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  1. Great meeting you and hanging out for a bit! I ended up leaving around 5pm on Saturday since I had a REALLY early flight on Sunday, and I wasn't sure the weather would ever clear up. You will LOVE the book! So well written and well researched. Hoping KI puts out a 50th Anniversary picture book next year like CP did this year for their 150th. And yes...hoping to do CoasterStock next year too!
  2. I did the Racer/Orion walkback and took a few pics. It was drizzling the whole time and seemed a lot more crowded since there wasn't as much space as there was during the Beast walkback. Still cool to get these shots which I will post right now!
  3. Really REALLY wish they would commit to bringing back LIVE entertainment. It's been 16 months and still no Fantasmic, Castle shows, real parades, Beauty & The Beast, Little Mermaid, Indiana Jones, Finding Nemo, Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue, Monsters Inc Laugh Floor, Turtle Talk etc. And no mention of Candlelight Processional. Come on.
  4. I wanna say it closes 30 minutes prior to fireworks. I know that's when the Beast line closes.
  5. Just got back from a whirlwind 3 days! Flew Orlando to Louisville, did Kentucky Kingdom for a few hours, then drove north to Kings Island. Spent about 5 hours there on Thursday (pretty dead and rode everything!) then went back for CoasterStock on Friday and Saturday. Highlights would be the Beast walk back and the book signing. If you haven't picked it up yet, you should! Also met a few TPR folk along the way. Weather was great Thurs/Fri, rain on Saturday. Looking forward to next year and the 50th anniversary of KI!
  6. Heading to the park next Thursday for my first visit since 2005! Hitting the park for a few hours before heading north to KI and CoasterStock! Any advice on crowds on a weekday? I arrive about 11am and will head straight to the park. I am only looking to ride Lightning Run, Storm Chaser, and Kentucky Flyer (all new credits) and get some cinnamon bread. Do any of these lines move particularly slow? Hoping it's nice weather so most folks will head to the water park. Thanks! And I posted some pics from my last trip there! Most of these rides have been moved and/or retired!
  7. I guess I will take the opposite opinion. While the design is cool, it would also better fit in with the budget resorts like Art of Animation or Pop Century. Re-doing the rooms in the Deluxe resorts just cheapens them. If I wanna see Pixar or Disney characters in my hotel room, I would expect that in the lower resorts, not the ones where rooms start at $500 per night.
  8. So I wrote the park directly as well as corporate, and they are refunding my ticket! I am sure they usually don't care about making people happy, but my tale of woe must have moved them. I posted the same comments on the park's Instagram page and was met with a hostile comment: "This is the best park in Colorado, and if you don't like it. just stay the f*ck home!" Umm...the best park in Colorado when there is literally one other one, also run down and barely open. And I have never been, but it looks like Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is a better park than either Lakeside or Elitch!
  9. Cool. Now how about rehiring the 900+ entertainment people who have been waiting 15 months to return to their stages. Just a thought....
  10. Frustrating is the word that comes to mind when thinking of SFMM. My first trip was in 1980. I loved the place. I was obsessed after seeing it in the movie Rollercoaster. The sky tower was not open. My next trip was in 2000. It was a slow weekday in September. I got to ride everything. Sky tower was again NOT open. Next trip was April 2013. Weekday and totally dead park. Yet most of the major rides were not running due to "high winds." When they did finally open up, the lines averaged an hour each due to lack of staffing and slow ops. Never did get on Tatsu or X2. On my way out, I tweeted to the park about the horrible day I had. They IMMEDIATELY blocked me. And of course, Sky Tower was never open. My last trip was September 2015 during West Coast Bash. Got a few rides on Twisted Colossus, one ride on X2, and NO rides on Sky Tower. Why? Closed. Don't know if I will attempt this park again. It just manages to piss me off every time.
  11. UGH. I guess I could have stayed around hoping they would open those two coasters. But it was hot and there was no sign of life at either coasters. Oh well...two credits I will never get. Their loss!
  12. Well, just got back from Denver. Highlight: graduated from University of Denver with my MA in Creative Writing. I did the entire degree online and ended up with a 4.0! Lowlight: Elitch Gardens. I had visited the original park in 1980 and loved the Wildcat and Mister Twister. I had read horror stories about this park, but I wanted to get the credits. Upon arrival, I was greeted by a sign which listed two rides as being closed. Once I was in the park, turned out the majority of the rides were closed. Half of the coasters were closed (Half Pipe, Sidewinder, and the kiddie coaster) and most of the flats as well. I did ride Mind Eraser (Vekoma SLC...painful) Boomerang (Vekoma boomerang..also painful) and Twister II. It was ok but nothing like the original. Went on the park's website, and none of those rides (other than Half Pipe) are listed as closed. Pissed. I emailed the park and am hoping for a full refund but I doubt it. Advice: avoid this park unless you like being disappointed.
  13. I just think they are setting themselves up to fail especially when there is another Howl-O-Scream just down the road (well, an hour or so!) that people will compare Sea World's event to. And the cheapest ticket is $19.99 with a season pass. I guess we will have to wait and see!
  14. Knowing how long it takes to put on an event of this magnitude and knowing that NOTHING has been done behind the scenes yet (I know people who work in the park), I am REALLY skeptical that this event will exceed expectations. And if it doesn't compare to HHN or Busch's event, it will always be viewed as a monumental failure. I just don't see how they can realistically pull this off ESP when Universal is now paying $15/hour. Why would anyone work for Sea World when they can make MORE money down the road AND be guaranteed to be part of a successful Halloween event? Think about it: Universal plans their HHN events YEAR round. So unless all of the houses and actors and everything are being hired third party, I just don't see how they can pull this off. Reminds me of that event 2 years ago near Gaylord Palms. It was OK but nothing like HHN.
  15. This was the finale to Sea World's Electric Ocean 2021 in Orlando. The whole show was awesome with lights, fountains, fireworks, fireballs, and lasers. And it ran about 10 minutes, double the length of KI's show. ElectricOceanFinale2021.mp4
  16. Heading to Denver next week to graduate with my Master's degree! While there, I am planning to hit Elitch Gardens. Any discounts other than the $20 off from their website? Was really hoping to visit Lakeside as well, but it doesn't look like they will be open til later in the summer. Any other must do or must eat in the city? Thanks!
  17. Memorial Day weekend and great weather here in Orlando. Hagrids HAD a 90 minute wait before the virtual times ran out. At the same time, VelociCoaster was 45 minutes! I am betting wait times will average 45-90 during the summer. But like I said earlier, I have been able to ride it multiple times in the evening. They usually post a 60 minute wait, but the line moves so fast, it's usually less than that.
  18. So far, I am up to 10 rides on VelociCoaster. My thoughts: THANK YOU Universal for soft opening this ride after months of testing. I guess they learned their lesson after Hagrids and its 10+ hour wait on opening day. Since then, I have never waited more than an hour, usually closer to 20 minutes with their super fast and efficient loading and unloading. The queue is awesome. Since there are so many different rooms and things to see, the time does fly by. I really don't mind waiting in the outdoor section since you get great views of the coaster. Once you get inside, those HUGE fans keep the air moving. Then it's a few more rooms with videos and raptors and lots of stuff to look at. When you finally get your stuff in the lockers, there's the final room with that horrible acting on the big screen. At least they don't tell you that you'll......um..........fly. WORST. PRE-SHOW. EVER! Water fountains throughout the queue. Thank you! The ride. It's pretty much perfect. Lots of speed, drops, airtime. VERY re-rideable and totally comfortable trains. I will take this over Maverick any day. Ride it at night. Totally different experience. If you ride in the front of each car, it's a better effect. If you're in the 2nd row, the bright blue train lights reflect off the head rests in front of you. Still cool, but cooler without the reflection. A couple of wishes: A restroom down on that level near the entrance/exit. The nearest one is past the Discovery Center, and if you've waited and ridden for a length of time, you may not make it. Build some sort of snack bar/drink stand down there as well. With summer crowds and heat, they have a chance to make a killing.
  19. How awesome does THIS event sound?? If I wasn't in Ohio the week prior, I would seriously consider going! https://www.sixflags.com/fiestatexas/events/roller-coaster-rodeo
  20. Tower of Terror II at Dreamworld in Queensland, Australia. 9,620 miles (15481.89 km) from Ocoee, Florida. 2nd place Bush Beast at Wonderland in Sydney. September 2000!
  21. VelociCoaster last night! Soft opened with 75 minute wait, but I only waited 55. They really crank those trains through!
  22. Yes. Just your season pass. If you have the photo pass, you don't need that until AFTER the lockers. I carried both with me on the ride. But now I know!
  23. It was a fun ride. The first half felt very Maverick-y with the quick transitions between elements. All the theming REALLY adds to the overall feel of being chased by raptors. The 2nd half.....WOW! LOVE the launch and all of the air time especially on the top hat. Really comfortable trains. The queue is great and the two-sided lockers are BRILLIANT! Really hope they implement this system everywhere!
  24. So is COVID gone from Tennessee now? I have had both shots yet I will continue to wear my mask to protect others. I know we are all "over it" but until we reach herd immunity through vaccines or antibodies, people are still dying.
  25. My guess (and that's all it is) would be Cedar Point. After Xcelerator opened at Knotts, CP built a bigger version in Top Thrill Dragster. Now that Knotts has HangTime and Carowinds Copperhead Strike, Cedar Point needs a multi loop sit down coaster. Cokscrew is 45 years old, and the other loop coasters in the park are floorless or wingrider or dive coaster models. Even Steel Vengeance has more upside down elements. I got all of this straight from my Dippin' Dots guy. He knows someone who saw something so it's basically fact.
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