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  1. I don't understand what was unclear about either statement. RMC could retrack every pothole with Topper and should due to warranty. But they can't Ibox every pothole only. Topper track is currently called wood. That has it's own appeal, a matter of expectations and records, beyond how it may or may not ride.
  2. Coaster should still be on 5 year warranty. However, while RMC might have to do necessary retrack, Dollywood wants to avoid the problem soon recurring. That's probably kind of simple to calculate the extra cost of, except it can't switch between track types constantly, so who pays for the I-box bits between the parts that would be retracked? The idea of Topper being able to be called wood is seductive. Maybe RMC originally hoped to move up gradually, but then I-Box took off. Looking again at the cross sections, Topper is hybrid track. The use of a single steel box for b
  3. It's a good event but a long trip and you have good parks in PA if they stay open. However, actual social distancing is better at BGW !
  4. The same thing happened 2 years ago, at least for the 2nd Nov. weekend. Had country bands though.
  5. If the question is purely academic, Europe and Japan are possible contenders. But if you're looking at making a trip in real life, certainly you will be able to do more here in the USA if that's what you're coming from (If you want to leave the whole US for later, obviously go somewhere else). Fuji-Q has some of the most unique coasters, but a short list. Cedar Point has a wonderfully rich and large collection, and more truly great. It also has the crowds to match. Or, Holiday World has more great wood coasters than probably anywhere else. So many parks offer unique experiences. Right now
  6. Riddler was 20 years old when it got the new trains, ME is now 25 years old. The GNE got new trains back in 2008 and that was $1.2M. It's also the park's top, signature attraction, in a wonderful location unsuitable for replacing it with something else. I think there's a limit to how old these can get before the cost of new trains/restraints is excessive. Surprisingly, I think ME may run a little better now with the train shortened by one row.
  7. Finally someone else says it. Was running best of my 3 trips in 9 years. And no I don't think they'll ever RMC it.
  8. I agree also this place is amazing. However most of the flats look too intense/dizzying for me so it wouldn't keep me occupied real long. That was fine for swinging by at night on my way home from GrAdv but also there is a beach and lots else to do around there. I came into town around 8:30 and was actually chilly at first with my sunburn. Parking at a meter with some time left on it was $2.50 (card). I got the 50 tickets for $38 which got me 2 rides on the 2 larger coasters, Whirlwind and the Fun House. Lines for the big coasters were a bit long at what was probably the peak of the whole day,
  9. ^^-- as does Great Adventure. And don't throw away your reservation, if printed, if you want to leave the parking lot. The end of hand stamps, perhaps the only COVID-related change I'd like to see permanent -- though slightly odd now, as I'd think they'd want to count how many leave and aren't coming back..
  10. I was there yesterday (Monday) and almost everyone wore masks in some way, although 5% improperly early in the day up to 20% by the end, and only improving very slightly in tight spaces. As to actual distancing, there was almost none. If you arrive early, the entry sets the tone for the day. They have set up a gigantic queue maze to get into the temperature screening but if there is any distancing it is hard to tell as everyone is walking back and forth by each other over and over. If you slow down, some kids will probably pass you. At Batman, the grouper was waiting until the row ga
  11. SFA has become my temporary (hopefully) home park and it's a good park. Too bad about missing Wild One, I'm on the fence if it or Superman is the best ride there (after Renegade Rapids ). Can't agree about Joker's Jinx vs. the far superior Flight of Fear though.
  12. Even if I didn't find it fun, I'd have to consider Lightning Racer's version of racing fascinating and the design and construction impressive. The common factor of lukewarm reviews of it is not mentioning anything about it racing at all except the name. I also consider it pretty solid as a single coaster too -- and when I first rode it 9 years ago, it was still like new, which was a unusual experience. As to Skyrush, I hold on to the bars to each side and reduce force. The handles are in a useless position. I don't think there's anything about the restraints which wouldn't be fine on a
  13. I don't understand criticisms like this of Lightning Racer. Yes, if was only a single coaster, it would be a 7 or maybe only 6. Racing, and especially my first ride in a while, it's at least 4 times better, and the best surprise in the park -- even having been there twice before and knowing how good it is. I also love Wildcat, especially with retracking since my last visit. Comet was running great too; it was at least 4:00 by the time I rode it ... 3 times. I also found my later ride, front row, on Candy far better, very good. Unfortunately I rode the hypers least of any with reasonabl
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