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  1. I'd say definitely do Scary Farm and skip Disneyland. We went last year and had the BEST time at Knotts. Disneyland felt like a chore with early admission, rushing to grab passes, and then just feeling stressed all day trying to fit everything in. I have not been to HHN in Hollywood, but the park itself is very nice. Seems more laid back than Orlando. Just my opinion!
  2. While doing a purge of our house (and there is a LOT of crap here!), I found a folder of pictures I took for my photography class while in college. Not the best pictures, but I took them in the fall of 1984 while on a day trip to Geauga Lake. Found some more this afternoon so I am adding them on as well. Enjoy!
  3. Skip Elitch Gardens. I went last summer and had a terrible day. Most rides were closed, and the park could not care less about it. Really nothing of note there including Twister II. The Vekoma SLC sucks (as most of them do) and the Vekoma boomerang...well....like every other one out there. The only unique ride was Meow Wolf’s Kaleidoscape and not worth the price of admission. Save your time and money and sanity!
  4. Where to even start with this incoherent word salad post. It DOES affect everyone. I am one of its employees, and for the past 23 YEARS I have been paid more to work there than if I decided to work anywhere else. I also live in Orange County, and I cannot afford a $2000-4000 tax bill JUST because #DeathSantis hates gay people. That's what this all boils down to. He wants to grab as much power as possible and does not care who he hurts in the process. I am hoping that Disney with its massive wealth and power does not blink and instead supports whoever runs against this lunatic. This meme sums it up perfectly:
  5. YES. My husband and I were lucky enough to see this in Chicago in 2019 WAY before it even made it to Broadway. Great show! Can't wait to see it again on tour!
  6. SO many but here are my favorites right now: HBO Max seems to have a lot of them: Somebody Somewhere The Other Two Hacks Minx The Gilded Age Shows I watch whenever I need a smile Schitt's Creek The Goldbergs Seinfeld
  7. I have never seen more than a one cycle wait for Cedar Downs even on the most crowded days. You shouldn't have any issues with riding it to your heart's content.
  8. Finally got my Iron Gwazi ride. Waited about 35 minutes as soon as the park opened. When we got off the ride, it was 120 minutes. I liked it. Still partial to Steel Vengeance with the longer track length and the trip through the wooden structure. one this: they NEED a single rider line. The train before us had 5 empty seats out of 24. Fill every seat and reduce the wait times.
  9. Firebird at Six Flags America is the OLDEST B&M coaster in the world (built in 1990 and relocated from Great America), and it's 32 years old. Where do you get this "40-50 year life span" idea? And "way older" than Kumba? 3 years older. Corkscrew at Cedar Point is rapidly approaching its 50th anniversary. AND it's an Arrow. Suggestion: do 2 seconds of research before posting. Or end up getting your facts struck down like the rumor that started this whole thread.
  10. I loved the TRU by Hilton hotel near Kings Island. It is literally a 5 minute drive from the park. PLUS there is a Skyline Chili across the parking lot that you can walk to. I usually end up eating there at least once when I go to the park. The drive from Kings Island to Cedar Point is about 3 1/2 hours, but there is no straight shot to get there. Lots of 2 lane roads. If you end up going to Columbus Zoo, it is about 2 hours from KI and a straight shot up I-71. I usually do a search for good food in each city online. I really like trying places that were on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and I am sure all of those cities have a few that were on that show. In Sandusky, Tofts Dairy is a must. HUGE portions and about a 15 minute drive from the park. I would suggest going there on Sunday rather than leaving the park on Monday or Tuesday. And check the hours. If they close at 8, you HAVE to be in line by then. I also really like Cameo Pizza, also in Sandusky. You could hit Cameos for dinner and then head to Tofts. Have fun!!
  11. Could be worse. Could be clickbait WDWNT. They are literally TRASH. But back on the subject... How can Cedar Point's Corkscrew which is 4 years shy of 50 YEARS still be thrilling people while Kumba barely makes it to 30? I know Kumba runs year round, but Cedar Point's coasters also deal with sub zero temps every year which cannot be good on steel. Just my 2 cents....and WDWNT sucks.
  12. Meanwhile at Walt Disney World, which is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom, Nighttime parade?? Nada. Zilch. Crickets.
  13. Really wish they'd had signs or audio announcements for those of us who didn't see it on the app. Literally everyone headed that way, and the team member at the front of the line would have to announce over and over that the ride would not open til 9am. TELL people this while they are getting their passes or hotel keys looked at so we don't waste time.
  14. Yeah, neither ride is on the Express Pass. And from my experience, the single rider line for VelociCoaster can be VERY slow. They used to have a single rider line for Hagrids which moved pretty quickly, but I imagine they close that off when the park is packed. I went today with some out of town friends and got early admission into IOA at 8am. We ran with the hordes of people to Hagrids only to find it doesn't open til 9am. Why the $^$! ??? Really annoying when one of the perks of getting in early is beating the line. Ended up doing VelociCoaster in about 30 minutes. By the time we got off, Hagrids was open...and sporting a 150 minute wait. UGH.
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