also, I know I’m preaching to the choir and it’s not like this is my original idea here but if you’re at the point where you need a virtual line for the f*cking Jungle Cruise then maybe extend park hours...
  5. I’m not here to discuss the intricacies of what type of bluegrass / country / backwoods whatever-the-f*ck music is what... most people know what I mean. I guess I’ll amend that to “redneck music that I don’t care about” if it makes you feel better.
  6. Skyline chili sucks. I know Cincinnati really wants to have their own *thing* but maybe just take the L on this one, read up on the sunk cost fallacy and maybe try something new. Lol I say this out of love, Cincinnati.
  7. Dollywood is super weird. There are plenty of days where they’re reasonably crowded and absolutely nobody is riding rides. I get it though... their shows are really good around Christmas and many of the people in them have experience on Broadway. The rest of the time the shows are 99% bluegrass music which I don’t care about one bit, but a lot of people clearly do in eastern Tennessee. Lol
  8. This place is loaded with lurkers who don’t post (PS: You should post, only a few of us bite). I feel like the new post reactions are the moment they’ve been waiting for.
  9. I actually thought the food at the brewhouse was legitimately really good.
  10. Well it’s *definitely* the best waterpark in Orlando for the next few months. Lol
  11. Also, on the surface this seems great but if it’s a ploy to un-freeze all Six Flags Great America memberships for 5 additional months as opposed to having to keep them frozen until they open next May without opening any rides then L...o...f*cking... L
  12. Friendly reminder to passholders to make sure you stop at guest services before the end of the year (On the left near the entrance)... as they’re giving out $50 in in-park credits and free drink vouchers which can be used on select beer due to covid. I didn’t even know this was a thing but Brit did and I got a lot of beer This even works with those old busted paper passes (and ours are from Williamsburg).
  13. I can’t believe Chaos is still running but as long as they keep running it we’ll keep popping in for a ride whenever we find ourselves in Vegas.
  14. Great update. It’s a shame about the stupid rules being imposed on them but I really admire the park’s ability to creatively work with them.
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