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  1. Weekdays in the fall are usually good. Avoid the parks during the holidays, especially Christmas week. Also, winter tends to be not too bad but make sure it's not a holiday weekend (MLK day, etc)
  2. Looks awesome! Thanks Robb for what was surely a monumental and thankless job! I thank you!
  3. Was the line really this long or is it a mistake on the board? I don't think I've seen a line number that long since USJ's Flying Dinosaur. No. That was just a test of the monitor. It never had the time listed. I think it said "At Capacity" or "By Reservation Only."
  4. I went on Friday for Premier Passholder preview day. Had 2pm reservations. Waited about 45 minutes for Tooth Fairy since they stopped the line for about 20-25 minutes for a cast changeover. Since this was the first day, I imagine they will figure out a better way to keep the attraction open and the line moving. The whole house felt like a typical HHN house with sets, sound, lights, and scare-actors. The only differences were the plexiglass dividers in front of each scene and the attendants with their red wands insuring people keeping their distance. I really like this house and its conce
  5. I've been to the park a few times since COVID 19 and it was NEVER this crowded. I think a couple of factors came together: 1) Orange County schools starting on Monday 2) Perfect weather (although HOT but no rain) 3) People just tired of staying at home 4) Disney parks severely limiting attendance 5) New pay one day get the rest of year free pass 6) All Premier passholders can bring a friend for free AND express pass after 2pm 7) No reservations needed so no cap on amount of people in parks 8) Several BIG rides not running (Hagrids, Gringotts) and more closed (Fast & Furious, sp
  6. Sorry for the double post! Tried to delete but no luck! Enjoy the REAL post below!
  7. If they need any help in selling out Howl-O-Scream, just add Iron Gwazi as only available during the event nights. I know tons of people who would gladly pay $24 for a chance to ride it!
  8. Quick trip report Went today, Saturday August 15, 2020, and the place was MOBBED. I realize there is limited capacity, but I have not seen the park this crowded since the holidays. Lines for everything averaged 60+ minutes, and both Hagrids and Gringotts were down. Add onto that the temporary closures of Fast and Furious, Poseidon, and some other rides, and you got limited options. I did a quick loop and left without riding anything. Yeah. And this was at about 1pm. Representing CP at UO! See? Check out those wait times Yikes HARD pass When have you seen an 80
  9. I only rode Skyrush once its opening year. Painful. Beyond painful since I have big quads. The sitting on the brake run at the end was pretty much the worst moment I have ever had on a coaster. I could feel the blood clots starting. Why oh why did they design these lap bars so horribly? I've been on tons of other Intamins with no problems whatsoever. Has it gotten any better? I really will probably never ride it again if they haven't modified their restraints.
  10. I hope for the best, but after visiting this park a few weeks ago and seeing the majority of people not wearing masks, I have my concerns. Not to mention it will be at night and there will be no way for team members to enforce the mask policy. Again...hoping for the best, but people have shown how selfish and stupid they can be and continue to be.
  11. So, it's kind of impossible to shoot a POV on a ride that has not even opened.
  12. Hmm...I am sure to cause some controversy, but here's my list purely based on re-rideability: 1) Steel Vengeance 2) Millenium Force 3) Dragster 4) Gemini (it's just fun!) 5) Valravn 6) Mine Ride 7) Gatekeeper 8) Maverick (sue me) 9) Corkscrew 10) Wicked Twister 11) Blue Streak 12) Corkscrew 13) Iron Dragon 14) Rogarou 15) Raptor
  13. From the SFGADv Website: Jersey Devil Coaster to Debut in 2021 The world’s tallest, fastest and longest single rail coaster, Jersey Devil Coaster, will not open this year. Due to the pandemic, most construction projects were delayed or halted all together. For this reason, Six Flags is making plans to debut Jersey Devil Coaster in 2021. We look forward to sharing more construction updates as we complete this record-breaking scream machine.
  14. I've been to Universal twice and both times everyone wore a mask. There are signs everywhere, and people just seem more willing to obey the rules. My one visit to Sea World last week was a different story. Saw a few groups of people either wearing it wrong or just taking it off completely since they felt they were away from people. So selfish and stupid.
  15. From my experience yesterday, it is a lottery type situation. I tried many times from 10am-11ish with no luck. Then all of a sudden, times opened up at 12:30, 1, and 2pm. I ended up going at 1:15. Still waited about 20-25 minutes since there is a lot of social distancing in line. Once we got on the coaster, they filled every row. They still give you hand sanitizer before you boarded, and they cleaned each train after you exited. Good luck! Every other ride in the park was about a 5-10 minute wait. Very manageable.
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