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  1. Cool. Now how about rehiring the 900+ entertainment people who have been waiting 15 months to return to their stages. Just a thought....
  2. Frustrating is the word that comes to mind when thinking of SFMM. My first trip was in 1980. I loved the place. I was obsessed after seeing it in the movie Rollercoaster. The sky tower was not open. My next trip was in 2000. It was a slow weekday in September. I got to ride everything. Sky tower was again NOT open. Next trip was April 2013. Weekday and totally dead park. Yet most of the major rides were not running due to "high winds." When they did finally open up, the lines averaged an hour each due to lack of staffing and slow ops. Never did get on Tatsu or X2. On my way
  3. UGH. I guess I could have stayed around hoping they would open those two coasters. But it was hot and there was no sign of life at either coasters. Oh well...two credits I will never get. Their loss!
  4. Well, just got back from Denver. Highlight: graduated from University of Denver with my MA in Creative Writing. I did the entire degree online and ended up with a 4.0! Lowlight: Elitch Gardens. I had visited the original park in 1980 and loved the Wildcat and Mister Twister. I had read horror stories about this park, but I wanted to get the credits. Upon arrival, I was greeted by a sign which listed two rides as being closed. Once I was in the park, turned out the majority of the rides were closed. Half of the coasters were closed (Half Pipe, Sidewinder, and the kiddie coa
  5. I just think they are setting themselves up to fail especially when there is another Howl-O-Scream just down the road (well, an hour or so!) that people will compare Sea World's event to. And the cheapest ticket is $19.99 with a season pass. I guess we will have to wait and see!
  6. Knowing how long it takes to put on an event of this magnitude and knowing that NOTHING has been done behind the scenes yet (I know people who work in the park), I am REALLY skeptical that this event will exceed expectations. And if it doesn't compare to HHN or Busch's event, it will always be viewed as a monumental failure. I just don't see how they can realistically pull this off ESP when Universal is now paying $15/hour. Why would anyone work for Sea World when they can make MORE money down the road AND be guaranteed to be part of a successful Halloween event? Think about it: Univ
  7. This was the finale to Sea World's Electric Ocean 2021 in Orlando. The whole show was awesome with lights, fountains, fireworks, fireballs, and lasers. And it ran about 10 minutes, double the length of KI's show. ElectricOceanFinale2021.mp4
  8. Heading to Denver next week to graduate with my Master's degree! While there, I am planning to hit Elitch Gardens. Any discounts other than the $20 off from their website? Was really hoping to visit Lakeside as well, but it doesn't look like they will be open til later in the summer. Any other must do or must eat in the city? Thanks!
  9. Memorial Day weekend and great weather here in Orlando. Hagrids HAD a 90 minute wait before the virtual times ran out. At the same time, VelociCoaster was 45 minutes! I am betting wait times will average 45-90 during the summer. But like I said earlier, I have been able to ride it multiple times in the evening. They usually post a 60 minute wait, but the line moves so fast, it's usually less than that.
  10. So far, I am up to 10 rides on VelociCoaster. My thoughts: THANK YOU Universal for soft opening this ride after months of testing. I guess they learned their lesson after Hagrids and its 10+ hour wait on opening day. Since then, I have never waited more than an hour, usually closer to 20 minutes with their super fast and efficient loading and unloading. The queue is awesome. Since there are so many different rooms and things to see, the time does fly by. I really don't mind waiting in the outdoor section since you get great views of the coaster. Once you get inside, those HUGE fans k
  11. How awesome does THIS event sound?? If I wasn't in Ohio the week prior, I would seriously consider going! https://www.sixflags.com/fiestatexas/events/roller-coaster-rodeo
  12. Tower of Terror II at Dreamworld in Queensland, Australia. 9,620 miles (15481.89 km) from Ocoee, Florida. 2nd place Bush Beast at Wonderland in Sydney. September 2000!
  13. VelociCoaster last night! Soft opened with 75 minute wait, but I only waited 55. They really crank those trains through!
  14. Yes. Just your season pass. If you have the photo pass, you don't need that until AFTER the lockers. I carried both with me on the ride. But now I know!
  15. It was a fun ride. The first half felt very Maverick-y with the quick transitions between elements. All the theming REALLY adds to the overall feel of being chased by raptors. The 2nd half.....WOW! LOVE the launch and all of the air time especially on the top hat. Really comfortable trains. The queue is great and the two-sided lockers are BRILLIANT! Really hope they implement this system everywhere!
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