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  1. It only opened for a few days at the end of October. I understand they needed to do that in order to keep the rights to the house for the following year, but the capacity was very limited. I was one of thousands of people who got to the park very early, waited until the opening only to find out there was no availability. It was all done through the app which crashed, and there was no standby line.
  2. Glad you had a good time! The weather that week was really weird. WAY too hot for February and then the showers and drop in temps. And on a side note, I used to own a Nissan 240SX SE convertible!
  3. When I visited the park for my first and only time in 2018, I had the WORST ride on Prowler. I don't know if it is where I sat or the square wheels, but I literally could not wait for it to end. Just non stop jack hammering the whole ride. Did I just pick a bad seat or does it run that inconsistently?
  4. Just noticed they updated the Cedar Point website. Just when I got used to where all of the buttons were....I guess it's better, but right now it seems like the fonts are too big. You cannot access everything until you start scrolling down. Anyone else?
  5. Another thing to plan for: the weather. Should be nice the first two days then much cooler the 2nd. Also, Wednesday may be a total washout so keep that in mind. I have seen way too many tourists show up at the parks in shorts and t-shirts thinking 60 degrees is warm only to end up buying sweatshirts and coats to stay warm! Wed 17 78°/69° Thunderstorms 83% Thu 18 86°/63° Partly Cloudy 21% Fri 19 66°/43° AM Showers 46% Sat 20 64°/46° Sunny 3%
  6. Just follow the signs to rental car pick up (which I believe is in the terminal but not sure) as well as rental car return. It shouldn't be too confusing. Hertz is in Terminal 1 Ground Transportation Level 1. Really easy to find. Give yourself 2 hours to get through security. You may breeze through but it's hard to know for sure. Walgreens used to sell discount tickets to Fun Spot. Worth checking out. You probably won't need Quick Queue at either park unless it's the weekend. But if you got a deal on them then use them.
  7. Depending on where you live, it may be cheaper to fly into Richmond. The closest airport to Busch is actually Newport News, but it's a smaller airport. I know JetBlue flies to Richmond, and it's usually pretty cheap.
  8. I have been obsessed with DISCO by Kylie Minogue. I found it amazing that she not only recorded the entire project during lockdown, but she also taught herself how to engineer her own vocals and did so at her home studio. As a musician, I know how difficult it can be in the studio, so I applaud her for not only taking the initiative but also succeeding so well. And she did a live concert of most of the music from a studio in London. It streamed twice online, and the 2nd time they had a documentary about the making of the special. All of the dancers were kept 6 feet apart unless they
  9. I think they just need to change people's mindsets about visiting parks in the off season. When I lived and worked in Japan, most parks were open year round. I remember riding coasters at Expoland on my birthday (Jan 14th) with snow on the ground! And Knotts did show everyone how to run successful events with just food and shopping. Hoping for success and a brighter future for all of us!
  10. Hmmm. As someone who worked full time at the park 1994-97, this seems strange. The weather in Virginia in Jan-March can be iffy. Kids are in school. People just don't travel during those months for vacation. And we had a really hard time getting casts for our shows in the early part of the season. I know a lot has changed since my days working there, and I wish them the best. Just not sure how successful they will be in getting a crowd for those cold dreary winter days.
  11. I saw it yesterday during the daytime and night. It is beautiful and gives me hope for the future of Epcot. If they continue to "plus" the park with nods to the past, the park will be great all around. Next stop: Journey Into Imagination! I can dream, can't I?
  12. Well....first I am hoping and praying to return to my dream job of playing piano at WDW, a job I held for 21+ years. If that happens (hopefully spring-ish), here are my plans: IDEAL: CoasterStock at KI in May. I planned on going last year but...well...you know. CoasterMania! at Cedar Point in early June. Already booked my Breaker's Hotel room! Fingers crossed Denver in mid June to graduate with my master's degree from Univ. of Denver. And since I'm there, Lakeside, Elitchs (if it's still open) and MAYBE a trip up to Lagoon before flying back home. Virginia maybe J
  13. Interesting how Cedar Point has so many on site hotels to encourage guests to extend their vacations, and yet Kings Island closed their own hotel years ago. Why won't they build another one? Knotts has a hotel, and even Carowinds built a new one a few years back. It just makes no sense why they would not want to capitalize on their guests. These cabins are a nice start, but they really need a full hotel with on site restaurants.
  14. NOTE: you cannot get ROTR reservations unless DHS is the primary/first park you visit when park hopping. Not sure if this is new, but Disney did clarify this. Makes sense. And I assume there will be a 2pm exodus from DHS if you don't get in the 2nd group of riders for the day.
  15. Glad we got a video, but I have a pet peeve. It's 2020. This footage should be in 4K or at the least 1080p. OR....they should have hired Robb to shoot it!
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