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  1. The cheapest I found as a passholder was $41 on the non peak nights. So you can save about $10 per ticket if you buy two on Groupon. Comes out to $31.20 per ticket with the discount and no service fees.
  2. If you're planning to go, there is a HUGE deal on Groupon now. You can also get tickets for Howl-O-Scream at Busch Tampa as well. And if you enter the code MISSYOU you get an additional 35% off! I got 2 tickets to use on any night EXCEPT Saturdays for a little over $60! Here is the link (and feel free to delete it if it goes against policy) https://www.groupon.com/deals/gl-sea-world-orlando-howl-o-scream?deal_option=0b01d990-7206-4915-8f5a-796fa495a9ef&fbclid=IwAR2GFGc-oSf2cRFXkS7OLvlzK0HYpKdPs-hf8Sas7VXaD8Phoy6b-qWlkPc
  3. Thanks for the advice. I did find a one way for $65 for two of us via Prime Time Shuttle. Thanks!
  4. Need some advice! Coming out to Knotts for Knotts Scary Farm Oct 30-31st. Flying into LAX and REALLY don't want to rent a car. All of the Uber/Lyft websites I've checked quote me about $120 from LAX to Knotts. I know the Super Shuttle is no longer running. Any other advice on a cheaper way to get from the airport to the hotel? Even renting a car would cost about the same, and I really don't like driving in LA traffic. Thanks for any advice!
  5. By comparison, a Platinum Cedar Fair pass gets your into 17 parks in the US and Canada, free parking, and NO blackout dates for $192. I know Disney is a premium product, but this just seems incredibly greedy to me. Of course, I have never owned a WDW pass (cast member for 21 years) but I don't see how anyone can afford this. Just my opinion!
  6. Rode it once in 2003. It was intense but no worse than other coasters I had ridden. I DO remember that the ride ops made me take off my hat and gloves (this was December) since they said they could fly off. Hat I could understand but gloves? I was holding the bar tightly! So the thing I remember is how cold I was after the ride!
  7. Worst. Park. Ever. I had pretty much the same experience when I went in June. Luckily I was able to ride the coasters that WERE open. I left after a few hours. Close it down. Really nothing worth saving there.
  8. I think a clone of HangTime from Knotts would also fit in the space. And the theme of a boardwalk coaster all ties in nicely. On the flip side, you gain an amazing multi loop sit down coaster. So why keep the Corkscrew? Historical, but I am sure it is also costly to maintain. just some random thoughts from a random guy.........
  9. Great meeting you and hanging out for a bit! I ended up leaving around 5pm on Saturday since I had a REALLY early flight on Sunday, and I wasn't sure the weather would ever clear up. You will LOVE the book! So well written and well researched. Hoping KI puts out a 50th Anniversary picture book next year like CP did this year for their 150th. And yes...hoping to do CoasterStock next year too!
  10. I did the Racer/Orion walkback and took a few pics. It was drizzling the whole time and seemed a lot more crowded since there wasn't as much space as there was during the Beast walkback. Still cool to get these shots which I will post right now!
  11. Really REALLY wish they would commit to bringing back LIVE entertainment. It's been 16 months and still no Fantasmic, Castle shows, real parades, Beauty & The Beast, Little Mermaid, Indiana Jones, Finding Nemo, Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue, Monsters Inc Laugh Floor, Turtle Talk etc. And no mention of Candlelight Processional. Come on.
  12. I wanna say it closes 30 minutes prior to fireworks. I know that's when the Beast line closes.
  13. Just got back from a whirlwind 3 days! Flew Orlando to Louisville, did Kentucky Kingdom for a few hours, then drove north to Kings Island. Spent about 5 hours there on Thursday (pretty dead and rode everything!) then went back for CoasterStock on Friday and Saturday. Highlights would be the Beast walk back and the book signing. If you haven't picked it up yet, you should! Also met a few TPR folk along the way. Weather was great Thurs/Fri, rain on Saturday. Looking forward to next year and the 50th anniversary of KI!
  14. Heading to the park next Thursday for my first visit since 2005! Hitting the park for a few hours before heading north to KI and CoasterStock! Any advice on crowds on a weekday? I arrive about 11am and will head straight to the park. I am only looking to ride Lightning Run, Storm Chaser, and Kentucky Flyer (all new credits) and get some cinnamon bread. Do any of these lines move particularly slow? Hoping it's nice weather so most folks will head to the water park. Thanks! And I posted some pics from my last trip there! Most of these rides have been moved and/or retired!
  15. I guess I will take the opposite opinion. While the design is cool, it would also better fit in with the budget resorts like Art of Animation or Pop Century. Re-doing the rooms in the Deluxe resorts just cheapens them. If I wanna see Pixar or Disney characters in my hotel room, I would expect that in the lower resorts, not the ones where rooms start at $500 per night.
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